EPOL - Earth Protective Orbiting Laser

EPOL - Eart Protective Orbiting Laser was the last of the major destruction weapons deployed by the USA in 2015, as the last in a long development in major destructive weapons used to maintain the edge in the technological weapons race.


The EPOL is capable of moving itself around to the orbits desirable by utilizing small onboard engines run on solar power that the satelite is able to recharge during the hours it is exposed to the solar rays.


The EPOL has the largest laser deployed anywhere on Earth. It's onboard HU-17-X laser is capable on striking an area of about 20x20km with it's least concetrated ray, not as destructive when it comes to tactical targets, but every living creature in the area will have their bodies bombarded by concentrated gamma rays, which would cause the area to have a lethality of about 50% more or less instantly, another 45% within hours, and of the remaining organisms, 97% will cease to exist within a week.

The ray can be intensified, and concentrated to strike smaller areas, with a higher lethality. Due to natural causes and disturbances in the atmosphere, the ray will always have a slightly varied target area than the coordinates implemented..

Technical Data

The name EPOL was chosen basicly to satisfy the public. The satelite is as such not a laser at all, merely a very efficient lense which filters out most of the normal, visible and useless light.

The Satelite's biggest weakness is that it is unable to function during night-time, as well as in heavily clouded weather.

EPOL - HU-17-X

Weight: 35.000 tons.

Lenght: 247 metres.

Width: 160 metres.

Other features

The EPOL is based on a system where it will be used as a watcher, and a guardian. To strike if nescessary. The Satelite bases it's controlling system on a base on the ground where it can be set to strike different coordinates. In addition, the satelite has a Retaliation function built in. This system is based on a nuclear safe communicator box, the satelites 'firing button' so to speak. If this box stops receiving signals from the main computer unit in the base where it is located, it's program will realize that the base has been eliminated, and it will activate its relatiation program after some time, thus moving to strike pre-programmed targets. Thus avenge its dead masters. The EPOL has thus also been dubbed Avenger as well.