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Ares Arms is happy to introduce the Ares SuperSquirt II, the advanced model of the popular Ares Squirt. New developments in dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) containment now allow the gel reservoir to be contained in removable clips. Taking full advantage of this innovation, the SuperSquirt II also uses an extended chemical-round clip that has twice the number of available shots as the original Squirt. The Ares SuperSquirt II uses the same compressed-air technology, making it completely silent and recoilless.

Type  Conc. Ammo Mode Damage  Weight Availability Cost Street Index
Light   7    20   SA  Special    2    9 / 14 days  800      1.5
* This weapon uses DMSO (see p. 92, Shadowtech) in a gel reservoir shaped like a regular clip and good for 20 shots. A second clip mounted parallel to the weapon near the grip contains the chemical. Extra reservoir clips cost 10nuyen. The grip of the weapon contains a canister of compressed CO2 that may be recharged for 50nuyen.

NOTE: This is a variant of the Ares Squirt (p. 92, Shadowtech)

The Ares SuperSquirt II may be drone-mounted, but cannot accept any top-, barrel- or underbarrel-mounted accessories.


Three years ago, Ares Arms introduced the Squirt. Our technologists thought it was time for an improvement - the Ares Cascade! We've increased range and accuracy, and greatly expanded the reservoir. In addition, the Cascade has a selectable nozzle that lets the user choose between a longer-range stream (similar to the SuperSquirt II) or a wide-angle, area-effect spray. The Cascade is powered by a replaceable compressed-gas canister that attaches to the stock of the weapon.

Type Conc. Ammo Mode Damage  Weight Availability Cost Street Index
 *     4   60**  SA  Special   5.5  12 / 14 days 1800       2
* If using stream mode, treat the weapon as an SMG for range purposes. When using spray mode, treat the weapon as a shotgun with an effective choke of 2 (this cannot be changed). See p. 95, SRII, for information on shotgun spread patterns. Power reduction should be applied to the chemical used to reflect dispersal.
** This weapon uses DMSO in a gel reservoir shaped like a regular clip and good for 100 shots. A second clip contains the chemical. Extra reservoir clips cost 20nuyen. The stock of the weapon contains a canister of compressed CO2 that may be recharged for 50nuyen.

The Cascade may be drone-mounted. This weapon accepts all standard top- and underbarrel-mounted accessories, but no barrel-mounted accessories.


Used by the UCAS military and various corporate security forces, the ELD-AR (Encapsulated Liquid Delivery-Assault Rifle) assault rifle has been a standard training weapon for years. The ELD-AR's compressed-gas canister provides an almost silent and recoil-free shot. Even under burst-fire conditions, the ELD-AR is quieter than an SMG equipped with sound suppression. A variety of colored ammo is available for determining firing accuracy. If your security forces need a weapon for practice drills or other needs, the ELD-AR is the weapon for you!

Type    Conc. Ammo  Mode  Damage   Weight Availability Cost Street Index
Assault   4   50(c) SA/BF Special*   4.5   9 / 7 days  950        2
* Standard ammunition is a gel-coated round filled with biodegradable paint or other marking agents. Paint rounds are 5nuyen for a package of 10. Damage is 4L Stun. A gelcoat round with special fillings may be fashioned with a kit that costs 300nuyen. These special rounds may cause damage based on their contents. The weapon is powered by a refillable compressed-air canister in the stock. Refilling the canister costs 50nuyen.

The ELD-AR creates neligible recoil that is absorbed by the shoulder-stock. Treat the weapon as having a sound suppresser.

The ELD-AR may be drone-mounted. The weapon accepts all standard top- and underbarrel-mounted accessories, but no barrel-mounted accessories.


In conjunction with Ares Arms, BacteriTech has modified the Williams Technologies netgun to allow it to capture astral targets. The BacteriTech FAB-NG (Fat Bacteria NetGun) fires a net comprised of interconnected hollow polymer tubes filled with FAB-1 (Fat Bacteria, Strain 1). The FAB-NG has a dual trigger mechanism. Pulling the first trigger primes the net by forcing the FAB-1 from its holding vat into the net in firing position; pulling the second trigger fires the net. Once primed, a net stays active for six to eight hours. Each net can only be used once.

