Congratulations, runners!! You have found your way to the latest list of goodies to be created for your enjoyment and recreation!! Feel free to leave your own comments here and remember to take those comments listed here with a pinch of salt (if you manage to find some REAL salt, then you're damned lucky!!).









Jensen V-12 Interceptor

Derived from the classic V-8 series, this remains the ultimate pursuit vehicle for arduous conditions! Used extensively by the Australian Main Force Patrol to control the roads of the outback, the Interceptor has the speed, handling, toughness and reliability to go where nothing else can go!
                 Handling   Speed     B/A   Sig  A/P      Cost 
Jensen V-12        3/4      70/210    5/12   8    3     725,000
Supercharger on             95/285           4

Seating: 2 bucket seats F, 2 benches back.
Access: 4 standard
Economy: 30km/l normal, 10km/l in supercharge
Fuel Tank: 300 litres
Storage: 20CF trunk & internal
Sensors: Security (1).
Accessories: Rollbars, rigger gear, spotlights, Amphibious Ops package (1), Enviroseal, GPS package, satellite communication system, Ferranti Phobos threat warning system.
Armament: has two hardpoints forward and a pop-up remote microturret. Weapons not provided. 2 small smoke dischargers fitted.

>>>>>[The Interceptor is an amazing car, no doubt about it. On the other hand, look at the price tag. You could buy a tank for less than that.]<<<<<
>>>>>[But can a tank hold 140mph across desert? Does it have the speed to chase down biker gangs? And what other vehicle with that speed has the firepower and armour to win the fight that follows? This does...]<<<<<
-Leopard Lady
>>>>>[It must be said, the Jensen engine is incredible. The overhaul interval is 25,000 miles - incredible for a 1,200 horsepower unit and reliability is exceptional. Fuel consumption isn't too bad either - provided you keep the supercharger off. The MFP one I saw in action mounted two Victory assault cannon and a Winter Systems laser in the turret. Vicious. Also, Jensen do an upgrade consisting of external-rack rockets under blowoff covers: twenty 127mm Zuni rockets for the paranoid to play with. Again, the MFP use those a lot for roadblock busting. I figure after you put in twenty Zunis and a few bursts of 30mm cannon fire, it ain't gonna be much of a roadblock no more.]<<<<<

Jensen Trans America

Jensen, makers of the famed Interceptor pursuit vehicle, now apply that technology to bring you the ultimate civilian muscle car! The Trans America is powered by the supercharged Jensen V-8 engine and offers you the chance to enjoy that unique blend of power, performance and reliability! Don't delay - test drive today!
                  Handling     Speed        B/A  Sig  A/P  Cost
Trans America       3/8        70/210       4/6   4    2   225,000
Supercharger on                80/240             2

Seating: 2 bucket seats F, bench back.
Access: 2 standard
Economy: 40km/l normal, 30km/l in supercharge
Fuel Tank: 200 litres
Storage: 10CF trunk & internal
Accessories: Rollbars, GPS package.

>>>>>[Now this is a nice car. Expensive, but nice. The interior lets it down, though: very spartan for nearly a quarter-million worth of car.]<<<<<
>>>>>[If you can listen to the engine idle and not want to own it, you're not the sort of person they want buying it. . Seriously, this vehicle was designed by enthusiasts rather than marketing men. The interior is serviceable, extremely comfortable and hard-wearing: just don't expect hand-tooled leather, mahogany dash, or any luxuries like that. The money went on the engine and suspension, and it wasn't wasted. For an extra ten grand, they'll do you a custom job with all those goodies...but they'll laugh at you while they do it.]<<<<<
-Susan Big-Flying-Fluffy-Snake

Westland Coyote Helicopter

The superb Coyote scout/utility helicopter from Westland. Power, performance, agility and reliability. What more need we say?
                  Handling     Speed        B/A  Sig  A/P  Cost
Westland Coyote      3        100/300       4/3   4    2   525,000
Military version     3        100/300       5/9   8    3  1,275,000

Seating: 2 bucket seats F, 8 folding benches in rear cabin.
Access: 2 standard, side cabin door.
Economy: 4km/l
Fuel Tank: 500 litres
Storage: 20(44) CF in cabin, 64CF slung.
Sensors: Security (1). Military version has Military (1) sensors and ECM.
Accessories: GPS package, Ferranti Phobos threat warning system, Tracor ALE-97 chaff launcher.
Armament: has two hardpoints and two firmpoints. Weapons not provided. Military version may add a small remote chin turret for Y75,000.
>>>>>[A nice piece of kit...if you accept stamped-metal flooring and nylon web seats as acceptable in a civilian helicopter.]<<<<<
>>>>>[Come on, Singer, look at the performance and handling. This isn't an executive taxicab, this is a DocWagon helicopter or a special-ops bird. The military hang missiles and cannon on these and use them air-to-air. The civilian version's an afterthought.]<<<<<
>>>>>[The military version - with two MMGs and a Spectralab spotlight in the turret, eight men in the back and a Skyshout PA system - is turning up as a police helicopter in DC. Very effective too.]<<<<<
-L M K Machine


Improved Active Thermal Masking

This modification consists of low-temperature air jets and cooling plates to be added to the insides of the engine area of the car. Freon, liquid nitrogen, and other extremely low-temperature gases and liquids are injected in between two layers of heat-absorbing plates. The inner plate acts to actually help cool the engine block while the outer plate is designed to cool the exterior of the vehicle. In doing so, thermographic heat sensors cannot pick up the high temperature readings necessary to 'lock on' to the vehicle, and are thus rendered ineffective. Each level of improved active thermal masking give +1 to the signature rating (maximum rating equal to one-half the modified body of the vehicle).

Improved Active Thermal Masking costs Y10,000 per point of vehicle Body and requires 1CF per level installed.

The coolant mix lasts for 6 hours at normal consumption. Additional bottles may be installed: each CF installed allows 24 rating-hours (24 hours at rating-1, 12 at 2, etc.) of operation and costs Y1,000. Refilling the system costs Y500 plus Y250 for each CF of additional tank capacity. The system may be operated at reduced levels to extend coolant life, or switched off altogether. Motorcycles and aircraft may not use this system.

>>>>>[Adaptable and flexible. Better than some competing systems, although exhausting the heat at low levels rather than storing it limits endurance and masking capability. It's also expensive.]<<<<<
>>>>>[Swings and roundabouts, and recirculative systems have drawbacks too. This can run for hours rather than minutes, and there's no heat-dump at the end of it.]<<<<<
>>>>>[Of course, downwind you just adapt your NBC chem-sniffer to look out for those Freons....]<<<<<
-L M K Machine

Nitrous Oxide Injection

This system is installed just beside the engine of a land vehicle. When the driver of the vehicle hits a release swith (or a rigger commands the release of the nitrous through his or her vehicle control rig), the injectors fill the pistons with an extremely unstable burst of nitrous oxide. For one entire round, the nitrous mixture fires the engine at an extremely high speed, thus effectively doubling the acceleration rate of the vehicle.

If the vehicle is already going at top speed, the nitrous mixture will cause the vehicle to go it's speed PLUS its acceleration speed. For example, a car that went 70/210 at maximum speed, if given nitrous injections, would go 280 for a full round! If not at full speed, the vehicle accelerates at double the normal rate until top speed is reached and normally thereafter. Nitrous injecting apparatus requires no free CF, as it is placed within the space of the engine, and costs 5000 nuyen. The tank holds enough nitro for 10 'shots'.

Note - Every consecutive time a driver fires the nitrous apparatus, he or she must make a driving check with a cumulative target modifier of +2 per consecutive firing. Failure of this driving check requires a crash test. Also roll 2d6: on an 11, the engine suffers damage from excessively high RPM and all speeds drop to half. On a 12 the engine seizes and the driver must make a Crash Test: the vehicle comes to a screeching halt anyway. Apply a +2 modifier for every consecutive use of the system.

>>>>>[Now this is a questionable practice. The red line on your RPM gauge is there for a reason, people. As a rigger I can tell you the feedback from using this is not good: kind of like an amphetamine crash.]<<<<<
>>>>>[...although since it's small and light it's useful to have in an emergency. But use it regularly and you're begging for a broken crankshaft or thrown conrod. I'd recommend an overhaul after using this two or three times, just on general principles.]<<<<<
-Zap Man
>>>>>[I already supercharged and intercooled my Jensen, and I have water/methane injection if I need extra performance. I've overtaken people blowing nitro...and when they pop some more, they blow their pistons through their cylinder heads instead. Hilarious.]<<<<<
-Leopard Lady

Jensen Central Tyre Pressure Control

A built-in compressor and hub links allows you to continuously vary your tyre inflation to suit all needs! From highway to swamp in seconds with this unique Jensen feature!
Cost       CF      Availability       Index
5,000       1        12/24 days          2
Requires one minute per point of Body of the vehicle to take effect. Allows a -1 bonus to Handling on roads at the cost of +1 to off-road, and vice versa. Also compensates to a limited extent to punctures, but not total blowouts. (GM's discretion)

Tannoy Vehicle Public Address System

Optimised for riot control, public service vehicles and similar applications, this system offers superb resolution with incredible volume! Nobody will be able to claim they didn't hear the warning when you broadcast it with Tannoy! Flush mounted for minimum drag with maximum performance!
Cost     CF      Availability    Index
1500      1        4/24 hr          1
What do you think? Really loud speakers.
>>>>>[Now this is useful in the right circumstances.]<<<<<
>>>>>[Yeah, right, like *we* bother with "stop-or-I-shoot".]<<<<<
>>>>>[Sasha means psychological warfare, Whippet: if you hear rotor blades and Wagner, it means a Running Wolf strike force en route and pissed off. I've been on the wrong end of one of their airmobile sweep-and-clear operations, and the next time I hear Die Valkure playing I'm gonna run for cover right away.]<<<<<
-Dog Soldier

Ferranti Phobos Threat Warning System

Lasers. Radars. Microwave designators. Active infrared. All threats on today's battlefield. Until now, the only response was expensive and complex jamming suites: but Ferranti Defence bring you the Phobos, the lightest and most economical broadband alerter available today! Covering all common laser and radar bands (including millimetric!) and microwave designation frequencies, the Phobos offers instant warning of threat type and direction to within 5 degrees of azimuth and 10 of elevation!
Cost       CF      Availability       Index
10,000      1        12/24 days          2
The Phobos warns a vehicle operator when a fire-control radar, targeting or designating laser, or microwave designator has locked onto the vehicle. It does not react to search radars. It has no classification or jamming ability beyond indicating the type of system (laser, radar etc) used.
>>>>>[So I know someone's painting me. So what? Two seconds later I'm hit anyway. Why bother with expensive junk like this?]<<<<<
>>>>>[So you have an IR laser lighting you to the left. So you pop smoke that side to break the lock and look for the designator. This at least gives you an idea which way to jink.]<<<<<

Tracor ALE-97 Chaff Launcher

Tracor offer the lightest and most compact chaff dispenser ever! With a high capacity (8 salvoes), flush mounting and low cost, this is the best response to radar-guided weapons yet!
Cost       CF      Availability       Index
1,200       0        8/7 days           2
Treat as a smoke launcher but firing only chaff packets.
>>>>>[Useful, especially for helicopters and aircraft who have trouble with smoke, but for ground vehicles just put Chemring chaff packs in some of the smoke-discharger slots.]<<<<<
>>>>>[Especially good because it's flush mounted and produces no additional drag. Worth getting Tracor's advice on best fitment, though.]<<<<<


Leatherman Pocket Tool

The classic multi-purpose tool for all functions! Knife, pliers, saw, file and a dozen other functions in one pocket-size package! Y100, 0.5 kg. Concealability 8.

