>>>>>(Who are they trying to kid?!? A handgun? This thing's a bloody cannon! For that price it should come with a Gyro-mount!)<<<<<


>>>>>(I dun-o, looks da-bout rite for me. Tis a bit expenziv dou!)<<<<<


>>>>>(Like it says, designed for trolls, big trolls! Although I've not had a chance to field test it yet, it handles very well on the range.)<<<<<


>>>>>(Hey Venga! Long time no see. I was wondering why it was styled after the Guardian, guess it's your second favourite now! Did you get Arnold to build this monster? Oh, how was the Japan trip? And how's that babe of yours?)<<<<<


>>>>>(Wasn't sure it was you. Yeah you could say I had a hand in designing it! Fea named it and she's doing fine, thanks. Arnold says if he gets enough interest he might see about getting some parts mass produced, to get the price down. Guess I'll have to continue my advertising for now!J)<<<<<


This custom built weapon is based on the styling of the Savalette Guardian™ and guarantied to put down the biggest of fows. Specially designed for trolls, the Black Mamba is a top loading, burst-fire handgun using MMG sized rounds. Fitted with integral infra-red laser sight and using caseless ammo as standard, the Black Mamba is the professional HEAVY weapon for those that can manage to pick it up! Custom grip and weighting for every user, this weapon can also mount standard barrel and under-barrel accessories. Comes with Improved Gas Vent II as standard.
The Black Mamba fires a three round burst as a complex action. It has a +2 total recoil modifier per bullet and uses custom bullets & clips (Rounds = Base * 2 ; Empty clip = 60¥). Also requires a strength and body minimum of 8 to use without injury. This weapon only comes in BLACK!