Name and Rank in Tien Tao
Honor, Glory, Rank and Name in Tien Tao 

Unlike the common Street Fighter universe, there is no formal recognition of Ranks in the Martial World - the Tien Tao counterpart to the Streetfighter Circuit.

Instead, people tend to recognize a fighter's martial fame and reknown instead, thereby introducing the new game mechanic Name.

Every time a fighter increases Honor and/or Glory, the fighter's Name increases by one. Every time a fighter would increase in Rank based on his fights, the fighter's Name increases by one. Furthermore, if the fighter should defeat one of the Legendary fighters (the Tien Tao setting's equivalent of World Warriors), his Name would increase by one.

A fighter's Name represents his reknown among both fighters and the common people. The more Name, the more accurate an impression people have about you - both its good points and its bad points. When a fighter's Name increases, he is awarded one experience point. If, at campaign play, the fighter has at least one point in both Glory and Honor, he is awarded a Name increase. Otherwise, the starting Name for a fighter is One (1).

Using Name in the campaign 

When using Name in your campaign, remember that it reflects how well known the fighter is - both good and bad. This will have an effect on what the player can use his character's Name for. For instance, two high-Name character may both be allowed to dine for free in a restaurant. The one is a Glory fighter, the other is a Honor fighter.

How does these two instances differ? The high-Name Honor character might be allowed to have a free meal because the innkeep wanted him to have a free meal, as the innkeep admires the Honorable character's dedication to the martial principles. If the high-Name Honor character is truly honorable, he will still offer to pay for the meal, of course, not expecting any special treatment despite his martial prowess. There is much Honor in humility.

The high-Name Glory fighter might also get a free meal, simply because the innkeep didn't dare to charge him for the meal. As the honorable character may sometimes get help from unexpected places, the glory fighter may sometimes find that his reputation precedes him, and that people can be more easily intimidated by his presence.

To determine whether someone recognizes the fighter, roll a number of dice equal to Name versus a difficulty determined by how much the fighter advertises his presence. If the onlooker has any skill in Arena (Knowledge), add those dice as well.

Intense boasting, recital of fighter standings, who he has defeated and so on will might for instance result in a difficulty of 6. Merely visual aids (no boasting or other hints) should be something like 8, 9 or even 10, depending on how unique looks the fighter has. Four arms, bright blue and yellow hair is for instance a much bigger giveaway than common looks, long hair, and a scar running down the side of the neck.