The Leatherman tool means a mechanical skill test (e.g. vehicle repair) can at least be considered to be done with "Inadequate" tools, rather than none at all. The knife does (Str/2)L damage if someone's desperate.

Ultrax Epoxy foam

Hardens within 1.5 seconds to a strength of 10, sticking firmly to any surface. Ultrax comes in three usable forms. When trying to break or escape from hardened Ultrax, make an opposed strength check. If you have more successes, the epoxy snaps. the forms are:
Half strength radius-10m; Full strength radius-5m. Within 5m all parties must resist 10L damage.
Range and spread is as per shotgun, page 95 of SR2.
Conc: 3
Ammo: 5
Mode: SS
DMG: Nil
Wght: 5
Avai: 8/36 hours
Cost: Y900
This is used like a caulking gun, and can seal cracks, doors, or nearly anything with a strength of 10 bond. A second coat, after the first can bring the bond up to a strength of 15, but takes 30 seconds to dry and weakens the bond to strength of 3 until the hardening is complete. One tube can single coat 10 doorjambs or 20 windows.
Grenade Y50
Canister for spray Y20
Tube Y15

>>>>>[All sorts of creative nastiness possible with this one! If your route into a site includes the motor pool, a squirt of this over the lock panels of the vehicles works wonders. Seize up a computer? Squirt this into the jacks. Lovely stuff.]<<<<<
>>>>>[Also becoming popular with police as an adjunct to net-guns.]<<<<<
>>>>>[If you can get into the opposition's car, of course....]<<<<<
>>>>>[Been watching too many 20th century classics again, have we?]<<<<<
-L M K Machine

Glazenfleur Housebreaker Harness

This allows climbing any surface without rolls if a rope or grappel line has been attached. If no line has been attached, the harness adds 2 dice to a roll and subtracts one from target numbers. The harness consists of wires keeping your arms, back, and legs in proper form, a micro computer to scan the surface for base strength and proper hand/foot-holds, and an autoclimber for ropes. In addition, there are attachments for suction grips or claw grips in both hands and feet.

Any non-climbing actions (walking, driving, etc) undertaken while wearing the harness are at +2. It takes 5 minutes to don or remove the housebreaker harness: it can be torn off in 30 seconds, but destroyed in the process.

Cost Y3,500, weight 5kg, availability 12/14 days, street index 3.

>>>>>[Now with this, a netgun on one arm, and a grapple-gun on the other, all I need is the mask and the job at the newspaper.]<<<<<
-Peter Parker

Resnick Labs Laser Cutter

Cuts without causing any vibration on the surface (at least no discernable vibrations). Loses all effectiveness at 6 inches, so no overburn is experienced. Unlike conventional cutters, this burns through on the first pass, up to 5 inches thick. Bullet proof glass and other reinforced plastics must be taken slowly as to permit a proper cut.

Cost Y1,500, weight 1kg, availability 12/14 days, street index 4.

Battery is good for 10 minutes' continuous operation. The cutting speed is (1 / barrier rating) metres per minute. As a weapon this item does 8M damage resisted by half Impact armour and has reach 0. Battery packs are Y500 and 0.5kg each, availability 4/24.

>>>>>[Useful, but beware of polarised light paths within the glass: cut across them and you trip the alarms. Also, many windows in secure installations have capacitance meters attached: removing a chunk of glass also sends an alert signal. Of course, this also cuts wood, metal, construction plastic...]<<<<<
-Gooney Bird
>>>>>[Cutting speed is low, but that's the price of a portable unit. You can at least change batteries quickly.]<<<<<

Trevilla Medical Systems Advanced Emergency Kit

Traditional emergency medkits not enough? For *real* medical emergencies, TMS offer you the latest in medical assistance! Detachable biomonitors! Integral expert system! Full range of traumacare supplies! Built-in chemical analyser with the software to use it! A complete hospital in a box!

The system has three remote sensors which can alert the main unit if a subject's life signs become alarming. Its computer has Biotech-4, Biology(Medicine) 3. The chemical analyser has a rating of 4. In action, the system allows First Aid to be undertaken at merely Bad conditions in extreme situations, and negates Bad. The system may use its own Biotech skill or add half its rating to the paramedic's ability.

>>>>>[I'd beg to differ on 'hospital in a box'. I'm also not sure about marketing this to the general public. An emergency kit is one thing: you might not save someone, but it's hard to really screw up. This is extremely effective, I carry one and love it, but I'm a qualified MD. There is a great deal of harm you could do with this unless you understand its use.]<<<<<
-Dr Rains-At-Sunset
>>>>>[Granted. On the other hand, things like the mini-monitors mean that one paramedic can work on three patients, leaving two unattended but knowing he'll be alerted if their blood pressure, say, goes too low. DocWagon have begun issuing these on a trial basis.]<<<<<
>>>>>[My point exactly: DocWagon are the sort of people this should be marketed at, not relatively untrained individuals. This kit will dispense Metoxane or Cimertol on demand, for instance, which could be fatal if wrongly administered: knowing when - or if - to administer such powerful agents is critical. At least when they are incorporated into a trauma patch the risks are widely known.]<<<<<
-Dr Rains-At-Sunset

Dart Pharmaceuticals Combopens

The perfect self-help device for nerve agent attack!

Cost Y100, weight 0.2kg, availability 8/7 days, street index 0.75

When uncapped and pressed against an object (usually a major muscle group such as the thigh) the combopen automatically injects a dose of atropine (see Shadowtech). This reduces the Power rating of a nerve agent attack (Neurostun group, Green Ring 5, Seven-Seven) by 1. If a victim has suffered a Deadly physical wound from nerve agent, a combopen counts as first aid.

>>>>>[Inject myself with atropine? No way!]<<<<<
>>>>>[Well...look at the symptoms. Complete opposites. Atropine opposes nerve agents with an uncanny perfection, which is why it's used. But yes, you do want to be careful about slamming them into everyone with runny noses.]<<<<<
>>>>>[Notice the growing emphasis on chemical-warfare technology? Perhaps the big corps know something we don't....]<<<<<
-L M K Machine
>>>>>[Like to share anything, Lynch?]<<<<<
>>>>>[Hell, we're nuclear and have been for years: we have good defensive CW, but not much offence. Wonder what the other megas are doing, though.]<<<<<
-L M K Machine

Avon Group S16 Respirator

The ultimate protection for your breathing air, the S16 is the choice of the British Army and is probably the best in the world. Easy-change filters, built-in drinking tube, induction-loop earpieces and microphone, 'feed-through' links for data transfer and optically-perfect eyepieces offering the best field of view of any respirator today. Simply the best: ignore the rest.

Y5,000, 1kg. Availability 10/14 days, street index 1. Spare filters Y500, 0.2kg, availability and index as respirator.

When worn, the respirator provides complete protection against any air- vectored agents. Some (gaseous HCN is a current example) degrade the filters in high concentration: a filter change is recommended every 24 hours of use in normal circumstances anyway. The mask has adaptors for one datajack and one chipjack, providing a 'straight through' connection to the wearer's sockets, and a communications jack to allow a radio or similar to be used through the built-in earpiece and microphone.

>>>>>[A gasmask. A good gasmask, maybe the best gasmask, but still just a gasmask. I can't really get excited about it the way I can the automatic weapons.]<<<<<


Second Chance Head Protectors

Custom-fitted Kevlaplex III inserts to provide cranial protection that can hide under almost any type of headgear!
Concealability Ballistic  Impact    Weight  Cost Avail. Index
     10          +1         0        0.25    250 5/24hr   1
Cannot be combined with any other type of head armour.
>>>>>[Very useful indeed and a significant contributor to survival.]<<<<<
>>>>>[Armour is for wimps.]<<<<<
>>>>>[Guess that makes me a wimp :-) ]<<<<<
-L M K Machine

Trevilla Armament Group Combat Fatigues

The ultimate in combat clothing from the Trevilla Armament Group, this combat uniform brings you all of the following: Nothing can beat this system for flexibility and value! Buy today: your opponents bought yesterday!
Concealability Ballistic  Impact    Weight  Cost   Avail.    Index
     6             6         4       2.5    17500 12/14 days   1
The fatigues do not include head protection, which is purchased seperately. They provide NBC protection once gloves, overboots and respirator are donned: the suit includes a hood which can be adapted to become a helmet neck seal if necessary. The outer camouflage surface can be removed easily to eliminate persistent chemical agents, revealing an intermediate layer of fullers' earth which also acts to reduce breaches in NBC sealing if the suit is pierced.

An integrated heat management system cools the wearer and also channels body heat through an exchanger to minimise thermal signature: an individual wearing these fatigues has a Signature of 10. The fatigues may not be modified by the insertion of gel packs. Forearm guards may be fitted easily: there are sleeve pockets already provided. Standard options and accessories are as follows:

                     Cost      Weight       Availability   Index
Forearm Guards       250        0.25          4/24 hr         1
Combi-Guards        1250        0.75          6/24 hr        1.5
Ultimate Guards     3750        0.75         10/7 days        2
Utility Helmet       750        1.0           4/24 hr         1
NBC Oversuit         750        0.5           8/7 days        2
Combi-Guards incorporate snap blades as well. Ultimate guards are Dikoted (+2 points impact armour in melee, +1 Power if used to bash) and incorporate Dikoted snap-blades as well. The helmet provides +1 ballistic and +2 impact armour and includes a S16 respirator (qv): it may also be modified to accept a wide range of accessories: imaging modifications, cameras, radio gear et cetera. The NBC Oversuit is a lightweight ripstop cloth impregnated with activated charcoal worn over the uniform as a barrier resistant to most chemical and biological agents other than Seven-Seven nerve agent: it reduces costs and decontamination time if attacked by - say - Green Ring 5 or mustard gas.
>>>>>[I apologise loudly for the crass marketing hype, but these things are good. I wear them myself or I wouldn't ask my troops to.]<<<<<
-L M K Machine
>>>>>[Why not just go for mil-grade armour?]<<<<<
>>>>>[Ever see a man in mil-grade run across muddy ground? Climb through a house window? Lie down and get up five times fast? Oh, and let's not talk about operating in hot weather in a sealed suit. Comical, isn't it? And he's big and slow and wide open to a LAW in the chest. Lighter weight with far better mobility is the way to go, at least for now.]<<<<<