As with the Williams Technologies netgun, the FAB-NG is available in two sizes, one for human-sized or smaller assailants and a larger version for large orks and trolls. The larger version can fire both sizes of FAB-NG nets.

Type     Conc. Ammo  Mode Damage    Weight Availability Cost Street Index
Standard   3   4(b)*  SA  Special**  4.5   8 / 14 days  1500       4
Large      2   4(b)*  SA  Special**   5    8 / 14 days  2500       5
 Additional Net Shots
Standard   7                         0.5   8 / 14 days   300       4
Large      5                         .75   8 / 14 days   500       5
* Requires a self-contained feeding canister that costs 1000 nuyen for 4 standard nets or 1500 for 4 large nets.

** See Fat Bacteria

The FAB-NG may be drone-mounted. This weapon accepts all standard top- and underbarrel-mounted accessories, but no barrel-mounted accessories.


Tired of reading about yet another police or security officer killed by his or her own weapon? Individualized Biometric Safety (IBS) developed by Ares Arms can end these incidents once and for all. First, we modify the weapon's grip with a specialized biometric identification reader attached to the weapon's internal safety. Next, we store an image of the weapon-owner's palmprint in non-reprogrammable firmware. Whenever someone picks up the weapon, the biometric reader scans that person's palm and compares it to the image stored in the firmware. If they match, control of the weapon's safety is released. If not, the safety freezes in the safe position, rendering the weapon harmless. The IBS system is fully combatible with most smartlink/smartgun technology.
                    Conc. Weight Availability Cost Street Index
IBS                   -     .1   3 / 36 hours 2250      1.5
Cyber modification    -     -    3 / 36 hours  800      1.5
To change ownership of a weapon, players must burn in a new firmware optical chip. Blank chips cost 50nuyen and can be programmed using a computer repair shop or facility. Users with a cyberarm or cyverhand must use the cyber modification; designed to be mounted in the cyberhand, it contains a pass-chip that links to the weapon.


Ares Security International now produces portable security lighting devices in all spectrums, from low-wattage flashlights to active infrared floodlights. All lights come with long-life lithiun batteries.

Item                       Availability   Cost   Street Index
  Flashlight                  Always       10          1
  Top/Underbarrel-mounted   2 / 24 hrs    100          1
  Portable Floodlight         Always      150          1
Active Infrared**
  Flashlight                4 / 48 hrs    100          2
  Top/Underbarrel-mounted   6 / 48 hrs    250          2
  Portable Floodlight       5 / 48 hrs    350          2
  Flashlight                4 / 4 days    200          2
  Top/Underbarrel-mounted   6 / 4 days    500          2
  Portable Floodlight       8 / 4 days    750          2
* Low-wattage lighting allows characters with low-light vision (natural or enhanced) to see clearly up to 20 meters with the flashlight and barrel-mounted light, 100 meters with the floodlight. Low-wattage lighting has no effect on normal human vision, except to provide faint indirect lighting.

** Active infrared lighting allows characters with thermographic vision (natural or enhanced) to see clearly; up to 20 meters with the flashlight and barrel-mounted light, 100 meters with the floodlight. Active infrared lighting has no effect on normal human vision.

*** Ultraviolet lighting is used in conjunction with FAB-UV (see FAB-Ultraviolet). The flashlight and barrel-mounted light have a range of 5 meters, the floodlight a range of 35 meters. UV lighting has no effect on normal human vision.


Ares Security International has developed maglock technology into a fine art. The Type I Maglock offers you better protection than the strongest padlock, at close to a padlock's price. The Type II is tougher, but not top-level security: perfect for a corporate facility's common areas. The Type III is ideal for higher-security areas - or, for areas protected by closed-circuit simsense, try the Type IV. All Ares Security International maglocks are available at different levels of complexity. All maglocks above the Type I come with a lithium backup power supply good for one year; the Type I comes with a five-year battery. As with the original maglock, a PANICBUTTON hookup option is available for all locks except Type I.

