This was an introductory thingie I wrote for Abbar-Moloch, a Heka slinger I used to play. As a double Full Practitioner, he is very powerful compared to the amount of XP he has garnered. His efforts are concentrated on Dweomercræft, his secondary area is Priestcræft.

Furthermore, this was in the middle of my period of "shameless stealing". If you've heard the title "Sartran" before, you're probably right...

Abbar-Moloch, an Atlantean Sartran.

The door of the inn opens gently - no haste, no unnecessary force. Only those uncertain of themselves seek a grand entrance. Abbar-Moloch is not uncertain of himself.

He looks around, and mumbles something quite, fast, alien to himself. He looks around again, but this time his eyes glitter with something ... unnatural. After some consideration, he chooses a table with people that aren't quite the regular clientel of this inn. Walking over to the bartender, he orders a pint. His speech is refined, but with a strange accent - strange, even, for the well-traveled people gathered here in this inn.

Picking up his mug, he quietly sets his course for this other table, this table where his own strangeness pales to others at the table - for instance, this creature of myth, the elf, which is seated here. He listens a little to what talk there is at the table, and then he finds himself a place. The others fall silent, and regard the newcomer curiously.

"I am Abbar-Moloch."

What do they see? Physically, the man that has just found himself a seat at their table is nothing unusual. Though tall - a fingerbreadth higher than six feet - and fairly gaunt, his physical presence isn't all that special, even when considering the red robes that flow around his body.

His hands, though, are almost unnatural in their dexterity and length. Long, thin hands with almost spidery fingers are calmly folded on the table in front of him. His stare is quiet and confident - but not threatening. The blue eyes are startling in color - almost too blue. And though they now are calm, there is a hint of a capacity for anger that is almost limitless.

An almost palpable aura of heat is present around him - not uncomfortable, but unnerving nevertheless. But his otherness stems not from this. Only after some observation it becomes obvious. His head is not shaved. Nor are his eyebrows shaved, or, indeed, his eyelashes. They are missing. He is smooth - too smooth.

Through this close scrutiny, Abbar-Moloch has not said a word - not even acknowledged the scrutiny at all. Adjusting his robes somewhat, a glimpse of ornately tattooed arms can be seen when he picks up his mug to taste the local brew. Strange, weirdly geometrical circles, spirals and other shapes are permanently etched to his skin, in glittering colors. As though possessed by a mind of their own, they seem to twist under your gaze. Similar lines around his neck seems to suggest that not only his arms are tattooed - but his entire body.

Slowly, the talk returns to normal around this rather exceptional table in this unexceptional inn.

Background about Abbar-Moloch:

Abbar-Moloch is a sorcerer of Atlantis, and a member of their priest caste - which is one of the ruling castes. His magic is runic in nature - the multicolored tattoos spread over his body indicates his magical strength and knowledge at any given time. Furthermore, the colors of his tattoos sometimes change based on what mood he is in, though they are not a foolprof indication.

His weather-beaten skin has been hardened by the harsh climate on Atlantis. Physically, he is in good shape, and he likes to swim. However, his most burning interest is magic. He will not rest until he has mastered his chosen domain - that of Elemental Dweomercræft - and then he will only rest until he concentrates on his Priestcræft.

As fate would have it, it was his intense interest for magick that caused his exile from Atlantis. As he was one of the few in the priest caste that didn't do intense political maneuvering, he was quite easily framed as the fall guy for a fingered "accident" in a summoning gone wrong that was caused by faulty ingredients for the summoning. This accident severely injured one particular caster that had unwittingly impeded the rise of a certain Forakha for quite some time. Abbar-Moloch was blamed for this incident despite his protestations that he were innocent.

Because of his rather prominent position in the hierarchy of castes, his punishment was limited to 30 years in exile from Atlantis. If he tries to return before the 30 years are up, he will get the alternate punishment that the Code proscribes - ten years as a slave on one of the Atlantean warships. Most do not survive more than two years.

Abbar-Moloch does suspect what has really happened, but isn't quite sure what - if anything - he can do about it. For now, he is content to explore the world and add to his trove of magick by experiencing this strange world outside Atlantis. He is also quite intrigued that very few recognize him for what he is - a Sartran al-Fete, which is a high priest of Fire.

What Abbar-Moloch does not know, is that he was not born on Atlantis. Furthermore, he wasn't born in this dimension at all. Born on Phæree, he was cast through time and space by a magical accident that happened while he still was an infant to Atlantis. Even at this early time he possessed a small, curly tattoo on his back.

His extraordinary talents in magick were early on discovered, and his tattoo spread as quickly as his magickal powers manifested. No Sartryn (plural) had ever seen this phenomenon earlier, but as it didn't seem to have any particular effect on his magickal powers, it was largely ignored. Thus, Abbar-Moloch is somewhat of a contradiction - he dresses like an Atlantean, talks like an Atlantean, but doesn't look like an Atlantean. And the Atlantean with blue eyes haven't been born yet.

Abbar-Moloch has developed a new Casting, which might fit in General Dweomercræft (lvl 1):

Heka-Sense Charm:
With this charm the user is able to sense the largest Heka reservoir, be it item or person, in the vicinity. The user is also able to estimate the size of the reservoir, within the nearest 100 Heka. A special effect of the spell is that only the largest reservoir of Heka is detected; if this reservoir is the caster himself (as is often the case with powerful hekabenders), the spell will indicate that this is the case. Also, note that it is the maximum Heka limit that counts - if a powerful hekabender has a max Heka of 2000, and is currently down to 250, he will register at 2000, not 250.