Spetztechnika Fragmentation Capes

As used by elite Russian Empire troops in Finland and Afghanistan, these capes offer extensive ballistic protection combined with efficient concealment! Four plies of advanced Spectron ballistic weave, reinforced with a unique Vympel energy-absorbent matrix, offer superb protection inside a hard-wearing camouflage cover.Just what you need when your stroll in the country gets interrupted!
Concealability Ballistic  Impact    Weight  Cost  Avail. Index
     6            +2        +2        2.5    250  5/24hr   1
Concealability is to notice the armour: the cape is obvious if worn. In normal use armour is considered 'layered': when lying down and covered, the armour is a bonus to any worn. The cape may not have gel-packs added. Use the camouflage rules in Fields of Fire, or improvise a roleplaying effect, as necessary. It adds +2 to signature when lying prone and covered.
>>>>>[This came from the Afghan rebels. If they saw gunships or aircraft, they'd just fall down and pull a khaki blanket over themselves. Whammo, instant disappearance. This adds armour protection to give you a better chance of surviving artillery fire. Don't forget to pull the hood up.]<<<<<
-L M K Machine
>>>>>[Running Wolf Security use this a lot. But then they use a lot of artillery and air support too. In winter it's eerie: one minute you're looking at a field of snowdrifts, the next you know a platoon of troops is up and moving. This works really well. Usually reversible, too: arctic- forest and urban-forest are the usual ones.]<<<<<

Danner 'Warrior' Combat Boots

The ultimate hard-wearing, yet lightweight, combat boot! Breathable yet completely waterproof! Patented Grip-Tek sole offers surefootedness in any situation, yet will not creak or squeak even on polished floors! Steel shank and hardwearing tread to help you go on and on when others drop!

Cost Y250, weight n/a, availability 5/24 hrs, street index 0.75

Reduce penalties for bad or slippery ground by 1: add 1 die for endurance tests (route marches, for instance).

>>>>>[As a wise man once said, "I liked these so much I bought the company! I've worn Danners for most of the last fifteen years.]<<<<<
-L M K Machine
>>>>>[Combat boots are a very unstylish item of attire. On the other hand, knowing when to be stylish and when to opt for brute practicality is a real survival skill. I have to say these are the most comfortable items of footwear I own.]<<<<<

Trevilla Armament Group 'Fire Force II' Combat System

Hauling the load is tough. Weapons, ammunition, equipment: all essential, all needed for instant use, all heavy and awkward. Now the TAG Fire Force systeh has been updated and improved to make it even easier for you to have everything you need right at your fingertips! The best - and the only - combined combat vest, web gear, combat harness and rucksack system on the market!

The Fire Force II consists of three 'skeletons' onto which assorted equipment can be attached: two combat vests (basically sleeveless jackets with extra pockets), a combat harness (belt, braces and thigh straps) and a Bergen rucksack (large pack with waist belt). They can be worn singly or in combination, although only one vest can be worn.

To equip them, add pouches and carriers as necessary up to the maximum for that type. Players can be more or less detailed if they want: some just say they wear web gear, others sketch the full rig...

                        Cost     Weight     Capacity    Avail.   Index
Utility Vest            1200       3            8       6/48 hr     2
Ammo Vest                750       1           12       6/48 hr     2
Combat Harness           500       1           15       6/48 hr     2
Rucksack                 500       1            5       6/48 hr     2

                         Cost Points  Notes
Utility Pouch             10    2    Internal dimensions 12cm x 8cm x 20cm
Waterbottle Carrier       15    2    Carries a 1-litre bottle, purification
                                     tablets and canteen cup.
Pistol Ammo Pouch          5    1    Holds two pistol magazines
Rifle/Shotgun Ammo Pouch  10    2    Holds two rifle or shotgun magazines
SMG Ammo Pouch            10    2    Holds three SMG magazines
Shotgun Shell Dispenser   10    2    Holds 20 shells in a sprung dispenser,
                                     presenting them one at a time
Shotgun Shell Carrier      5    1    Holds five shells in elastic loops
Light Pistol Holster      25    1    For all light pistols
Heavy Pistol Holster      35    2    For heavy and machine pistols
Large Holster             50    3    For other weapons e.g. SMGs, shotguns
Knife Sheath               5    1    Carries any Reach 0 knife
Nightstick/Torch Carrier   5    2    Carries a nightstick, stun baton or
                                     large flashlight
Handcuff Carrier           5    1    Holds 2 pairs of handcuffs
Note: the utility vest provides 4/2 ballistic protection. The harness doubles as a climbing harness. The rucksack has two large detachable side pockets which can be zipped together to form a small daypack.


Trevilla Armament Group Explosive Arrows

Tired of inaccurate minigrenades? Is archery inhibited by lack of destructive effect? With these arrows from TAG your worries are over! STANAG 442 safety with lethal explosive power! Impact fused with a heavy payload and notched steel wire shaft for maximum fragmentation!

Cost Y100, weight 0.25kg, availability 8/7days, street index 1.

These require a Complex Action to arm. Firing provides the setback to complete the arming sequence, after which they explode on impact. Damage is 12S to the target and 12S blast, decreasing at -1 Power per metre. Misses scatter 2d6 metres.

>>>>>[These are useful but not a cure-all. Firstly, don't arm a quiverful in advance to save time. Jump out of a window or run downstairs and you complete the arming which point they're rather twitchy. A colleague blew himself to small pieces when twelve of these detonated on him at once. Secondly, don't forget to arm them before you fire...]<<<<<
>>>>>[Do I have to point out that if you use these, your bow loses its stealth advantage?]<<<<<
-L M K Machine

Aimpoint Red Dot Sight

When a laser is not the way to go, Aimpoint have the answer! Proven sighting technology projects the aiming mark into the scope, not into the air! No range or brightness limitations, no revealing beams, just precise accurate fire!

Cost Y500, weight 0.1 kg, concealability -2. Availability 4/24hr, street index 1.

Acts as a laser sight without emitting anything: no range limits. A red dot scope may have image magnification, low light or thermal imaging, and may be used with magnifying/imaging cybereyes. May not be combined with an ultrasound sight.

>>>>>[Basic, old-fashioned but effective.]<<<<<

Jacketed Hollow Point Rounds

These rounds are designed to open up and expand in width as they pass through a target. These rounds increase the Power of the weapon by +1, and increase wounding effect by 1 level against an unarmoured target. However, ballistic armour and barriers are effectively doubled in effectiveness.

JHPs cost Y30 per 10 rounds and have the same weight and availability as normal ammunition.

>>>>>[Do people still use this stuff?]<<<<<
>>>>>[It's cheap, easy to find, works in most weapons, and if your target isn't wearing armour extremely effective. If they are armoured, the round tends to mushroom even on soft Kevlar. For armoured targets, explosives or flechette are a better bet. I'm not actually certain about APDS as an antipersonnel round: it goes straight through without yawing or tumbling. Inadequate wounding has been the rule in my experience.]<<<<<
-Demon Paul
>>>>>[Not that one again, Demon!]<<<<<
-Cheshire Cat
>>>>>[Better put some vaseline on those glass flowers, Cat...]<<<<<
-Demon Paul

Eley 'Specialist' Shotgun Rounds

Make that scattergun even more versatile! Eley bring you rounds that offer all the power and flexibility of a grenade launcher!
Smoke Streamer
Creates a 50-metre ribbon of smoke (assume it's 2 by 2 metres wide and high). Y10 per round. For Y40, CS gas (see later) can be substituted: for Y75, Neurostun agent can be used.
Treat as a minigrenade but subtract 3 from all Powers. Cost: 3 x minigrenade cost. Smoke and gas grenades produce only 5-metre radius clouds.
Creates a 10m long tongue of blindingly bright flame. Treat as a flash grenade and take range from the nearest part of the flare. Being caught inside it does no damage apart from singeing off some hair and sooting up clothes. Y50 per round.
Fires a single miniflare available in standard colours, with a rating of 4. Does 4M/4L damage (see flamethrower/WP rules, burns for 1d6 turns) but is at +2 (no targeting system helps) and use hold-out pistol ranges.
An unstable, but highly effective round intended for opening doors in a hurry. When firing at a door lock or hinge, subtract 32 from the Barrier rating of the door and use this as the target for a Firearms roll. Ten successes are needed to get the door open. The doorbuster does 18D damage to other targets...but has a +2 modifier per half metre from the target. Effectiveness on, say, vehicle doors is at the GM's discretion.

>>>>>[Now these are some circumstances. A pocketful of these and a double-barrel sawed-off could get pretty handy.]<<<<<
>>>>>[The smoke and grenade rounds won't cycle a semi-auto, limiting their utility. The doorbuster is useful for getting into places in a hurry, but since it's an explosive charge you can forget stealth.]<<<<<
-Night Life
>>>>>[The doorbuster will open just about any door...most of the time. It struggles with steel security doors, but then what doesn't? Of course, you're trading steath for speed.]<<<<<

Ares Weapon Stabilisation Module

An advanced high-speed gyroscope package, this compact module mounts to almost any weapon and absorbs recoil, keeping those rounds on target! Forget clumsy gas vents, take off those clunky shock pads, this is the future!
         Rating Conceal.   Cost     Weight    Availability
Level 1   -1        -2        700       1.5       8/7 days 
Level 2   -2        -2        900        2        10/7 days 
Level 3   -3        -3       1500       2.5       14/14 days 
Level 4   -4        -4       2200        4        18/21 days
The modules negate recoil or movement penalties up to their rating and are cumulative with all other recoil compensators except gyromounts. They impose a penalty of their rating on any attempt to use the weapon as a melee instrument.
>>>>>[Well, guys, do you really want a eight-inch humming globe weighing more than your rifle, gracing your weapon? I don't trust these things at all.]<<<<<
>>>>>[Well, they're reliable. The problem is the gyros spin down with time: I figure you can expect to lose a point of performance a week. Of course, Ares can spin them back up to full speed for a small fee . They are extremely useful for vehicle weapons, where you have the power supply to keep them running at speed and where the heavy weapons need the extra compensation.]<<<<<
>>>>>[Is it just me or do these make the weapon feel sluggish?]<<<<
>>>>>[One reason you only see these on support weapons is my experience: a Yak jumped me with a katana. I tried to parry with my rifle, and the gyro module fought my move all the way. Cost me most of an arm and my DocWagon no-claims discount.]<<<<<

Trevilla Armament Group Common Rail Mount

Just what your rifle needed: a single mounting under the barrel which accepts a wide range of accessories, with quick-change capability. More flexibility from TAG.
                 Conceal. Cost  Weight Availability
Rail Mount         -1     Y100   0.25     5/48 hrs
Xenon Floodlight   -1     Y300    1       4/24 hrs (see later)
Grenade Launcher   -3    Y1800    2       9/7 days
"Railgun" shotgun  -2     Y600    2       6/7 days (see later)
Laser Designator   -2    Y4100   0.5     12/14 days (FoF)
Laser Sight        -1    Y1500   0.25     8/48 hrs (high power)
Flash Pack         -2     Y250   0.25     6/24 hrs
Concealability ratings are cumulative: -1 for the mount, then an additional penalty for the mounted item. Other items may be fitted, depending on player ingenuity and GM discretion. Fitting or removing an item is a Complex Action.
>>>>>[Useful for some circumstances. A xenon flood - especially with cybercontrolled focus, an extra Y100 - is very good for law enforcement work. That bright white light spearing a group of evildoers tends to freeze them. Rabbits in headlights. On the other hand, putting the Railgun on your rifle and loading it with doorbusters makes the entryman of a SWAT team much more flexible. This lets you do both quickly and easily.]<<<<<

Spectralab 'Midnight Sun' Xenon Floodlights

Available in both torch-size and vehicle-mounted sizes, the Midnight Sun series of high-energy illuminators have an endless range of application.
           Cost    Weight  Brightness   Availability   Street Index
Portable    300      1        4            4/24 hr           1
Vehicle     800     7.5       8            5/48 hr           1
These may be used either as floodlights (illuminating a cone-shaped area of (Brightness x 5) long by (Brightness x 2) wide at its end to negate darkness, then reducing the penalty by -1 per increment of Brightness in metres) or as spotlights (illuminating a single target to (Brightness x 20) metres negating darkness, penalties falling off as before). An IR filter makes the floodlight invisible to normal or low-light vision, eliminating darkness penalties to thermographic vision as normal.