Item                           Availability         Cost     Street Index
Type I Maglock (Rating 1-3)    Rating / 2 days    75*Rating       .75
Type II Maglock (Rating 4-6)   Rating / 3 days    100*Rating       1
Type III Maglock (Rating 7-9)  Rating / 3.5 days  150*Rating      1.25
Type IV Maglock (Rating 10)    Rating / 4 days    250*Rating      1.5
Biometric Maglock*             Rating / 5 days    350*Rating       2
* Biometric maglocks come in Type III or Type IV configurations. For attempts to bypass a Biometric maglock, add 2 to its effective rating.


Ares Security International, in conjunction with Fuchi Cyber, is happy to introduce the Integrated Control Center (ICC). The ICC provides the ultimate command, control and communications capability for mid- to large-sized security systems.

The ICC consists of three individual operator stations and a command console. Operator Station 1 (OS1) provides central control for all of a system's surveillance and control devices, CCTV, CCT, CCSS, and security drones. In the basic model, this station can handle up to twelve cyberlinks and three drones, all easily controlled from one of Ares Security's pantented, ergonomically designed chairs through state-of-the-art cybernetic links. A security rigger's dream come true!

Operator Station 2 (OS2) is the heart of the ICC, containing the CPU and computer controls. OS2 provides both cyberterminal and cyberdeck links to the CPU, equivalent to a Fuchi Cyber-4; it also acts as an I/O node to the protected area's matrix. This setup allows a security decker to provide matrix security while maintaining computer support.

Operator Station 3 (OS3) integrates magical security into a well-designed security system. Located at OS3 are six hook-ups to a security-systems fiber-optic observation network, as well as the latest in six-position motorized prism switches. Ths arrangement allows a security magician immediate visual access to almost anywhere in the protected area while he also monitors pre-established wards.

The command console is the ICC's control center, allowing the security commander to maintain radio communication with officers throughout the protected area as well as with the three operator stations through audio links and built-in vidscreens.

In addition to the powerful basic model, upgrades are available.

Item                                       Cost
Basic ICC                                  500 000
CPU Upgrades
  Fuchi Cyber-6                            +100 000
  Fuchi Cyber-7                            +250 000
  Fairlight Excalibur                      +500 000
Cyberlink Upgrades
  Additional Links*                        +5 000 / 4 links
Drone Slave Port Upgrades
  Slave Port                               +25 000 / port
Fiber-Optic Image Links**
  Nine-Position Motorized Prism Switch     +20 000
  Twelve-Position Motorized Prism Switch   +25 000
  Image Links                              +3 000 / optical camera
* Only available in four-zone packages with a maximum number of zones equal to four times the number of slave ports.

** Multiple image-links can be installed, but one prism switch must be delegated to interconnect the image-links.

NOTE: The ICC and upgrades are not normally available on the street. Availability is therefore at the gamemaster's discretion.


Ever wondered how to integrate a security magician into a well-designed security system without having to put him or her on the front line? Ares Security International has solved the problem of mixing magic and technology with the Ares Fiber-Optic Observation Network. Based on the ever-popular fiber-viewers found on military-grade combat vehicles, the Fiber-Optic Observation Network allows a magician to see his or her desired target without exposing himself to that target. We accomplished this feat by running machine-pulled, fiber-optic cables from the magician's control console to a precision-ground optical lens. The magician looks through specially designed goggles into the fiber, and he or she can "see" out the lens without the aid of electronics. A magician only needs to see his or her target to cast a spell; the Fiber-Optic Observation Network extends the magician's "line of sight" much farther than his or her physical eyes. An optical monitor is also available.

For security systems that require more than one camera, Ares Security International offers our patented Prism Switch in six-, nine- or twelve-position models.

Item                   Cost
Fiber-optic Cable      100/meter
Camera                 10 000
Goggles                5 000
Prism Switch
  Six Position         15 000
  Nine Position        20 000
  Twelve Position      25 000
Optical Monitor        15 000
NOTE: The above items are not normally available on the street, and so their availability is at the gamemaster's discretion. See Fiber-Optic Image Links.


