New Firearms

>>>>[Here we have some of the latest creations from many of our favourite weapons firms. I hope you enjoy what you see.]<<<<
(Wraith Vermont)

Ares Predator 3

The latest in the Predator from Ares Macrotech, is the Predator 3. This design takes a break from the standard weapon design. It has taken 3 years for this wepaon to appear and is worth the wait. The Predator 3 is an SMG sized minigun with the firepower of the world famous Predator 2. Equipped with three barrels which rotate when the battery enagages. The weapon spews out a continuous stream of bullets , thanks to the large ammunition capacity.

Type Conc  Dam   Mode  Ammo  Weight   Cost    Avail   Legal 
 SMG   4    9M    FA    100    3.6   12,000  14/60d    

This weapon has a +2 recoil modifier, and 3 points of recoil compensation.

Panther Hold-Out Pistol

This weapon is the ultimate in personal defence. Created by those fun loving people at Panther inc, for the person who wants to be able to take down a single person with one shot. The Panther Hold-Out pistol has a single assault cannon shell inside a plastic casing. Once fired the barrel has a 60% chance of melting. If it does not melt, then the weapon can be easily reloded.

Type  Conc  Dam  Mode  Ammo  Weight   Cost   Avail   Legal
 LP     6   18D   SS     1     1       400   8/10d   

Everytime the weapon is fired, the chance of melting increases. Initially it is 7 or less on 2d6, then 8 or less for the next shot and so on. The Weapon has a +2 recoil modifier.

Panther Assault Pistol

The ultimate in heavy pistols has now been created by those genius weaponsmiths at Panther Inc. The Panther Assault Pistol is a revolver style weapon which can be loaded with up to three rounds of specially designed ammunition. This weapon brings the heavy damage scales of Assault cannons and Heavy MG's to a small and compact size.

Type  Conc  Dam  Mode  Ammo  Weight   Cost   Avail   Legal
 HP     4    9D   SS     3     2.1   10,000  14/45d  

In order to use this gun, the person must have a strength and body of at least 5. The weapon has a +3 recoil modifier on it. This cannot be reduced by strength or gas venting.

Ares MP-4302A Laser Pistol

This rare device has been developed by Ares for usage in space. Based around their laser rifle range. Instead of the usual power pack system, Ares have changed it to a clip based capacitor system. It means less shots, but is more concealable. The weapon is designed in multi-polymer plastics with a light dispersal coating along the barrel to help make sure that the beam goes towards the target.

Type  Conc  Dam  Mode  Ammo  Weight   Cost   Avail   Legal
 HP     5    9S   SA     5     2.4   13,000  18/60d

The weapon uses heavy pistol ranges. There is no recoil modifiers for this weapon. Additional clips cost 500. A clip can be recharged from a power supplies within 2 hours.

Toemi 3516 Hand Gun

Toemi Weapon Consortium have astounded us in the past with the design of this weapon. Now, 3 years later, that weapon is released onto the market. The 3516 is the only pistol in the world to fire sniper rifle rounds from the Ranger Arms series. Only people with a cybernetic limb may use the weapon, as the recoil of the gun can actually break the firers' shoulder in at least two places.

Type  Conc  Dam  Mode  Ammo  Weight   Cost   Avail   Legal
 HP     4   15S   SS     8     3     11,000  18/60d

The user must have at least a body and strength of 5 as well as a cybernetic arm and a smartlink. At target numbers are at +4 because of the recoil on the weapon. Any one attempting to use the weapon without a cybernetic arm will suffer a moderate wound(No Body roll) and have a +8 to fire the weapon.