Anyone caught inside the beam and trying to target the firer or someone/something immediately adjacent is at a penalty of (Brightness), halved by flare compensation, and reduced by -1 for every full (Brightness) in metres distance. This effect is lost if the IR filter is in place.

Winter Grenade Group Canister Round

Just what the doctor ordered: a canister round for your minigrenade launcher! Now you can engage targets point-blank as well!

The canister minigrenade does 7S(f) damage, and the grenade launcher has a choke of 4 which cannot be adjusted. Cost is Y20 per round.

>>>>>[Worked better when grenade launchers were single shot. If you're carrying magazines of this, you should have brought a shotgun.]<<<<<
-L M K Machine
>>>>>[Yeah, but load it with slug and watch'em go!]<<<<<
>>>>>[Try it, Fanatic, and test-fire it a long way from me. If you want to fire slug at a decent velocity, you need a smaller calibre with a heavier barrel. Hey! You just invented the twelve-gauge shotgun!]<<<<<

Winter Systems Rifle Grenades

Ever needed an effective anti-vehicle weapon? Do you need more accuracy than a conventional launcher? Hand grenades not powerful enough for those hardened targets? Winter Systems' revolutionary bullet-trap grenades have the answer! Available in a wide range of natures for all possible needs!
Type       Conceal Damage        Weight   Cost   Avail.    Index
HE            5    18S (-1/m)      1     100     6/7 days   2
Antipersonnel 5    18S(f)(-1/m)    1     100     6/7 days   2
Concussion    5    20M Stun (-1/m) 1     100     5/7 days   2
Smoke         5    n/a             1      60     4/24 hrs   1
Antivehicle   5    18D* (-6/m)     1     250    12/14 days  4
 * - armour piercing
Smoke produces a 15m radius cloud. IR smoke costs Y80. Gas loads are available at Y100 for CS gas and Y150 for Neurostun.

Use shotgun ranges. Scatter is 1d6 metres and reduces by 2m per success. These weapons use the Grenade Launcher concentration of Firearms. Loading requires a Complex Action to fit the grenade onto the muzzle of an assault rifle: the weapon may not be fired until the grenade has been discharged, since the next shot will launch the grenade.

>>>>>[These are powerful and nasty weapons, but not that much worse than hand grenades. The AV grenade is nasty, but with a range of 100 metres or so most AFVs shouldn't worry unless they're in urban terrain.]<<<<<
>>>>>[Remember these work by trapping a bullet fired into the base for momentum? They cope okay with explosive and flechette...but don't try it with APDS!]<<<<<
>>>>>[The big attraction of these is accuracy, which is why Winter offer an anti-vehicle version. With a standard thumper you'd be lucky to land within a yard of a tank: with this, a reasonable shot can expect to hit it most times. Although this isn't really enough to kill a tank with modern armour, an APC or similar should be very wary of troops with this within a hundred yards. It's cheap and light enough to give every soldier a couple. And it's in urban ops where it comes into its own. No backblast, so you can fire from anywhere...and you can get roof shots on AFVs where they're most vulnerable. I've killed T-95s with these.]<<<<<
-L M K Machine
>>>>>[Sing me that Nairobi story, Machine, sing it one more time...]<<<<<

Chemring Industries Chaff Rounds

Threatened by radar sensors? Microwave designators getting you down? Chemring bring you fast-blooming multifrequency chaff in compact packages: one round covers all main bands! Superb obscuration and range-gate breaking, with cloud signature exceeding target RCS within 0.25 seconds!

Chaff rounds replace smoke rounds in grenades, mortar rounds et cetera. Triple cost, but other statistics are the same. For sensors or targeting, chaff acts to radar as smoke does to imaging: for designators, chaff between target and designator breaks the lock.

>>>>>[This is pretty limited in application to most samurai, but how about this? Ares Sentry with Vindicator, alertly scanning back and forth. Pop go the grenades, and the Sentry is sitting in a cloud of chaff and IR smoke. It can't see and it's radar is out. Can it see to shoot? No way! The only thing left is ultrasound, and we're developing a white-noise jammer to screw that up too...]<<<<<
>>>>>[Also good on vehicles, especially with some sort of threat warning system. Someone illuminates you, and pow! there goes the chaff to break lock. It buys you time.]<<<<<

CS Riot Agent

The classic riot gas, in an improved formulation! Even lower toxicity and high incapacitation factors make CS agent ideal for crowd control and non- lethal operations.

CS gas imposes a +4 modifier to all actions (a Body test with a target of 5 reduces this by 1 per success, with air filtration equipment helping) and an additional +4 visibility modifier due to streaming eyes. The visibility penalty can be eliminated by wearing sealed goggles: cybereyes are also immune. (Remember, though, this is an opaque white fog and apply targeting modifiers to attempts to shoot through it). A respirator or filter mask offers complete protection. CS also produces violent nausea: targets failing to generate any successes in resisting the penalty must make a Willpower (6) roll to avoid being violently sick, testing every ten turns (30 seconds) of exposure. The effects persist for 1D turns after leaving the cloud: each Body (5) or Willpower (5) success reduces this by one. In a confined space, CS does 4L damage per turn: hazardous to the infirm, very young and elderly.

>>>>>[A little outdated now by some standards, and easy to protect against - but still damned useful in, say, the Barrens. And it's actually safer than Retchox or other riot agents. Useful as long as you're aware of its limitations. Oh, and it's as opaque as IR smoke even to thermal imagers (the particle size is just right from most controlled-burn grenades) so you can screen them, blind them and make them puke at the same time.]<<<<<


Jimmy Lile "Close Quarters" Bayonet

Even the best rifle in the world needs help, when the fight is at arm's length. Now Jimmy Lile, makers of some of the worlds' finest blades, gives you the advantage there as well! Compatible with most rifles, even with muzzle-mounted compensators, the Lile has a single-crystal blade that is _guaranteed_ never to break! The sheath has a saw, sharpening hone, and a carbide insert to allow sheath and knife to become an insulated wirecutter.
Conceal: 6/-1        Damage: (STR) L / (STR+2) M 
Reach: 0/1           Weight 0.5
Cost: Y150           Street Index: 1
avail: 3/12 hours
The stats before the slash are for the weapon used as a knife: the second are for the weapon attached to a rifle or similar weapon. Fitting or removing the bayonet requires a complex action.
>>>>>[Call me old-fashioned, but fixing bayonets before an assault seems to focus peoples' minds. And the sight of cold steel has a visceral effect on an enemy which is easily underrated until it's come at you. I've used a bayonet for years and only once actually stabbed someone: but I've never regretted having it.]<<<<<
-L M K Machine
>>>>>[I'd think this was obsolete and it makes your weapon more likely to snag or catch, especially in an urban environment.]<<<<<
>>>>>[An urban fight - where the enemy can appear around a corner and be nose-to-nose with you - is just where I did need it.]<<<<<
-L M K Machine

MacLeod Foundries Claidh Heamh Mor

The traditional greatsword of Scotland, reproduced and hand-forged in the finest steel. Perhaps the ultimate close-quarters weapon!
Conceal: 2             Damage: (STR+3) M
Reach 2                Weight 2
Cost: Y1,250           Street Index: 2
Avail: 8/14 days

>>>>>[Hugely overpriced for what is, after all, just a big knife. I really doubt that this is much use.]<<<<<
-Whipping Boy
>>>>>[Well, you know, I have one of these and it's worth the money just as a work of art. The craftmanship is amazing. THEN I had it Dikoted. Some Eye-Fiver tried to run me down on his bike, and he thought he was safe because he had an armoured fairing...]<<<<<
>>>>>[You can take a sword a lot more places than you can a gun, that's for sure. And a sword never runs out of ammo, never jams, is never loaded with gel when you needed APDS....]<<<<<
-L M K Machine

Trevilla Armaments Group Tomahawk

A classic weapon reproduced with the finest modern technology. What more do we need to say?
Conceal: 4        Damage: (STR+2) M / (STR+1) M stun
Reach 1           Weight 1
Cost: Y250        Street Index: 1
Avail: 4/7 days
The weapon may be reversed to strike with the blunt counterweight, doing Stun damage instead at no penalty. It may also be thrown (use Shafted concentration of Thrown Weapons skill and Throwing Knife ranges) to do (Str+2)M damage.
>>>>>[Popular with pinkskins.]<<<<<
>>>>>[And with people who appreciate good weapons. This combined with a knife makes an almost invincible fighting style.]<<<<<
-L M K Machine

ASP Collapsible Baton

Need a non-lethal weapon that you can hide in a pocket? Try the ASP! Expands in an instant to over 18" long! Used by the Secret Service, UCAS Coast Guard and many police forces!
Conceal: 7/4        Damage: (STR+2) M Stun
Reach 1             Weight 1
Cost: Y100          Street Index: 1
Avail: 5/7 days
Requires a Simple Action to extend or collapse. The number before the slash refers to the weapon collapsed, the number afterwards to it open and ready to use.
>>>>>[This is nonmetallic and inert, so you can walk it through most scanners. It gives you a real edge in a close-up fight, and it's technically non-lethal. Any surprise lots of cops and corps like it?]<<<<<
>>>>>[I don't trust it: a friend of mine got hospitalised when the collapsible he was using...collapsed. One minute he's got two feet of steel in his hand, the next nada.]<<<<<
-Lick This
>>>>>[Two feet? That's too much for the mechanism to support. Sounds like your friend bought a cheap copy, not a genuine ASP :or he modified it himself. I've used an ASP for years and never had that problem.]<<<<<