Security-system design engineers at CerebroTech are proud to present closed-circuit simsense (CCSS). The latest in technical security countermeasures, CCSS allows a trained security rigger to "drive" a security system just as he or she would a vehicle. CCSS-equipped security devices let a security rigger feel a door being opened, a fence being climbed, or a window being broken. CCSS also hooks the rigger into the security system's drones and other surveillance and control devices, which act as his or her eyes and ears throughout the protected area. For a small additional fee, the engineers at CerebroTech will modify any existing security device to handle CCSS. To operate a CCSS system, a security rigger simply needs to install a CCSS decoder in his or her remote-control deck or security station and modify all security devices to handle CCSS protocols.

Item                            Availability  Cost         Street Index
CCSS Decoder
  External                       8 / 2 weeks  10 000             3
  Internal                      12 / 3 weeks  +7 500             3
CCSS Device Retrofit             N/A          25% of org.       N/A
CCSS Device                      N/A         +20% of org.       N/A
CCSS Drone/Vehicle Modification  N/A           1 500            N/A
NOTE: Whereas a simple cybernetic hookup to an integrated control center allows a rigger to actively or deliberately monitor and control a remote device, a CCSS link allows passive awareness of the device. The rigger is automatically aware of any changes in the status of the device without having to expend an action. Active control of the device, however, still requires an appropriate action.


The Rigger Protocol Emulation Utility is a program that translates a deck's software inputs and outputs into a rigged system's hardware language. This utility allows a decker to emulate any of the various protocols used by riggers and their systems and drones. Available at varying levels of sophistication; each higher-rated module includes all the protocols in the lesser levels.

                           Size (in Mp)      Availability Cost Street Idx.
Rigger Protocol Emulation  (Rating*Rating)*4       *       *        *
* Varies by rating.

NOTE: The delays caused by using an SCRE (See SCRE) and the emulation utility impose a blanket +2 modifier to the target number for any tests conducted using the device. Initiative is reduced by a -2 modifier, and players gain no dice for Responce Increase in the cyberdeck. Players do gain a Control Pool equal to one-half the rating of the emulation utility (rounded up).


Ever wondered if a decker could access a rigged system? He can do it with the System-Control Rig Emulator (SCRE) from Ares Security International! This device is a must for every security-design engineer responsible for system diagnostics. The external module attaches between a cyberdeck and the rigged security system or remote-control deck; the internal module can be installed right inside a cyberdeck. The SCRE acts as the interface between the deck and rigged system or remote control deck by imitating the machine language of the standard system control rig. Note that a rigger protocol emulation utility (
RPEU) is required to use the SCRE.

                             Availability    Cost    Street Index 
System Control Rig Emulator
  External                    6 / 72 hrs     25 000        2
  Internal                    8 / 72 hrs     20 000        2
NOTE: Installing the SCRE in a cyberdeck is a Computer B/R task with a base time of 24 hours and requires a Computer B/R Test against a Target Number of 5.


The Rigger Protocol Emulation Module is an important tool for security riggers who perform their own diagnostics. The module allows a rigger to emulate many of the various protocols, including CCSS, used on contemporary rigged security systems and drones. The external version of this module is mounted in-line between the rigger's system control rig dataport and the system undergoing diagnostics. Remote systems require the internal model, which must be installed inside the remote control deck. The higher-rated the module, the more protocols are programmed into its firmware, up to a maximum rating of 10.

                                  Availability      Cost     Street Index
Rigger Protocol Emulation Module
  External                        Rtg./Rtg. days    5k*Rtg         2
  Internal                        Rtg.+2/Rtg. days  4.5k*Rtg       2
NOTE: The number of devices a rigger may control is equal to the number of slave nodes on the remote-control deck.


The Rigger Decryption Module is yet another diagnostic tool used by security riggers. The module contains sophisticated cryptographic routines programmed into its firmware that allows security riggers to test the encryption on their rigged security systems and drones. The external version of the module is mounted in-line between the rigger's system control rig dataport and the system undergoing diagnostics. Remote systems require the internal model, which must be installed inside the remote control deck. The higher-rated the module, the more protocols are programmed into its firmware, up to a maximum rating of 10.

                          Availability      Cost    Street Index
Rigger Decryption Module
  External                Rtg/Rtg days    7500*Rtg        2
  Internal                Rtg+2/Rtg days  7000*Rtg        2


Since the introduction of DMSO in 2052, many customers have expressed an interest in a chemical compound designed to stop unauthorized personnel without permanently harming them. Ares Arms Chemical Division answers the call with gamma-scopolamine [C17H21NO5]. This neuromuscular blocking agent prevents the uptake of acetylcholine, thereby rendering a target unable to move. Derived from the natural toxin found in Atropa Belladonna, commonly known as nightshade, gamma-scopolamine gives you the edge you need against intruders.

