Character Generation in Tien Tao
General Guidelines 

These are the general anti-munchkin rules that are in effect:

Styles and Sensei 

In the Tien Tao setting, your style and your sensei has a major impact on your fighter. To simulate this, characters sharing a style may also share Sensei background - in effect, adding together the background points each character has in Sensei to determine the true level of the sensei.

Note, however, that it is not necessary to determine exactly who your sensei is to begin with. This will often be revealed in time, in true Wuxia fashion - it is sometimes the most unassuming person that is revealed to be the best sensei. Did Karate Kid know why he painted the fence and house, and why he polished the car?

Suggested Styles 

Appropriate styles for the Tien Tao setting are many - and any individual GM may approve any other style not on this list. However, what follows is a suggested styles set for starting characters in the Tien Tao setting: