TimeLords is, properly, the name of a RPG published several years ago by BTRC, a very small game publisher. TimeLords itself is, as the name might indicate, a game about time travel (in fact, the standard type of campaign features the players playing themselves as PCs, having had the misfortune of stumbling across an alien time-travel artifact). However, the system is quite flexible and generic, and in fact has been used in two of BTRC's other games (namely WarpWorld which is a strange sort of fantasy game set on Earth centuries after a nuclear war wiped out most of humanity and woke up forces of magic, and SpaceTime which is a sort of interstellar cyberpunk game).

TimeLords is a very detailed and quite realistic system, and it is one of my three favorite systems for general use, the other two being CORPS and GURPS. Click here for my opinion on the relative merits of these three systems.

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