Ares Arms "Pyromaniac" flamethrower

Because you demanded it, the Pyromaniac flamethrower is here! A one-piece weapon with no bulky backpack, using revolutionary thickened fuel technology to maximise range and damage while minimising risk to the carrier! Come on, baby, light my fire!
Conceal: NA             Capacity: 30 (special)
Modes: SA/"FA"          Damage: 10M/8L 
Weight 6                Cost: Y1,250
Street Index: 3         avail: 8/14 days 
Use Heavy Pistol ranges. The first damage rolls refer to the round in which the target is hit: the second to the damage taken per round thereafter. Ballistic armour has half effect, impact armour as normal. Hardened armour offers no special protection. The sticky fuel burns for 1d6 turns plus one for every success generated on a Firearms (Flamethrower) roll. It does not scrape off easily, but can be extinguished by conventional means. The weapon has no recoil penalty and may fire up to three shots in one Complex Action. Multiple hits do multiple initial damage but do not increase burning damage: they do increase duration by 1d6 turns per additional hit.
>>>>>[Lacks stopping power and you can completely forget about stealth. I mean, some of us are putting down controlled bursts from suppressed SMGs and then WHOOSH! Not to mention whiting out everyone's low-light and thermal. And for people who say their flare comps will handle it, you're still blind: you just get your vision back sooner. Oh, and don't forget you're carring a lit pilot light around even before you fire. Very inconspicuous.]<<<<<
-Rip Roarer
>>>>>[I do see the utility in some applications: it's a great way to destroy hardware and eliminate evidence. But it certainly wouldn't be a generally useful weapon. And its antipersonnel effect is dubious, while anyone you use it on is going to be very, very upset if they catch you.]<<<<<
-Demon Paul
>>>>>[Very useful for mob control, though. Spray an arc on the ground and a wall of fire tends to herd people back: and if you do get rushed you can take the front ranks with you.]<<<<<
>>>>>[Flamers for riot control? Who is this guy?]<<<<<

Heckler and Koch PSG-7 Sniper Rifle

H&K offer you their mil-spec sniper rifle, the most effective weapon in its class. A highly tuned semi-auto with all the rugged toughness of a Heckler and Koch, the accuracy today's marksman requires, and the firepower to escape from sudden surprises! Carry the best. Carry H&K.
Conceal: NA                   Capacity: 20(clip)
Modes: SA/BF                  Damage: 12S 
weight 5                      Cost: Y7,250 
Street Index: 4               avail: 14/30 days
The PSG-7 comes fitted with a bipod, Gas Vent-II, Smartlink II and rangefinder. When firing bursts, double recoil and use SMG range tables. The weapon cannot be silenced.
>>>>>[This strikes me as odd. A full auto sniper rifle? The ammunition's less effective and I doubt the accuracy. And why use a sniper rifle that isn't silenced?]<<<<<
>>>>>[The PSG is designed for the military, not covert-ops, mission. Silencing is pretty pointless on a battlefield: soldiers move in groups and they usually notice someone's head coming off, and there's plenty of background noise. .300 Magnum lets you keep a flat trajectory further and still makes the weapon manageable in full-auto. And military snipers in urban areas expect to be outflanked and to extract under fire: I've bludgeoned people to death with a PSG-7 without even disturbing the zero on the sights. A colleage, much enamoured of the SM-3, tried the same thing and had his weapon come apart in his hands. Good thing he had spurs and his opponent didn't.]<<<<<
-L M K Machine
>>>>>[The point is, the weapon is available and it's your money. Nobody says you have to like the weapon: but the British SAS, the Tir Leopards, Running Wolf et al use this. Do they know something Sniper doesn't?]<<<<<
-Susan Big-Flying-Fluffy-Snake

Jimmy Lile Combat Knives

The ultimate in combat knife technology from the Arkansas experts Jimmy Lile Inc., the Texas Ranger is a perfectly-balanced fighting or survival tool. Guaranteed unbreakable in any anticipated normal use! (And the definition of 'normal' is damned wide!) The Legionnaire is a superb backup and concealment weapon for any application and comes with the same pedigree and guarantee! Finally, the J.D. is a compact switchblade of lethal potential and exquisite concealability!
Weapon          Conceal. Reach Damage    Cost  Weight Avail. Index
Texas Ranger       4       1  (Str+2)S  1,400    1    6/24hr    1
Legionnaire        6       0  (Str+1)M  1,200   0.5   6/24hr    1
J.D.               8       0  (Str) M   1,250   0.25  6/24hr    1

>>>>>[The blades, for any technofreaks, are a boosted-microcellular single- crystal alloy steel with a DiKote finish - not your usual add-on glaze but a full-bonded surface layer - and extensive nitride and boron-carbide treatment. This composite is a metallurgist's wet dream. Oh, yeah, for the street guys, they cut stuff up real good, okay?]<<<<<
>>>>>[Yo momma.]<<<<<
-The Neon Samurai

Smith And Wesson Model 95

Adopted as the standard sidearm of Tactical Security Incorporated, the Model 95 proves why the revolver is still a viable combat weapon in today's high-threat world! The traditional unbreakable rigidity of revolver construction, the absoulute reliability of one of the nation's oldest wheelgun-makers, married to the latest in firearm technologies! Individual round-sensors for each cylinder, advanced sighting systems, and the finest construction on the market make the Model 95 the weapon to beat.
Weapon  Type  Conceal. Ammo  Damage Mode Cost Weight Avail. Index
S&W 95  Heavy    5     6(Cyl)  10M   SA   450  2.25  6/24hr   1.25
Weapon has a +2 recoil modifier.

The Model 95 has an integral smartgun link and Gas Vent-2 recoil compensation. Each chamber has a sensor identifying load status (empty, ready, discharged) and (with appropriate ammunition) round type.

>>>>>[A very nice piece of ordnance for the traditionalists among us. The Tacticals use these as a style symbol - look at us, we're so good we only need six shots to deal with a situation. Of course, speedloaders remove a lot of the hassle of reloading these things anyway.]<<<<<
>>>>>[Revolvers do impose good fire discipline - you've only got six shots, so you don't waste any. And the reliability is astounding.]<<<<<

Smith And Wesson 7000 Series

Smith and Wesson proudly unveil their fifth-generation family of automatic pistols! Now available in a range of options to suit all shooters, the 7000 series offer a range of sizes, calibres and sighting systems to meet the needs of any user.
Weapon    Type  Conceal. Ammo Damage Mode Cost Weight Avail. Index
S&W 7107  Heavy    5     16(c)  9M    SA   450   2    4/24 hr   1
S&W 7109  Heavy    5     10(c) 10M*   SA   450  2.25  4/24 hr   1
S&W 7117 'Light'** 6     10(c)  9M    SA   500  1.75  4/24 hr   1
S&W 7119 'Light'** 6      8(c) 10M*   SA   500   2    4/24 hr   1
S&W 7557  Light    6     14(c)  6L    SA   350  1.25  4/24 hr   1
S&W 7657  Light    8      8(c)  6L    SA   300   1    4/24 hr   1
* - +2 recoil modifier
** - Use light pistol range but heavy pistol ammo.

All 7000-series pistols are fitted with laser sights as standard but red- dot sights can be substituted on demand, for a -1 penalty to concealability. Gas Vent-1 recoil compensation is also standard. Smart- adapted weapons are available for only Y150 extra. Other options include blued or stainless construction, macroplast frame and slide rather than metal, and a variety of trigger options (DA, DA-Only, SA/DA 'cocked and locked' or SA-Only - none of which have any effect under my rules, but other GMs may want to use that detail)

>>>>>[Now given their past record on automatic pistols, I wouldn't touch these with a barge-pole.]<<<<<
-Gunner's Mate
>>>>>[Wrongo, Gunner. These are all-new and very nice guns. I'd rate the 7109 over the Predator II anytime, especially with the ported barrel thrown in for free. The UCAS military is evaluating the 7107 (among others) to replace the Predator and they may well end up buying's such a patriotic brand name, isn't it?]<<<<<
>>>>>[The 7000 series owes a lot of experience to the older S&W autos - not the 1400s and 2200s, which I admit, were often pretty poor, but the old 4500 and 5900s - and draws on other classics - the CZ-75, mostly, but there are other influences in there. Reliability is up to about 12,000 rounds between failures (cleaned every five hundred and mixed factory ammo) and accuracy is right up. I used a Smith myself for years...okay, I admit, it was a 1990s model 4506, but you get the point. We harked back to that and skipped the misguided 'improvements'.]<<<<<

Heckler and Koch VP53 Machine Pistol

Styled to appeal to the aesthete, yet without any compromise in its deadly design, the VP53 is optimised for counter-terrorist and security work. Its fibre-reinforced macroplast casing is virtually indestructible, and available in a range of colours and patterns: custom jobs are available subject to cost. Firing .380 or 7mm Ares caseless, fitted with either an integral laser sight or a built-in smartlink and a rating-2 muzzle compensator, the VP53 is the finest machine pistol on the market.
Weapon     Type   Conceal. Ammo  Mode  Damage Weight Cost Avail. Index
H&K VP53  Machine    5     24(c) SA/BF   6L     3    1200  8/7d   2.5
H&K VP53T Machine    5     24(c) SA/BF   6L     3    1500 107/d    3
Both have Gas Vent 2. The standard model has a laser, the -T a smartgun link.
>>>>>['Styled to appeal', sure: this is aimed at paranoid corpers and security guards in the public eye. A damn good gun, too, and has some users: the Tir Taingire Leopards, the Palace guard, use these and so do a few other specialist outfits. Rumours are that SCK may buy a licence, in which case you'll see Renraku guards carrying these.]<<<<<
>>>>>[These weapons have really taken off recently, haven't they? Light automatics firing bursts. Don't try making a full-auto version, by the way: it's a fast track to a sprained wrist. Needs a stock and long barrel - in other words, needs to be a SMG.]<<<<<
>>>>>[How about the Savalette Guardian?]<<<<<
>>>>>[Iffy. Notice the rate of fire is half that of, say, a VP53 or Crusader? Cyclic's the same, but controllability is minimal. I stick with semiautomatics and rely on good shot placement.]<<<<<
-L M K Machine
>>>>>[Good or bad depending. Excellent if you don't want to overpenetrate, like in a shopping mall, but a 10mm is better against vehicles or for shooting through hard cover. Terminal ballistics are similar: about a 90% stop on an unarmoured target (ha ha) with either, depending of course on what you load.]<<<<<
>>>>>[With the right ammo, say Black Talons in 7mm, this in burst-fire is as effective as a 10mm auto. It is still quite demanding of user skill, though.]<<<<<
-Demon Paul
>>>>>[And the 'custom colours' include Day-Glo orange, for maximum visibility - Sea-Tac Mall guards get guns to match their coveralls! Do you believe it?]<<<<<
>>>>>[The idea is to make the gun blend into their uniform, but be obvious when drawn. So Day-Glo guns and black sleeves: makes it more noticeable. Personally, though, I think that theory's a load of psychobabble bullshit: if I have to walk a mall unarmed, I want the guards packing and I want everyone to know it. ]<<<<<
-Old Timer

