Legendary Fighters in the Tien Tao setting
The Legendary Warriors of the Martial World 
Considering the genre of the Tien Tao setting, the presence of legendary warriors should come as no surprise.

Essentially, these fighters are the equivalent of the World Warriors of the mainstream Street Fighter circuit - with a twist. The legendary warriors of various countries have a tendency to end up in specific functions.

For instance, the legendary warriors of the Native Americans tend to become shamans of their respective tribes. Indian legendary warriors tend to become spiritual leaders. Japanese legendary warriors tend to become involved in the military forces of this expansionist period for Japan. And, in China, they tend to become mythical wanderers, forever testing their skills against each other.

It is tradition for the legendary fighters of China to grant one boon to the one that defeats them after they attain legendary status. As they often have developed unique maneuvers - or, indeed, unique martial art styles - they often teach students that are deemed worthy of their teachings. Proving that you're worthy usually comes through combat - either to put up a good show against the legendary warrior, or by defeating him.

Often, legendary warriors that are defeated go into retirement after teaching the warrior that defeated them, choosing a life of asceticism and meditation rather than the violent life of the Martial World.

The following is a collection of legendary warriors that can sometimes be found within the Martial World of the Tien Tao setting.


Demon in the Abandoned Temple | Hermit in the Waterfall | Wong Fei Hong | Fong Sai Yuk | Jun Fan | Long Mai-Ling

The Demon in the Abandoned Temple 
Some distance away from Tien Tao, deep in the forest, there exists an abandoned temple.

People say that the temple used to be inhabited by corrupt monks delving into the blackest arts of Taoist magic. People say that one day these corrupt monks delved too deep, too black. People say that what the monks found tore through their mystical bindings like so much wet rice paper and went on a killing spree, killing those monks that didn't get away in time.

People are right.

Many years ago, this actually happened. After this, the demon that these monks had called upon from one of the countless Hells in Chinese mythology took over the abandoned temple, making it its home for the years to come.

It is said that the demon may only return to whence it came if it is defeated in combat by a worthy fighter. Then, it will be free of the mystical bindings that confine it to the temple, and will return to whatever deep, black Hell it came from.

As the demon has so far killed everyone that has entered the temple, this has been somewhat difficult to ascertain.

It is said that some of the monks from this temple made their way to the isle of Pan Tang, the isle of the sorcerers that lie in the bay leading to Tien Tao. Some say that they were greeted as fellow brothers, and inducted into their mystical order. Others say that the sorcerers of Pan Tang slew them with dark and terrible magics, scattering their internal organs to the winds. Still others claim that the monks that escaped founded yet another temple devoted to their dark gods of Taoist magic, and continued their experiment, believing that Fate would never be so cruel to them again.

Whatever the true fate of the monks, the abandoned temple still stands in the forest, sick and dying trees pointing the way to the temple like streams of pus from a festering wound. And the demon is still there, stalking, waiting for someone to defeat it in combat - or at least alleviate its eternal boredom.

Boon: It is said that whomever defeats the demon will be able to learn its most powerful technique, that of the Invincible Fortress of the Demon King. But, one must wonder: Can one learn anything from a demon that isn't tainted by its dark Chi?

The Hermit In The Waterfall of the Eight Immortals 

Several rivers flow through or past Tien Tao. One of these rivers is known as the Eight Immortals River, after a particular incident involving the Eight Immortals, an old peasant, and his pet monkey.

A waterfall in the Eight Immortals River just a couple of days' travel from Tien Tao is the home of a hermit said to possess incredible powers relating to water.

Some say that he must be a shan lung to be so powerful - a water dragon just happening to sometimes wear human shape. Others mean that he is trying to become immortal with the help of water spirits. Yet others claim he himself must be a water spirit, granted immense power by the aforementioned incident with the Eight Immortals, the old peasant, and his pet monkey. Perhaps he is blessed by The Mad Monkey King himself?

Whatever the case, the hermit usually readily agree to fight anyone that come to seek him out. His arena for the fight is invariably the same - a pool of fairly calm waters just below the waterfall. Some fighters say that the hut at the side of the river is just for show - that his true home is behind the waterfall, in the secret caves twisting around there.

So far, the hermit has been able to defeat all comers. Usually, they are bruised and thoroughly wet after a match - and well and soundly beaten.

Two have died fighting the Hermit in the Waterfall of the Eight Immortals.

Boon: It is said that the Hermit will teach some of his unique maneuvers to anyone able to best him. It is also said that he will tell the true story of what really happened with the Eight Immortals, the peasant, and his pet monkey - and that anyone knowing the truth will be unable to share it with others.

Wong Fei Hong 

Wong Fei Hong is one of the traditional heroes in China. The archetype of a wandering do-gooder, Wong Fei Hong is a hero of the people, often fighting the government or a particularly corrupt governor in the defense of the people.