Rating    Speed      Vector    Availability    Cost    Street Index
10D Stun  Immediate  Injected  8 / 2 weeks   300/dose        3
NOTE: Gamma-scopolamine takes effect immediately, causing dizziness, dilation of the pupils, speech loss, delirium and paralysis. Deadly stun damage indicates full paralysis; for lesser damage, apply an additional +2 to all modifiers appropriate for the stun wound (for example, a Serious stun wound applies a +5 modifier to all target numbers and a -5 modifier to Initiative). The full effects last for one hour. After the hour has passed, the residue remaining in the body acts as a "truth serum" for an additional hour. Adjust the target's Willpower by -2 (down to a minimum Rating of 1) for the duration of the chemical's effect. Increase the Availability and base time by 1 and 1 day respectively for every 3 doses desired.


BacteriTech is happy to release "fat bacteria," strain 1 (FAB-1) to the general security market. This rugged, long-lived, genetically engineered bacteria has proven effective as an astral containment device. An enclosed space filled with FAB-1 traps an astral being as easily as does an ivy-covered wall. However, FAB-1 has the advantages of being mobile, relatively inconspicious and easily deployable. FAB-1 is usually stored in large, pressurized "coolant/feeding vats" and released into the controlled area when needed.

BUYER'S NOTE: Even though FAB has been stringently tested under controlled situations, it has received minimal field testing. Buyers who must deploy a non-contained FAB-equipped countermeasure (i.e. the Bacterial Containment Grid or FAB-UV Aerosol) are strongly urged to contact BacteriTech as soon as the situation is under control. BacteriTech will send specially equipped debriefers and clean-up specialists to your site free of charge. If you use a contained FAB product (i.e. Astral Containment Devices), please send the used product to BacteriTech as soon as possible. BacteriTech thanks you in advance for your cooperation and offers a 10 percent discount on recharging and refills for all expended products returned. Failure to contact BacteriTech relieves BacteriTech of all responsibility for any and all damages resulting from the use or misuse of this product.

  50m3 canister         3 000
  500m3 canister       25 000
  5 000m3 canister    200 000
Coolant/Feeding Vat
  50m3 canister         2 500
  500m3 canister       20 000
  5 000m3 canister    175 000
NOTE: FAB-1 is shipped in huge coolant/feeding vat transports. Once a canister is removed from the vat the FAB-1 begins to die immediately and cannot be reused. This material is not generally available on the street; its Availability is at the gamemaster's discretion.


Also available from BacteriTech is FAB-Ultraviolet (FAB-UV). FAB-UV has a unique property: It glows when subjected to ultraviolet light. To trap astral intruders using FAB-UV, lightly flood an area that you suspect an astral traveler has entered. Then illuminate the area with ultraviolet light. As the astral intruder moves through the flooded area, he or she displaces the glowing FAB-UV, casting a "shadow" that reveals the intruder's location.

Once released, FAB-UV has an approximate lifespan of three to four hours. FAB-UV aerosol containers should be stored in sub-zero freezers until needed.

  50 m3 aerosol    5 000
  500 m3 aerosol  45 000
FAB-UV Freezers
  50 m3 aerosol   10 000
  500 m3 aerosol  50 000
NOTE: FAB-UV aerosols are shipped frozen. Once removed from the freezer, the bacteria begins to die and cannot be reused. The 50 m3 aerosol canister can be equipped with underbarrel mounts for mounting on a BacteriTech FAB-Netgun.