Calico 7500 Pistol

The revolutionary Calico helical magazine applied to an incredible 10mm pistol! The 9500 has the largest magazine of any pistol in the world! Fitted with laser sight as standard.
Weapon       Type Conceal. Ammo Mode Damage Weight Cost  Avail. Index
Calico 7500 Heavy    4      50   SA    9M     3     700   6/48hr   2
            Heavy    2     100   SA    9M     4     700   6/48hr   2
50-round or optional 100-round magazine.
>>>>>[For most applications, the magazine capacity's a gimmick, and the weapon is hard to shoot really well- like most 'black gun' pistols. On the other hand, accuracy is OK, reliability excellent, and the magazine is huge, gimmick or not. A plinking gun or a survival weapon rather than any sort of combat arm.]<<<<<
>>>>>[Although it still shoots 9mm Parabellum or 10mm caseless, and is combat-accurate... so don't sneer when one gets fired at you. It's popular as a personal sidearm for aviators and survivalists, simply because one magazine holds enough ammo to keep you hunting for a week or two, Calico team with Sionics to produce a screw-on suppressor which is pretty good. I go for the MP-5K myself, but my daughter Mercy swears the big magazine on her 7500 SMG was what let her get away from two squads of angry, horny Iraqi soldiers.]<<<<<
-L M K Machine
>>>>>[How....? What...? Where....?]<<<<<
>>>>>[She was flying a gunship that lost an argument with an Iraqi SAM, and had to E&E out of there on foot. The Iraqis came looking for the pilot. She burned most of a magazine and took them out or drove them into cover, then beat feet before any of them got heroic.]<<<<<
-L M K Machine

Colt Bushmaster

Continuing a long and honourable tradition of Colt revolvers, Ares Arms are proud to bring you the Bushmaster! Chambered for either 10mm caseless or the famed .357 Magnum cased round, the Bushmaster is the best-engineered and best-made revolver available anywhere in the world!
Weapon       Type  Conceal. Ammo Mode Damage Weight Cost   Avail   Index
Bushmaster   Heavy    5      6Cy  SA   9M      2     600   5/24 Hr   1
Bushmaster S Heavy    5      6Cy  SA   9M      2     800   6/24 Hr   1
S version is smartlinked. Standard Bushmaster has integral laser sight. A .44 Magnum version (+Y150) does 10M damage but has a +2 recoil modifier. Add +1 to availability and double time to locate.
>>>>>[Now this is nice, if a little pricey. Too few wheelguns on the market these days.]<<<<<
>>>>>[.357 Magnum is over a hundred years old (out in 1930, boys and girls!) but remains effective. Only .45 Winchester is significantly more efficient (.44 Magnum is too hard for Joe Blow to shoot well) but try rapid-firing a Warhawk. The Bushmaster is nicely controllable and has the sweetest trigger since the Python. Avoid the caseless version: the headspacing is too erratic. Revolvers still need metal cases.]<<<<<
>>>>>[This, the Super Warhawk - which really should be available in a double-action version - and the Model 95 are all good combat guns. Revolvers are also excellent survival guns: the Air Force, Navy and Marines have just bought 12,000 Model 940 revolvers: five-shot 9mms. Idiot proof survival guns. (For combat ops they're evaluating the MP-5KX and the Calico series...) Anyone who wants a basic handgun for self-defence should look at revolvers: the Ruger SP101, Charter Arms Pit Bull and various offerings from Smith and Wesson are all good, but consult a dealer and he'll advise.]<<<<<
>>>>>[Fenris owns Smith and Wesson, by the by, so it's nice to see him plugging Ruger products as well as his own. (I'm PR at Ruger when I'm not hacking). The SP101 is good, and nearly beat the 940 to the Joint Aircrew Pistol contract, except it was Smith and Wesson who thought of the idea and pushed it: that, and the fact that the 940 uses 9mm while our adapted SP101 wasn't ready in time...I admit it, they beat us fair and square. But we beat them to the California Air National Guard contract...]<<<<<
>>>>>[And the official who awarded you the contract is starting five to ten in San Ferdinand Corrective Institute for bribery and corruption of a minor. (Were the schoolboys necessary?)]<<<<<
>>>>>[The 'schoolboy' is 23 and an ex-boyfriend of mine who agreed to help me out. Surprised your boys missed us on that one, Fenris.]<<<<<
>>>>>[We were busy winning the US Navy Combat Aircrew Personal Weapon contract with the Calico 900: eighteen thousand weapons, spares, support, the works. Have fun driving the three thousand SP101s down to San Fransisco...]<<<<<


The unmatched versatility of the Steyr AUG-CSL has just improved further! Developed especially for the Tir Taingire Leopards, this is surely the most versatile weapon system on the market, the AUG-ECS gives you the following options for your shooting, security or military needs:- The AUG-ECS costs Y7,500 for the complete kit and includes all the features of the standard AUG-CSL plus Gas Vent-4 on each barrel and a shock pad built into the stock of each version. Other than that, there are no rules- based changes, but numerous roleplaying ones. Add +2 to concealability of full-stocked versions (or folding-stock with stock extended)
>>>>>[Maybe, but this was developed for the Tir Taingire Leopards. You see, the AUG-CSL is a fine piece of ordnance, but try butt-stroking someone with a bull-pup rifle. So they wanted their beloved AUGs to have a conventional stock option...and this is it. Neat.]<<<<<
>>>>>[The AUG - presumably in 5.45mm - has been seen in use by a few Russian Empire airborne troops, interior ministry, and spetznaz.]<<<<<
>>>>>[A sniper version is repeatedly rumoured, similar to the H&K PSG-7. Look for it in 7.62mm or maybe .300 Winchester Magnum. Again, I'd bet on it being a Leopards job, although their snipers use either Barratt 92s or PSG- 7s at the moment.]<<<<<

Heckler and Koch G3 Rifle

A classic of military firepower, the G3 has been reworked with modern technology to make it even more reliable and efficient. Back in production by customer demand, the G3 is the most powerful infantry rifle available today.
Conceal: 2         Capacity: 20(clip)
Modes: SA/BF/FA    Damage: 9S
weight 4           Cost: Y1,250
Street Index: 2    Avail: 9/14 days
The G3 has a x2 recoil modifier after compensation is applied. It comes as standard with a folding stock (-2 to concealability when extended), bipod and Gas Vent III recoil compensation. An Aimpoint scope with Level II magnification is fitted. Use Sporting Rifle range tables.
>>>>>[A rifle-sized medium machinegun, for those who can handle the recoil. Overpowered according to some, but I think the uprated military armours are more to blame for this appearing. Loaded with APDS it's a frighteningly effective weapon.]<<<<<
>>>>>[And although you might say it's many people use AK- 97s? How much real difference is there between the AK-97 and the original AK-47? Not too much, neh? If it can kill you it ain't obsolete.]<<<<<

MC-51 Carbine

The G3's famed firepower in a more compact package for special operations! Powerful ammunition, lethal accuracy and a superb accessory suite.
Conceal: 4         Capacity: 20(clip)
Modes: SA/BF/FA    Damage: 8S
weight 3.5         Cost: Y1,050
Street Index: 2.5  Avail: 10/14 days
The MC51 has a x2 recoil modifier after compensation is applied. It comes as standard with a folding stock (-2 to concealability when extended) and Gas Vent III recoil compensation. An Aimpoint scope with Level II magnification is fitted. Use Assault Rifle range tables.
>>>>>[I ran into some Running Wolf security carrying what I thought were HK227s. No problemo, I think, relying on speed and my Kelmar gel-packs to save me. That's why I'm writing this from a chop shop. A friend tells me the recoil is sickening, but the Wolves kept their bursts short and on target. And with that ammo, they don't need many hits...]<<<<<
>>>>>[But it can't be that bad, cause you got away.]<<<<<
>>>>>[He didn't mention it was our hospital he was in. He hit our business, he owes us money, we'll help him heal and then he can earn enough to pay us back.]<<<<<
-L M K Machine

Ares Rattlesnake SMG

This is what you've been waiting for, desu ne? For years those fancy European SpecOps troops have been toting the real caseless weapons while you've been left to flounder with cheap immitations. No more, because the Rattlesnake is now available in the UCAS! For Y2,000 you can get one custom-made for you (Note that this takes an additional 2 weeks for molding. Additionally, any options or accessories can be put in at the factory.)
Conceal: 4              Capacity: 60(clip)
Modes: SA/BF/FA         Damage: 8M
weight 3                Cost: Y1,250
Street Index: 2         avail: 9/10 days
This weapon has no recoil mods when firing one burst per round. When firing two, the second burst is at a +2 mod only. In full-auto, the Rattlesnake has 4 points of recoil compensation. It cannot accept a gas vent or suppressor.
>>>>>[I swear by this weapon! Nobody can touch it for ease of handling, high capacity, and accuracy in three round burst.]<<<<<
>>>>>[Beg to differ. The bullets don't tumble when they should, so your wound is too clean and you don't have much stopping power. I can outdamage this baby with a Browning Max-Power. I do like the lack of ballistic evidence that this one leaves though.]<<<<<

Heckler and Koch P27 Pistol

The ultimate combat pistol, Heckler and Koch offer the P27 in its full range of calibres and sizes to the American market! With its range of sighting options, unparalleled reliability and unbreakable ruggedness, see why the P27 is the weapon to carry!
Weapon    Type    Conceal Ammo      Mode Damage Weight  Cost  Index
P27M8     'Light'   6      8 (c)     SA    9M    1.75   400   1.5
P27M10    Heavy     5     10 (c)     SA   10M     2     425    2
P27M14    Heavy     5     14 (c)     SA    9M     2     400   1.5
P27M14SD  Heavy     4     14 (c)     SA    9M    2.25   600    3
All P27s come with a laser sight as standard. The -T version, for Y300 extra, has a Smartlink II interface. The -SD version has an integral suppressor.
>>>>>[These are good guns. Especially the M10: okay, .45ACP is an old calibre, but it still works.]<<<<<
>>>>>[Should have guessed. Relax! Have a glass flower!]<<<<<
-The Cheshire Cat
>>>>>[The M8 concealed-carry version is very nice indeed: easy to hide, good hitting power. The cut-down barrel affects range, but not by much, and at pistol distances it hardly matters.]<<<<<