Actually, Wong Fei Hong can be considered a pseudonym of sorts. Though it is a fairly common name in China, it is also the name of a mythological hero. Throughout the history of China and the Martial World, there has been at least three separate men calling themselves Wong Fei Hong.

The current Wong Fei Hong was last seen in Kowloon, two years ago. The story goes that there was a dragon ruling the Black Dragon triad headquarters located there, and the Black Dragon triad was really making a mess. In a titanic battle, the Legendary Warrior known as the Green Monk of Wudang Mountain and Wong Fei Hong joined forces and battled the dragon of Black Dragon triad. Though the Green Monk of Wudang Mountain died in the ensuing battle from the corrupting effects of the dragon's breath, Wong Fei Hong emerged victorious.

Boon: There is no real boon in battling Wong Fei Hong. Rather, true Honor is often found in aiding Wong Fei Hong. However, it is said that all Wong Fei Hongs throughout the history have been true Kung Fu masters, and that they all had various unique maneuvers they didn't share with anyone ... but perhaps a worthy challenger.

Fong Sai Yuk 

Fong Sai Yuk is another of the true heroes of the people. Similar to Wong Fei Hong, Fong Sai Yuk is considered a pseudonym of sorts. Often, when martial artists don't want their real names to be known, they will say that their name is Fong Sai Yuk.

At least five fighters have at various points in their careers been known as Fong Sai Yuk - and one of them is rumoured to really have been a woman! All have been masters of Kung Fu, but of differing styles of Kung Fu - one was said to be an Eight Drunken Immortals master, while another was a White Praying Mantis practitioner.

Though Fong Sai Yuk has been attached to various fighters, there has never been a recorded instance that the name Fong Sai Yuk has been twisted to evil. Sure, some unscrupulous members of the Martial World has tried - claiming to be the true Fong Sai Yuk, and trying to exploit that name for extortion or other criminal activity.

Every time this has been tried, a mysterious fighter has appeared, setting things straight by revealing the true nature of the so-called "Fong Sai Yuk", and then disappearing just as mysteriously. Many believe this to be the true Fong Sai Yuk - but that would mean that he would be more than two hundred years old!

Boon: Like Wong Fei Hong, the essence of Fong Sai Yuk can not really be found in challenging and defeating Fong Sai Yuk. However, a worthy challenger may be invited to join Fong Sai Yuk in his wanderings, studying under perhaps the greatest master of them all.

Jun Fan 

The fighter known as Jun Fan is a very active fighter, as legendary fighters go. Seemingly obsessed about testing his fighting skills against what he considers worthy opponents, Jun Fan is continually testing his Kung Fu skills, endlessly refining his already masterful skills.

Jun Fan is impossibly fast with his punching and kicking techniques, often ending a fight before the other fighter has even executed one technique. His most powerful technique is the legendary One Inch Punch. It is said that he once killed two men with but one application of the One Inch Punch!

Unusually, Jun Fan is also a master of the Okinawan rice flail weapon known as nunchaku. Though he prefers to use but one nunchaku, he has at times been known to use two.

Some speculate that the strange, mewling animal noises that Jun Fan tends to emit in combat is a sign of his animal nature, and that he therefore must be possessed by a spirit of some sort. Others believe it is merely his focusing technique.

Though usually quite honorable, Jun Fan has used unfair play in two separate occasions to win against powerful fighters. Perhaps his winning instinct is so strong he cannot afford to lose, even if that means using unfair means to win?

Boon: Possessed of a singularly impatient temperament, Jun Fan is unlikely to take defeat well. He will likely follow the fighter that defeated him around for a while, analyzing the style of that fighter. If pressed, he might also reveal the secret of the One Inch Punch in exchange for training that would show him how he was defeated. Defeating Jun Fan is a sure way to be challenged by him at a later date.

Long Mai-Ling 

Though Legendary fighters cannot be said to be common by any stretch of the word, they tend to share certain characteristics. Yet, there are always exceptions. Long Mai-Ling is one of them.

The name may suggest otherwise, but Long Mai-Ling is actually a man - and no ordinary man either! Said to be shaggy like a beast, he is a powerful man to behold. Said to originally hail from the mysterious mountains of Nepal, he is a master of the forgotten style of Snow Leopard Kung Fu.

It is likely that Long Mai-Ling has retired from the Martial World, as there has been no confirmed activity from him the last twenty years. It was said that he was a candidate for a position among the Society of the Celestial Dragons - but the existence of that society is doubtful, at best.

Boon: Retired from the Martial World, it is unlikely that there is any true boon in defeating Long Mai-Ling. However, if one could persuade him to accept a worthy student, he might decide to part with the secrets of the Snow Leopard style. This powerful style is said to allow the practitioner control of the beast within, unleashing incredible power through its animal-style rakes and pounces.