Building a secure site from the ground up? How about building protection against astral intruders right into the walls? Design engineers from Ares Security International, in conjunction with magical security engineers from BacteriTech, are available for subcontracted design and construction of astral protection at your site. Depending on the size and budget of the site, these engineers can design and install an appropriate Bacterial Containment Grid (BCG). All the site's exterior walls, doors and windows are double-layered, with FAB-1 pressurized release units attached. When an astral intruder is detected within the protected area, the on-site security magician simply activates the BCG, automatically deploying the fat bacteria. Once the grid is fully deployed, it traps the astral intruder within the protected area. Once again, Ares offers its customers the most advanced in security innovations!
CerebroTech Computerized Release Control          5 000
Pressurized Release Conduits                      5 000
FAB-1                                             See FAB-1 price list
Coolant/Feeding Vat                               See FAB-1 price list
Construction Costs                           Call for estimate/appointment
Portable Dispenser (50 m3)                        7 000
* One conduit is required for each FAB-1 canister in the system.

NOTE: These items are not normally available on the street. Availability is at the gamemaster's discretion.


The most popular version of the tilt-wing TR-55 series is the TR-55T Traveler. The TR-55T is specifically designed to transport short-distance commuters. Sales of the Traveler have surpassed those of its competition ever since this craft's debut, because it gives more passengers a smoother ride to their destinations in less time. The tail fan, vital to this aircraft's renowned stability, creates a smooth, even lift and descent, as well as smoothing the critical transition from vertical to horizontal movement. The wider body of the TR-55T allows for an extra five passengers per flight.

                    Handling   Speed   B/A   Sig  APilot    Cost
TR-55T (Traveler)      5      170/350  3/0    3      3     500 000
Seating: Twin bucket seats + 20 bucket seats   Access: 1 + 1 standard
Economy: 1.2km per liter*                      Fuel: IC/1 600 liters
Storage: 10 CF storage + 20 CF cargo           Landing/Takeoff: VTOL/STOL
Availability: 50 / 25 days**                   Street Index: 2
Options:                 Cost:             CF Required:
Rigger Control System   10 000                   6
Wet Bar / Steward Area   2 500                   5
* VTOL Economy: 0.75 km/liter

** Divide Availability target number by 3 (round up) for the mercenary contact known as the Dealer (see p. 81, Fields of Fire).


The "President's Edition" has twin bucket seats in the separated cockpit for the pilots and deluxe leather lounge seats for nine passengers. A communications suite, rigger control gear and a wet bar are just some of the options available.
            Handling   Speed    B/A   Sig   APilot    Cost
TR-55E (Executive)     5      170/350   3/0    3       3    350 000
Seating: Twin bucket seats + 9                 Access: 1 + 1 standard
Economy: 1.2km per liter*                      Fuel: IC / 1 520 liters
Storage: 10 CF storage + 10 CF cargo           Landing/Takeoff: VTOL/STOL
Availability: 65 / 65 days**                   Street Index: 2
Options:                       Cost:          CF Required:
Full Communications Suite      5 000                2
Wet Bar                        1 000                2
Lavatory                      10 000                4
Kitchenette                    8 000                4
Entertainment System           5 000                2
Rigger Control System         10 000                6
* VTOL Economy: 0.75 km/liter

** Divide Availability target number by 3 (round up) for the mercenary contact know as the Dealer (see Fields of Fire, p. 81).


This version of the TR-55 tilt-wing offers all the benefits of the TR-55T, plus an extra-rugged design that makes it perfectly suited for paramilitary and military forces. The TR-55C adds an armored skin, at the price of a marginal loss of fuel economy and flight performance. The TR-55C is the favored VTOL of the UCAS Coast Guard for search-and-rescue missions because of its unique ability to hover in place with a relatively calm area underneath the aircraft. The TR-55C is also ideal for transporting cargo into hard-to-reach areas.

The ventral hatch provides the means for lifting cargo or personnel from a hovering position. The standard TR-55C comes with a winch capable of lifting up to one metric tong. Standard folding webbed seating is provided along the sides of the cargo hold, with the option of conversion to fixed benches for use as stretchers or for other needs.

Military organisations or those with special needs may choose a rear cargo ramp/hatch at an additional charge. This option reduces the craft's overall cargo capacity by 25 percent, but provides added flexibility for loading and unloading.