Smith and Wesson CLAW Assault Shotgun

Smith and Wesson move into the shotgun with their outstanding Close Assault Weapon! Laser sights, adjustable choke, and integral Gas Vent III make this the premier combat scattergun!
Conceal: 2       Capacity: 25(c) or 12/12(c)
Modes: SA/BF     Damage: 9S
weight 4         Cost: Y1750
Street Index: 3  Avail: 12/14 days
The adjustable choke requires a Simple Action to adjust. The 12/12 magazine can hold two types of ammo (e.g. slug and shot, or slug and gel) and switching from one to the other is also a Simple Action. For Y2250 a smart version is available. Choke and magazine settings become Free Actions.
>>>>>[Now this is a really useful weapon. Why didn't anyone think of the dual-feed magazine before?]<<<<<
>>>>>[Autocannon and the like have had it for decades. I guess since Smith and Wesson were taken over their new management think more clearly than the old mob.]<<<<<

Heckler and Koch HK59 Assault Rifle

H&K offer the outstanding HK59, the most reliable assault rifle in the world today. Integral sighting equipment, recoil reduction and the confidence that comes from buying Hecker and Koch!
Conceal: 3        Capacity: 30(clip)
Modes: SA/BF/FA   Damage: 8M
weight 4          Cost: Y1,950
Street Index: 3   Avail: 8/7 days
The HK59 has a Gas Vent III, an Aimpoint sight with Level II magnification, and folding stock (-1 to recoil when deployed and braced, but weapon is not then concealable). A smart version is available for Y2,250.
>>>>>[Overpriced and underspecified.]<<<<<
>>>>>[I beg to differ. Expensive, but worth it. This is an AK-type gas action mated to H&K lockwork and trigger group, with their usual quality of build.]<<<<<
>>>>>[The British SAS use this, as do Running Wolf Security and several other major forces. Usually in a spec-force role, but some are beginning to issue it as a general-service weapon.]<<<<<
-Susan Big-Flying-Fluffy-Snake

Heckler and Koch HK59KA1

Conceal: 4        Capacity: 30(clip)
Modes: SA/BF/FA   Damage: 7M
weight 3.5        Cost: Y1,750
Street Index: 3   Avail: 9/7 days
The carbine version of the HK59, using SMG ranges but otherwise identical in performance and equipment. Smart version Y1950. The weapon accepts all top- and under-barrel accessories.

Sandler "Home Defender" automatic pistol

Sandler offer the most economically priced heavy pistol on the market today! Packaged with 50 rounds of lethally-effective hollowpoint ammunition, the Home Defender is the ideal weapon to protect your family!
Conceal: 4         Capacity: 10 (c)
Modes: SA          Damage: 8M
weight 2           Cost: Y250
Street Index: 0.5  Avail: 3/12 hrs

>>>>>[Now after the fun people had with the TMP, they've got a nerve trying to sell another 'budget' weapon.]<<<<<
>>>>>[I acquired one of these and checked it. It's actually not bad: the real problem is the ammunition, which as well as being useless against armoured targets also chronically misfeeds. Recut the feed ramp, clean up the machining marks, and it's actually quite a good gun.]<<<<<
>>>>>[Yeah, but of the people who buy this piece, who'd know how to do that? And if you don't finish it up yourself, it jams every ten to fifteen rounds even with Ares XT ammo.]<<<<<

Heckler and Koch HK227-C

The ultimate combat SMG! Intended for high-end covert operations, the HK227-C offers the proven design of the classic 227 series with all the accessories today's high-technology battlefields demand. Patented Whispercomp systems nullify recoil while eliminating muzzle blast, and the designed-in Smartlink II keeps your rounds precisely on target.
Conceal: 4         Capacity: 30(c)
Modes: SA/BF/FA    Damage: 7M
weight 4           Cost: Y2,450
Street Index: 3    Avail: 12/14 days
The HK227-C combines a suppressor and a Gas Vent III recoil compensator. Its folding stock with shock pad allows a further +2 points of recoil compensation when extended (-2 to concealability) and braced on shoulder or hip. Smartlink II hardware is standard.
>>>>>[A superb weapon for those prepared to work hard. The suppressor clogs easily, so use low-residue powders and clean regularly.]<<<<<
-Night Mare
>>>>>[About 300 rounds on - even single shots - and the suppressor starts coughing out the baffles and you lose the reduced signature. The recoil compensation seems better after that... may just be my imagination. It's cheap and relatively easy to change the baffle plates, but not something I'd try in the field.]<<<<<
>>>>>[Well, this is a one raid-fall back and regroup weapon, not a cut-down assault rifle. I can change the baffle group in ten minutes with just my pocket Leatherman tool, so I like this weapon a lot.]<<<<<
-L M K Machine

SCK Night Warrior

SCK offer the latest generation of combat weapons: the Night Warrior electromagnetic rifle. Using the latest superconductors and field-control technologies, the Night Warrior offers unbeatable stealth, firepower and controllability.
Conceal: 3        Capacity: 75(clip)
Modes: SA/BF/FA   Damage: 8M / 6M
weight 5          Cost: Y7,500
Street Index: 5   Avail: 14/30 days
The Night Warrior has 4 points of recoil compensation but cannot use Gas Vents or any other barrel-mounted accessory. The folding stock with shock pad allows an additional 2 points when extended and braced (-2 to concealability). A Smartlink II system is standard.

The weapon has two settings: low and high velocity (reflected in the two Power ratings). High velocity is considered suppressed: low velocity is considered silenced (yes, even in autofire). High velocity uses Sporting Rifle ranges: low velocity uses SMG ranges.

Power comes from high-energy batteries in each magazine. Each magazine weighs 1kg and costs Y250: the batteries are not rechargeable.

>>>>>[Now this is novel and interesting. Be even more interesting to see how it works in practice. How does it cope with firing, say, APDS ammo? I would imagine feed problems are minimal and it should manage.]<<<<<
>>>>>[Easily. The problem - for shadow scum like us - is ammo supply. It's not like ripping off an Army G-11 and being able to buy 4.7mm caseless in Kwik-Mart: even the vanilla ammo for this is as hard to find as APDS, and if you want sabots... The reliability figures will be interesting, too. And I guarantee that for Y250 each, those batteries *are* rechargeable - just not by anything we've got easy access to.]<<<<<
>>>>>[I've seen Red Samurai and Running Wolves using these, usually just one man in a unit. Looks like evaluation testing: posting it in a catalogue is a little premature.]<<<<<
>>>>>[Make like the handle, Thinker. SCK know people like us use lots of guns, so they're waiting for someone to jump up and say "I stole one of these and loved/hated it because...." ]<<<<<
>>>>>[Nobody's that dumb.]<<<<<
-L M K Machine
>>>>>[These things are wizzer! Minimum recoil, hardly any firing signature, rate of fire and accuracy mega! Does anyone know where I can get more ammo, though? I tried Weapons World but they didn't have any.]<<<<<
-Napalm Ned
>>>>>[Or then again....]<<<<<
-L M K Machine

Defiance 'Railgun' shotgun

Defiance bring you an adaptation of their classic T-250 pump-action shotgun for under-barrel mounting! Fitted as standard with the TAG Rail Mount!
Conceal: -2                   Capacity: 6 (magazine)
Modes: SA                     Damage: 10S
weight 3                      Cost: Y600 
Street Index: 2               avail: 6/14 days
Recoil modifier +2. Cannot use accessories other than barrel-mounted or internal. Use heavy pistol ranges. When mounted under another weapon, both may be fired at the same targets but the shotgun is at a +2 penalty. The rail mount is consistent enough that targeting systems (scopes, lasers, smartgun systems) on the main weapon are still effective for the shotgun. Recoil modifiers are summed (after compensation) and applied to both weapons.
>>>>>[This has its uses, no doubt: I saw a Tactical guy put a three-round burst and a twelve-gauge slug into two Knight-Errant guys during a firefight. The bullets mostly bounced, the slugs took them down.]<<<<<
>>>>>[Be careful about overdoing it: it does need judgement or you just use up ammo on the landscape. Practice with this before you take it on the road. But yeah, it does make you very flexible: assault rifle for point- target fire and shot for area suppression, say.]<<<<<
>>>>>[I use this a lot. I'm entryman for a Hostage Rescue team, and I use a HK59KA1 assault rifle with a Defiance under the barrel. The shotgun with doorbusters gets the door open, my partner leads in low and I come in high with the rifle ready. Previously I just used the shotgun: too bad if you got jumped in the corridor.]<<<<<

Generic Sawn-Off Shotgun

Conceal: 6           Capacity: 2 (break)
Modes: SA            Damage: 8S
weight 2             Cost: Y250
Street Index: 0.5    Avail: 4/24 hrs
Has a choke of 1 if used with shot. Use hold-out pistol ranges.
>>>>>[Cheap, basic, clunky. On the other hand...this is probably the most vicious weapon, size-for-size, anywhere. If you have laced bones, load slug for close encounters. It's hard to spot and does devastating damage.]<<<<
L M K Machine
>>>>>[Too limited in ammunition capacity.]<<<<<
>>>>>[Give the nearest bad guy both barrels point blank. While he's going over backwards, grab his weapon and use that instead. This isn't a flat-out combat weapon, but it's a hellish ace-in-the-hole and easy to hide]<<<<<
-L M K Machine

Calico 7500 SMG

The revolutionary Calico helical magazine applied to a full-size 10mm submachinegun! The 7500 has a laser sight, folding stock and level-2 Gas Vent, and the largest magazine of any SMG in the world!
Weapon      Type Conceal. Ammo Fire Mode  Damage  Wt.  Cost Avail. Index
Calico 7500  SMG    4      50   SA/BF/FA    7M    3    1200  6/48hr  2
             SMG    2     100               7M    4    1200  6/48hr  2

>>>>>[Now face it, guys: who in their right minds (outside an all-out war) burns a hundred rounds in a firefight? And what happens to the barrel when you try it? This is just a way to sell bullets wholesale to bozos who can't shoot straight. Thirty rounds or so sees you through almost any security or police engagement under squad level (unless you're bogged in a military shootout). Apart from that, though, it is an okay SMG: sooner have a HK227, but this comes ahead of Uzis and TMPs for build quality and reliability.]<<<<<
-L M K Machine
>>>>>[Eat dem words, Machine, this is getting marketed to aviators among others. The issue weapon is a Smith and Wesson 940, plain vanilla 9mm revolver, very nice, but the Calico gives you ten times the ammunition and yet fits a lightly-modified survival vest. I wouldn't recommend it to a lot of amateurs, but with a little training (it can't be as idiot-proof as a revolver) it's an outstanding survival gun...okay, I take it back, you were referring to police and urban security use and you're right there. Doan crash dem files, massah, I a sorry Orkie now.]<<<<<
-Tusker McGee
>>>>>[Go crawl back into your tunnels, Tuskie.]<<<<<
-L M K Machine
>>>>>[Sysop, you can leave that in, Lynch and I go back a ways.(Gee, the censorship! Can't a guy be honestly racist anymore?]<<<<<
-Tusker McGee
>>>>>[Eat drek and die, Ork scum.]<<<<<
-Human Pride
>>>>>[After all, let the racists say what they want and they just make fools of themselves. Pride managed a very reasoned and literate statement by Humanis standards: six words, all properly spelt, and a correctly-placed comma! Tomorrow he wants to discover the joys of multiple syllables.]<<<<<
-L M K Machine
>>>>>[This debate can continue somewhere else, okay? We're trying to sell guns here!]<<<<<
>>>>>[Sorry. ]<<<<<
-L M K Machine
-Tusker McGee
>>>>>[I said it first. ]<<<<<
-L M K Machine
>>>>>[I said it better.]<<<<<
-Tusker McGee

