This is a writeup of myself as a GURPS character, using the standard rules.

Character: Leif Kjønnøy

Nationality: Norwegian.

Occupation: Computer nerd (software/database repair guy for the national university libraries).

Hobbies: Gaming, martial arts, taking college classes for fun (history and stuff like that).

Description: 6'4", 220 lbs, wider shoulders than waist. Age 30. Fair skin (*does* tan somewhat if given a chance, but this is the wrong part of the world for that to happen on its own and I can't be bothered), blonde hair (usually somewhere between shaved off (in summer) and just long enough to look messy), blue/gray eyes, usually wears glasses but sometimes contacts. Usually wearing deceptively normal clothes -- black or blue jeans in relatively good repair, unexceptional T-shirts (and sweaters, jackets, etc as demanded by local weather); occasionally featuring clothes or accessories with weird designs or slogans (Miskatonic University T-shirt, Illuminati pin, etc).

Point total: 19 pts, or 88 pts if a 40-point disadvantage limit is enforced.

Attributes (+40 pts balance)
ST 12 (have in fact been working out lately)
DX 10 (kind of average there, I guess)
IQ 12 (fairly bright -- hey, I made it to a Master's in math with little effort)
HT 10 (fair shape all things considered)

Advantages (total +33 pts)
Attractive (supposedly; +5 pts).
3 Extra Hit Points (13 in all; I am sort of big and rugged; +15 pts).
Illuminated (no points -- see below).
Light Hangover (only rarely get drunk anyway; +3 pts).
Mathematical Ability (always had an easy time with math; +10 pts).

Disadvantages (total -109 pts worth, guess I'm having a bad day)
Bad Back (-15 pts).
Bad Sight (Seriously nearsighted, but correctible; -10 pts).
Compulsive Behavior (roleplaying games; -5 pts).
Cowardice (could claim Pacifism, but I'm in a cynical mood today; -10 pts).
Delusion: Think I'm Illuminated (mild version; -5 pts).
Honesty (-10 pts).
Incompetence: Singing (to spare my surroundings I usually don't even try; -1 pt)
Intolerance vs. Intolerant People (-5 pts)
Klutz (I really have this disadvantage; -5 pts)
Laziness (-10 pts)
Low Self-Image (-10 pts)
Oblivious (-3 pts)

Quirks (-5 pts worth at least, these are some of the more significant ones):
Reads a lot, prefers good SF but will read nearly anything.
Enjoys trashy movies (as well as good ones).
Pedestrian, by birth and by choice.
Usenet junkie (I could stop if I wanted to, really).
Prefers a nocturnal lifestyle (sadly, circumstances intrude).
Lesbian trapped in a man's body.

Skills (+60 pts total)				  Pts	Level
Area Knowledge: Where I Live (M/E)		  [1]     12
Astronomy (M/H)					  [1]	  10
Bardic Lore, spec. SF and gaming anecdotes (M/H)  [2]     11
Bicycling (P/E)					  [1]     10
Board Games (M/E)				  [1]	  12
Boating (P/A)					  [0.5]	   8
Cartography (M/A)				  [1]	  11
Chemistry (M/H)					  [1]	  10
Computer Operation (M/E)			  [1]	  12
Computer Programming (M/H)			  [4]	  16(*)
Conspiracy Theory (M/H)				  [2]	  11
Driving: Stock Car (P/A)			  [1]	   9
First Aid (M/E)					  [1]	  12
Hiking (P/A)					  [1]	   9
History (M/H)					  [2]     11
Judo (P/H)                                        [4]     10 
Karate (P/H)					  [8]	  11
Language: Norwegian (native speaker)		  [3]	  15
Language: English (M/A)				  [8]	  15
Language: German (M/A)				  [0.5]   10
Literature (M/H)				  [1]	  10
Mathematics (M/H)				  [6]	  16(*)
Motorcycle (P/E)				  [0.5]	   9
Mythos Lore (M/VH)				  [1]	  10
Nuclear Physics (M/VH)				  [2]	  13(*)
Occultism (M/A)					  [1]	  11
Performance (M/A)				  [1]	  11
Philosophy (M/H)				  [1]     10
Physics (M/H)					  [4]	  15(*)
Powerboat (P/A)					  [0.5]	   8
Research (M/A)					  [1]	  11
Skating (P/H)					  [0.5]	   7
Skiing (P/H)					  [0.5]	   7
Strategy (M/H)					  [1]	  10
Writing (M/A)					  [2]     12

(*): Includes a +3 bonus for Mathematical Ability.

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