              Handling    Speed    B/A   Sig   APilot       Cost
TR-55C Cargo     5       170/350   4/9    3       3        550 000
Seating: Twin bucket + 12 folding bench   Access: 1 + 1 standard
Economy: 1.0km per liter*                 Fuel: IC / 1 600 liters
Storage: 10 CF storage + 50 CF cargo      Landing/Takeoff: VTOL/STOL
         (75 CF if seats folded/removed)  Street Index: 2
Availability: 55 / 55 days**
Options:                  Cost:       CF Required:
Rigger Control System    12 000             6
Rear Access Ramp***      25 000            15
* VTOL Economy: 0.5km/liter

** Divide Availabilty target number by 3 for the mercenary contact known as the Dealer.

*** The rear-access ramp creates additional access (up to a total of 4) but decreases overall capacity to 8 CF + 35 CF cargo


The success of our Ares Arms Sentry series has driven us to develop the next step in zone control - the Ares Arms Sentinel drone system. As with the Sentry system, the Sentinel can be customized to suit the specific needs of different security systems. All Sentinel units come with integrated thermographic and pulse-radar security sensors. Though the basic Sentinel drone is immobile, its diverse arsenal of lethal and non-lethal weapons systems allow it to control a wide variety of zones. The Sentinel is also designed to be compatible with Ares Security International's Fiber-Optic Observation Network and has one optical port installed on all units. Remote operation is standard, but the Sentinel may also be rigged for direct neural control. Standard placement for the indoor model is on the ceiling; the outdoor model is normally mounted on a stationary platform or pole. The drone draws power from standard building power systems and has a built-in battery for operation during power outages. All Ares Sentinel drones and accessories are equipped to accept closed-circuit simsense (CCSS) protocols.

          Handling  Speed   B/A   Sig   APilot   Store   Cost 
Sentinel     5       N/A   4/12    8       3      N/A   40 000
Economy: N/A
Operational Duration: Building supplied/unlimited. Back-up battery power:2hrs
Setup/Breakdown Time: N/A                  Sensor Package: Security II (5)
Additional Features: Indoor model standard installation includes a badge
proximity interrogation system, Neuro-Stun VII gas delivery system, and a
firmpoint that accepts any Ares Sentinel weapons pod. The Sentinel provides
6 points of recoil compensation. A fully weatherproofed outdoor model is
available at an additional 10 000 nuyen. The outdoor model is identical to
the indoor model except that it does not normally contain the gas delivery
NOTE: This item is not generally available on the street. Availability is at the gamemaster's discretion.


No perimeter security system would be complete without the addition of the Ares Arms Sentinel P drone series. Based on the stationary Sentinel, the P-version is semi-mobile, performing a fixed patrol circuit around sensitive zones. Available in both indoor and outdoor models, the Sentinel P is ready to follow any path set down for it by the use of our revolutionary EMMA (ElectroMagnetic Movement and Articulation) systems. Just mount the monorail- style track where you want the drone to patrol and let it do the rest! The unit draws power from the track, which in turn pulls its power from building power sources. In the case of a power failure, the Sentinel P releases safety clamps to grip the track and draws backup power from an internal battery.

            Handling   Speed   B/A   Sig   APilot   Store     Cost
Sentinel P      5        10    4/12   6       3      N/A     60 000
Economy: N/A                                  Power: 2 PF
Operational Duration: Building supplied/unlimited. Backup battery: 2 hours.
Setup/Breakdown Time: N/A                     Sensor Package: Security I (4)
Additional Features: Indoor model standard installation includes a
badge proximity interrogation system and a firmpoint that accepts any Ares
Sentinel weapons pod. The Sentinel P provides 4 points of recoil
compensation. A fully weatherproofed outdoor model, identical to the indoor
model, is available at an additional cost of 10 000 nuyen.
NOTE: This drone is not normally available on the street. Availability is at the gamemaster's discretion.


Complete your security blanket with the Ares Arms Guardian drone. A vectored- thrust vehicle small enough to be used indoors, Guardians are sturdy enough for outdoor activity as well. If you liked our Sentinel line, you'll love the Guardian!

          Handling  Speed   B/A   Sig  APilot  Store     Cost
Guardian     4/6    30/60   4/12   6      3    20 CF    75 000
Economy: 5 km per PF                      Power: 30 PF
Operational Duration: Limited by battery power; 2 hours
Setup/Breakdown Time: 3 minutes           Sensor Package: Security I (4)
Availability: 8 / 8 days                  Street Index: 2
Additional Features: The Guardian drone is a free-ranging model of the
Sentinel series. Its micro-turret is designed to accept any Ares Sentinel
weapons pod. It also has special attachments on the rear of the turret for
mounting external tanks and compressed air for use with the Ares Cascade
delivery system. An additional 3 CF is available for vehicle control gear or
other electronic options.