Ruger Mini-20 and AC-470

The ever-popular Ruger Mini-14 rechambered for today's caseless rounds! Ideal for the sportsman, hunter or household defence: or just for shooting for pleasure!
Weapon     Type  Conceal. Ammo Mode Damage  Wt. Cost Avail. Index 
Mini-20   Assault   2     32    SA    8M    4   1200 4/24hr  0.8 
AC-470    Assault   3     32 SA/BF/FA 8M   4.5  1800 6/48hr   2
The AC-470 has a folding stock and Gas-Vent 2 recoil compensation.
>>>>>[These are nice weapons for civilian shooting: the milspec version is distinctive, with a folding stock, pistol grip and short barrel. Some security forces equip their line guys with the Mini-20, and give the crisis boys the AC-470: the parts commonality is over 90%. Also, beware: some units use AC-470s in Mini-20 sporting stocks as 'Q-rifles' or just because they look less intimidating: the British police force are big Mini-20 users and some specialist firearms units have AC-470s: full-stocked, full- barrelled, the only way to recognise the autofire capability is to spot the discreet compensator.]<<<<<
-Susan Big-Flying-Fluffy-Snake
>>>>>[Notice this doesn't fall foul of the Brady Act? No 'grenade launcher, bayonet lug, pistol grip or folding stock'. So although it's a 4.7mm semi- auto with a thirty-two shot clip, it's still a nice safe cuddly sort of gun that hardly hurts at all when it shoots people. Ludicrous or what?]<<<<<
>>>>>[Yeah, but Hooter, when was legislation about logic? The Bad Guys on the trideo use Uzis and AKs, so all criminals do, and if we make the guns they use illegal they'll stay at home and learn needlepoint instead. Go figure.]<<<<<

Cyberware And Biologicals


The ultimate in last-ditch life-preservation, treated Kevlar weaves are implanted around major nerve groups, organs and blood vessels and the chest cavity is lined with a self-sealing membrane. In the event of major trauma, the weaves moderate damage to crucial body systems and their chemical and biological payloads are triggered to reduce bleeding and shock, ameliorate nerve damage, and preserve life and limb.
System         Cost     Essence
Shielding      Y25,000   0.25
In use, halve any overflow (only) physical damage taken, double the time taken to add boxes of additional damage (1 box of overflow damage per 20 minutes, not per 10 minutes) and reduce the target number for limb or organ damage by 1.
>>>>>[A small but significant contributor to personal survival. Of course, you could be cocky and declare that such a thing will never happen to you...]<<<<<
-Doc Daneeka
>>>>>[Sure, Doc. I came up with the concept for this and Soryama developed the implementation, and it's saved my life at least once. Anyone can be unlucky: this helps save your butt big-time.]<<<<<
-L M K Machine
>>>>>[Although it only matters when you're really hurting. But then as Machine says, that's when you need it most.]<<<<<

Silicone Fist

Injections of high-density silicone compounds into the hands and feet make the host's unarmed combat strikes that little bit more effective. Adds +2 to power of unarmed attacks (not cumulative with bone lacing or any held weapon).
System         Cost      Essence
Silicone Fists Y5,000      0.1

>>>>>[Now all we need is the big THUD! ZAP! POW! captions.]<<<<<
>>>>>[I know a megababe samurai who uses these on her hands and feet. She's got muscle-augment 4 and magically enhanced strength, and her bones are titanium - but she has these just so she doesn't shred the flesh off her knuckles when she punches people. I saw her kick a hole through a steel security door one time...]<<<<<
>>>>>[Watch out for overstress...oh. Of course, the muscles act on titanium bones. She should have enhanced articulation to protect the joints, though, and I'd be surprised if she didn't.]<<<<<

Venom Glands

Allow a toxin of the user's choice (but must be fixed at installation) to be secreted, stored, and when necessary injected. Most commonly fitted as an adjunct to a cyberweapon such as a spur or razor, but occasionally found linked to normal or enhanced teeth. A venom attack must be declared prior to the normal (i.e. razors, bite) attack being made: if that attack is successful, the victim takes damage normally and is also affected by a single dose of the toxin used. The glands store sufficient toxin for three doses, and the cells recharge at the rate of 1 dose per 2 hours. The fitment also includes immunity similar to that provided by a toxin exhaler (the technologies are almost identical).
System              Cost                     Body Index
Venom Glands Y25,000 + 100 doses of toxin       0.4

>>>>>[Sneaky and subtle, although not as much use as a toxin exhaler...but damned effective under the right circumstances. I can see confusion coming, though, as people with multiple glands try to remember which finger's razor has which poison...was that Narcoject or Fugu-5?]<<<<<
>>>>>[Cue the happy idiots who don't use poison - I know one moron who has a mouth gland that gives him a fix of Electric Lady every two hours! Cost him nearly a million and at the rate he's going, it'll have cost him ten thousand newyen for every day he lived to enjoy it.]<<<<<
-Look-No Hans
>>>>>[Bet it's the fixed grin that kills him, though, when his head completely unscrews... I know a doctor who has five of these - morphine, No-Shock, epinephedrine, wide-spectrum hypoallergenic vorocillin and Coraxine - hooked up to her hand razors. Quicker than injections and she can leave her black bag at home more often.]<<<<<

Enhanced Teeth

Replacing the host's dentition with advanced composite replicas allows better cosmetic appearance, improved resistance to impact or damage, total immunity to tooth decay and halitosis, and a powerful bite. (Bite attack (Str + 2) L, and teeth can be DiKoted). The cosmetic appearance can be set to almost anything the user requires, although some more exotic forms can be difficult for day-to-day life. Attempts to modify them for extra damage tend to make eating difficult and conversation impossible.
System              Cost      Essence
Tooth Replacement   Y5,000      0.1

>>>>>[No more halitosis! Wow! Hey! Order a dozen sets for the Wolfman right away!]<<<<<
-The Smiling Bandit
>>>>>[Die in screaming agony, Bandit.]<<<<<


A CCD imager compact enough to fit into a fingertip compartment for all your low-exposure visual needs!
System         Cost      Essence
Microcamera    Y5,000      0.1
Essence cost 0, cash cost -1000 if fingertip compartment already present - but the camera fills it. May include up to three cybereye mods at double cost (but no Essence loss) if desired (e.g. thermographic, electronic mag- III, low-light). The resolution is not normally sufficient to generate broadcast trideo, for instance, although sufficient for normal use (broadcast trideo will resemble home camcorder film if it shows on the news).

Disorientation can be a problem: tasks using the camera instead of normal vision (e.g. shooting around a corner) are at +2. However, the camera may reduce penalties for working in confined spaces where visibility is poor.

>>>>>[Now who's gonna use this? I mean, an eye in your thumb? Big deal.]<<<<<
>>>>>[Here's a scenario, Looper. There's a sniper after your ass. You need to spot him - except he knows where you are and all you know is he's 'over there'. If you stick your head up to look, he'll blow it off. Stick a thumb up, though... you can see him, he can't see you. This is a useful, if subtle, equaliser. Not to mention just the difference between looking around a corner and poking one fingertip around it... Another of my ideas that I've used a lot.]<<<<<
-L M K Machine
>>>>>[And nothing to do with peeking up ladies' skirts, Lynch?]<<<<<
>>>>>[What, there are actually still some ladies out there??? I musta missed 'em!]<<<<<
>>>>>[Actually, I got it to look down blouses...]<<<<<
-L M K Machine

Gill Modification

A modified trachea and adapted lungs allow the host to filter dissolved oxygen from water. Entering or leaving water takes about thirty seconds of careful effort as the lungs must be filled or drained.
System              Cost      Body Index
Artifical Gill      Y45,000       1
Exertion is difficult above a steady swim due to low concentration of dissolved oxygen, particularly in polluted areas.
>>>>>[A nice idea...except the water round here's so foul you wouldn't wash in it, let alone drink it. And now they say we should breathe the stuff? Gah.]<<<<<
-The Smiling Bandit

Shift System

Splits the lobes of the brain and allows them to sleep seperately while the host retains consciousness. Never be defenceless again!
System         Cost        Body Index
Shift System   Y350,000       1
For about six hours a day, the user is at +4 to all Technical, Science and B/R skills: for about six hours (not coincident) he or she suffers +4 to all artistic, social and charisma-based skills. The user can 'wake' easily but the time spent 'sleeping' is reduced by 75% for interruptions (thus 'waking' after 4 hours sleep on Technical-type skills provides only 3 hours' benefit).
>>>>>[Tricky and risky: a few test subjects went howling mad for reasons they haven't discovered yet.]<<<<<
>>>>>[You still need four to eight hours of honest unconscious sleep per week: mostly for REM sleep. If you don't dream you go mad. Don't ask me why: my nightmares should send me insane, not save me from it.]<<<<<
>>>>>[I don't like the long-term health implications of going without regular deep sleep either. The mechanisms aren't fully understood and interrupting them is risky. Use this at your peril: or schedule your life properly. If you can't go 72 hours without sleep, shape up: and if you need longer than that, you should have planned ahead.]<<<<<
-Dr Rains-At-Sunset

Gastric Enhancement

Tailored nanites are introduced into the host's stomach and intestines, allowing him or her to break down and digest (among others) cellulose, lignin and most other organic nutrients not handled by the human digestive system. The nanites also synthesise many vitamins and amino acids, allowing the user in extremis to survive on a diet of pure cellulose or sugar. Food- vectored toxins, pathogens and parasites have their Power or Virulence halved as they are efficiently digested by the nanites.
System                   Cost      Body Index
Gastric Enhancement      Y55,000        0.5

>>>>>[A wonderful idea in theory. In practice...oh, boy! Who's gonna be seen dead out munching the lawn? I mean, a lean mean street samurai, all chrome-death killing machine...eating grass. Big-time style disaster. I know, I know, style versus survival, but really! I can't see many people using this one.]<<<<<
-The Smiling Bandit
>>>>>[Although paper, cotton cloth and even some plastics are all edible with this modification. And explosives are positively bursting with healthy how about snacking down on a bar of C-12? Is that any cooler?]<<<<<
>>>>>[Sorry, doc, you're on a loser with this one. The problem is simply the amount of cellulose needed to provide worthwhile nutrition: the human stomach just can't hold enough, so you end up grazing all the time. If you've got C-12, you need it for a demolition job: chocolate's much cheaper and legal. As for cotton, you've got a real cotton shirt and you're going to *eat* it? This one is useful for specialised applications only.]<<<<<

Just to make sure no-one gets offended, the source of this material is:

Paul Jonathan Adam

Some later editing by Jens-Arthur Leirbakk