Home-brewed set of Implast-rules


In a Ka*Ge I once read, I found some information about Implast, a new polymer with some unique properties. The one property that was immediately interesting, was of course the +2 Power bonus an Implast-weapon could give, compared to the normal weapon. As I haven't got that particular Ka*Ge, I have been forced to do my own write-up of Implast weaponry and the game mechanics behind.

What is Implast?

Implast is, simply put, a polymer, bendable plastic that becomes rigid when struck by a blunt impact. This property is very useful in any sort of blunt trauma weapon, as it increases the damage the weapon inflicts by creating or enforcing a whiplash-like effect when the weapon impacts on the target.

Implast is not restricted in any way, and Implast weaponry isn't any more illegal than the normal version of the weapon. However, Implast is rather expensive, and is difficult to obtain through street sources because the demand is so high.

Game mechanics

If a melee weapon is an Implast weapon, it grants a +2 Power bonus to that weapon. This power bonus is only applicable if the weapon is some sort of blunt trauma weapon, i.e. a club, a staff, a pair of nunchakus, or something similar. The GM have the final word on whether a type of weapon qualifies for the +2 Power bonus.

An implast weapon is 100% more expensive than the normal version of the weapon, gives a +1/+2 days Availability modifier as compared to the normal version, and increases the Street Index by +4. This means that if the weapon had a Street Index of for instance 1.5, the Implast version will have a Street Index of 5.5.