Ares Arms Sentinel weapons pods let you arm your Sentinel drones with a variety of topnotch weapons and ammunition in single, modular units. A corporate security rigger can change non-lethal drones to killers simply by replacing one pod with another. It's that simple! All Sentinel and Guardian drones accept the Sentinel weapons pods, automatically adjusting their internal inertial compensators and targeting information for each weapon through onboard CerebroTech processors and preprogrammed firmware. For a slight additional fee, Ares Arms will design and build custom weapons pods.

                 Weapons Installed     Ammo  Availability  Cost   Str Idx
Weapons Pod I    Ares Squirt II         40    5 / 1 week   3 000     2
                 Defiance Super Shock   20                      
Weapons Pod II   Ares Viper Slivergun   75    6 / 1 week   3 500     2
                 Narcoject Pistol       20
Weapons Pod III  HK227-S               150    6 / 2 weeks  5 000     2
                 Narcoject Rifle        20
Weapons Pod IV*  Ares MP-LMG           500    8 / 2 weeks  7 500     2
                 Ares Cascade           **
* The Weapons Pod IV can only be installed on an Ares Guardian drone.

** The Ares Guardian drones have built-in storage for two sets of 100-shot canisters (DMSO Gel and the chemical reserve). The Weapons Pod IV carries twin compressed-gas canisters for up to 200 shots. These canisters can be recharged at a cost of 100 nuyen.

Both removing and installing aweapons pod are Complex Actions, and so it takes two Complex Actions to change a pod. The pods can only be installed on Ares Sentinel and Guardian drones; installation on any other drones requires major hardware and firmware modifications.


Store your Ares Arms Sentinel drones easily and efficiently with the Ares Arms Sentinel Storage System! The basic unit can house up to three Ares Sentinel P drones, two Ares Guardian drones, and 10 Ares Sentinel weapons pods. Also included is an automated rearming system that can change two weapons pods at the same time. The security rigger sends the system a "rearm" command, and the unit's CerebroTech processor does the rest! Storage capacity can be increased and additional rearming systems installed for a modest additional cost. The Sentinel Drone Storage System is completely self- contained, operates off building power sources, and can be fully weatherproofed for outdoor use. Also includes backup power supply in case of power failure.

Sentinel Drone Storage System           100 000
Additional Features
  Backup Power Supply (2 hours)          +5 000
  Additional Sentinel P Storage          +5 000/drone
  Additional Guardian Storage            +7 500/drone
  Additional Weapons Pod Storage         +1 500/pod
  Additional Rearming System*           +10 000
  Weatherproofing                       +10 000
* Only one rearming system can be added for every three drone-storage capacity upgrades. Each rearming system can change one weapons pod per Combat Turn.

NOTE: This item is not normally available on the street. Availability is at the gamemaster's discretion.


Proxy beam emitter for fooling trip beams200
Ultrasound Emitter/Detector (conc.8, Avail Rtg*2/72hrs, Idx 3) Rating * 400
Sequencer for locks (rtg. 1 through 6)Rtg*Rtg*500
Maglock Passcard (rtg. 1 to 10)Rtg*Rtg*10 000
Material for Phony Print (rtg. 1 to 8)200*Rating
Retinal duplication rating 1 + ratings (0.1 Essence rtg 1, 0.25 for rtg. 2-4, 0.5 for rtg. 5+) 50 000 + [Rating-1]*25 000

DeviceRatingCostAvailability Street Index
Pocket Recorder (Cheap)1502/12 hrs 0.75
Pocket Recorder (Expensive)22004/12 hrs 1
Portable Recorder (Basic)39004/36 hrs 1
Portable Recorder (Advanced)41 6006/72 hrs 1.5
Professional Deck (Basic)525 0008/7 days 1.5
Professional Deck (Advanced)636 00010/7 days2

Taken from the pages of Jens-Arthur Leirbakk