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The Teepo Jedi Knight

The Teepo Jedi are fairly new in the long history of the Jedi tradition. They are a small, but fanatical branch of the Jedi order. They were founded around the same time that the Blaster became the common sidearm by a Twi'lek master named Nars Teepo.

Nars Teepo had a very odd view on life for a Jedi master. He belived in change. He did not think the traditions should remain so static. He believed that the Jedi should change with the times and adopt the use of blaster weapons. This wasn't accepted by the Jedi community and Teepo was shunned from the order for what was assumed to be embracing the Dark side. Teepo took this very hard and took on the life of a hermit dropping from the face of the universe, but he continued to apply his knowledge to the study of the blaster and its applications.

Many of his old friends and companions in the order refusing to let their friend, a distinguished master, fall to the Dark side travelled to him in hopes of convinving Teepo to change his ways. His fanaticism got the better of many of them. He could not be swayed, but instead had many new converts to his ideas. With this new influx of masters and students the school flourished in a very isolated corner of the universe. Ignored by the rest of the Jedi community it grew but never over took its humble beginnings.

After many centuries, the Jedi's were called to fight a great evil. This great evil was such a threat that the old order swallowed is pride and called upon the Teepo's for help. The fought side by side as brothers in the Clone Wars onlt to be wiped out by Palpatine and Vader in the ensuing political chaos. The Teepo's were no more safe than the Jedi's of old. Many masters hid, but were sought out and destroyed. The onlt thing that kept the smaller school alive was the hermitic tradition of its founder. Many students and masters were in hiding from the outset of the Clone Wars and this saved them in the massacres that followed.

Teepo Tenets and Code

Along with following the Jedi code, the Teepo's have some basic rules that they abide by.

1. Never draw your blaster without being drawn upon first.

2. Aggression is the Dark side. It should never be consorted with. Be at perfect peace and harmony before acting. Evne if it means being killed. A Teepo paladin never acts in anger or hate. (This may seem to be a restatement of the Jedi code, but the Teepo's take it far more seriously. It has be said the some paladins have been killed without even moving a muscle simply becuse they could not control their anger. Of course these are the truly fanatical.)

3. Never use a lightsabre. (Nars Teepo was very clear about this. He made it Teepo law that they should never touch one. This seems to be a remnant of his scorn for the knights that dismissed him.)

Along with these rules there are some unstated regulations of the Teepo order. Teepo's never use Heavy blasters, or anything stronger. They never conceal a carried weapon (it is a symbol of who they are). They never wear armor of any kind (except a blast helmet, see below). The Teepo also endorse all aspects of the Jedi code.

Miscellaneous Info.

The Teepo prefer to call themselves paladins, not knights. This has something to do with distinction between regular Jedi. They still call themselves Jedi, of course.

Some very adept Teepo have been known to wear blindfolds at all times. They use their powers to see the force and what it surrounds. During the Clone Wars many of the great Teepo began wearing blast helmets with the face shields welded shut so they could not see. It is the mark of a true Teepo master to actually do this. The more novice students would never wear helmets (it goes against the armor regulation), but many masters say it is in the tradition of change that the order was founded.

Also some Teepo have been known to wield two blasters at once. This is also a mark of status and ability.

Teepo powers

Blaster Combat
Control Difficulty: Moderate
Sense Difficulty: Easy
(this power can be kept up)
Effect: This power is used to make a blaster more effective and efficient. A Teepo Jedi uses this power to control slight hand movemants and to sense the movement of his/her target. It is basically the same as lightsabre combat and has all the abilities of such, except for the following changes.

If the Teepo uses a partial dodge he/she may add as many control and/or sense dice to the dodge. These dice, however, can only be used once. If they are used to increase/decrease damage or to increase "to hit" chances they can not be used to dodge as well. Therefore every round a Teepo has a dice pool to use in changing his abilities in combat. This power can be used if the Jedi is performing a full dodge as well. The power has to be brought up as first however.

Since a blaster can not deflect a blaster, the Teepo Jedi have no form of parry. (I hope the dodge bonuses help balance this)

If the Teepo makes his Sense roll by three greater difficulty levels (just add 15 to the difficulty) he/she automatically acts first in that round and only that round. This is above and beyond normal initiative. It is also not considered an unprovoked act. The Jedi senses the intent and action of the opponent before the opponent can act.

The Teepo Jedi must make his control roll at Difficult level if he/she wishes to use two blasters in combat at once. This negates the -1D for the first shot. (the second pistol would give a minus 1D to both shots, but instead they are both at base skill. Subsequent shots are treated normally starting at -2D for each. This sounds confusing to me so I may change it)

Radar Sense
Sense Difficulty: Moderate
(Jedi may keep this power up)
Effect: This ability is used when the Teepo Jedi can not see or is entering combat. It gives him/her sense dice to add to his/her perception each round. These can be used for initiative or for any of the basic sensual skills under perception (can not be used for command, bargain, persuasion, etc).

This power is very similar to Life Detection, except the Jedi feels the emotional intentions of the people in his range. The Targets can not hide from this ability because it feels the vibrations in the force that their presence makes.

The range is equal to their sense roll +10 in meters. The Jedi does not perceive anyhting but the postion of the creatures and the basic intentions (ie, friendship, hate, about to attack, etc.)

(I do not know if this is already made by somebody. I have very little knowledge of Jedi.)

Teepo Jedi Template

Dexterity 3D        Perception 2D+1
  Blaster             Bargain
  Dodge               Command
  Melee Combat        Hide
  Melee Parry         Investigation
Knowledge 2D          Sneak
  Alien Species    
  Planetary Sys.    Strength 2D
  Survival            Brawling
  Willpower           Climing/Jumping
Mechanical 1D+2       
  Beast Riding      Technical 2D
  Repulsorlift        Blaster Repair
  Space Transports    Droid Repair
  Starship Shields    First Aid
                      Repulsorlift Repair

Force Skills
  Control 1D
  Sense   1D
(pick blaster combat plus five other powers)
700 credits, two sets of clothing, blaster pistol (4D damage)

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