NPCs in Tien Tao
The NPCs of Tien Tao 
Jin Biao | Lin Wei

Jin Biao, the physical trainer of Jingwu Mun 
Jin Biao's ugly mug, courtesy of Gerald Okamura - a favourite of mine!
A senior member of the Jingwu Mun Kung Fu School, Jin Biao is the first one that the students at Jingwu Mun call 'Master'.

His most distinct characteristic is his immense voice. Amplified through his stocky, barrel-chested body, it is at best described as low shouting. Serving as the alarm clock for the students of Jingwu Mun, Jin Biao's voice is so immense that he also tends to wake the rest of the occupants at Jingwu Mun - not to mention the neighbors.

Though short and stocky, Jin Biao is also immensely strong for his size. He was once seen picking up a 50 gl (200l) barrel full of water, and walk over to an unconscious student - giving that student a faceful of water.

It has lately become obvious that Jin Biao is extremely myopic. Ask him a question, and he is likely to give you some task involving physical exercise. Ask him about something that's the least bit outside of his area of responsibility - and he will give you something to do. If you bump into him while you're not doing anything in particular - he will give you exercise.


Jin Biao is very fond of all the 'classic', sadistic Kung Fu exercises. He will give you a cup, and ask you to fill a barrel with water using that cup - running to and from the river, filling the barrel one cup at a time. He will get a group of students to gather the leaves in the garden - one leaf at a time, using nothing but chopsticks. Pushups, situps, conditioning of hands, feet, shins, elbows, fingertips, ear lobes - he knows it all.

He is also the physical trainer of the player characters at Jingwu Mun - and a very effective one at that. My players have stopped having their characters ask Jin Biao questions, and instead respond by doing pushups and chin ups whenever he walks past...

Lin Wei, a shifty student at Jingwu Mun 
A longtime student at Jingwu Mun, Lin Wei isn't exactly what one might call a dilligent student. Always looking for that extra buck, Lin Wei has discovered that becoming a powerful kung fu fighter isn't really the easiest way to money. Betting on matches between fighters, now there's a business opportunity if there ever was one.

Training at Jingwu Mun mostly because it's a good way to meet kung fu fighters, he is always looking for additions to his small stable of fighters. Or, at least that's how he likes to think of it. In reality, he's still strictly small-time - though he may in a year or two become good enough as a Manager to make it up to the big-time.

Lin Wei is the Manager of a player character.