From the journals of Balbo Iben Surr, Historian and Jedi Knight

- Referenced from "Guide to Occult Philosophy, Hurrian Territories"
- Some references from "Force Phenomena" Vol. 3 No. 34 3641

I have come across a reference today from the data cartridge I purchased on Goliath V some two weeks ago. In an essay on non-entity related social coda was a small section devoted to the 'followers of Kreed' from material first published in Force Phenomena. This is the forth reference I have seen to this obscure jurnal, but I have yet to locate a single copy. The following is my interpritation of the pieces of information I have gathered concerning the 'followers of Kreed'.

It is unclear whether Kreed was an individual, a code of ethics and behavior, or a synonym of the Force. However the followers of Kreed were most certainly a Jedi-like order which might have exsisted before Jedi or Jedi philosophy had reached this fringe sector. This sect of Force users followed a strict code of honor which included a code of honorable combat. The most striking difference between the Kreed and modern Jedi philosophy was their insistance on never using a weapon with an offensive advantage over their opponent. This philosophy was taken to the extreem when slug throwing and energy weapon technology became available. It is my feeling that even when crude light saber technology became available it was rejected. Most of the force skills that they are described as having dealt solely with the personal mind and body aspects of the Force. It is uncertain whether or not the more complicated force skills of combinded aspects were known by the Kreed.

While the followers of Kreed are described as being from several different species of humaniod, most (and possible the original) were of a race called the D'moriana which is now (as far as I know) extinct. I attempted to research this name and only came up with one reference in the unabridged version of the Dictionary of Ancient Hurrian (languages of the planet) as meaning 'with four (things)'. From this and a short description of the Kreed meditation and exercise, I have deduces that the D'moriana were likly four armed, bipedal humaniods between 2.0 to 2.5 meters in height and likly 150 to 180 kg of mass.

One particular part of the Kreed teachings that I found interesting was the referral to Damoo-Acha, a large, two headed, mythical (?) creature with red scaled skin. This being seems to be a metaphore in the Kreed teachings for the Dark Side. Whether the origin of this being is out of myth or fact is unknown.

The followers of Kreed excelled at hand to hand combat as well as melee. Many of their force skills can be explained with modern analogs. Described in text are the following: control pain, emptiness, contort/escape, accelerate healing, reduce injury, resist stun, sense force, absorb/dissipate energy, force charged strike, danger sense, combat sense, hibernation trance, life sense, and enhance attribute. The use of absorbing light and heat energy to hide in the shadows was of particular fascination to me.

- Balbo Iben Surr, Historian and Jedi Knight

game notes: It is possible to used the followers of Kreed with either finding current Kreedists on obscure planets or to used ancient ruins or inscriptions in your adventures to educate player or lead them to other things. It may be that the followers of Kreed knew of others powers that had to do with combat or even higher control powers now forgotten.

Suggestion for follower of Kreed stats:

a D'moriana:
2D/3D+2   dex   5D melee, 6D melee parry, 6D+2 brawling parry
1D/3D     knw   4D survival: mountain
2D/4D     prcp   3D+2 tracking
3D+1/5D   strgth   7D brawling, 5D climb/jump
1D/3D     tech
1D/3D+2   mech
5D control, 3D sense 
special abilities:  because of four arms, D'moriana can make one extra 
action with arms/hands per round, see Corporate Sector Pho Pheebians