Player Characters in Tien Tao
The Player Characters of Tien Tao 
Wu Xuei | John Wu

Wu Xuei 
Wu Xuei had practiced Lightning Earthdrake Kung Fu before he came to Jingwu Mun. As an accomplished practitioner of Lightning Earthdrake Kung Fu, he had mastered one of the most difficult maneuvers that this style offers - that of the Pain of the Earthmother Lightning Strike (Shock Treatment).

Current status: Unknown


John Wu 
John Wu comes from a small village not far from Jingwu Mun. Once, he used to be an ordinary young man, doing ordinary things. Then, he happened on a spectacular fight in the forest. Lightning flashed, demons howled, and in the end one of the two sorcerers emerged victorious. John Wu was also changed.

Now, his essence was merged with that of a black panther, granting him increased physical ability - and a dangerous temper (Animal Hybrid). Always good with his hands, his arcane insight into the art of fighting (Jeet Kune Do) has granted him a punching ability that few own. His Hundred Paws of the Panther Strike (Hyper Fist) is awesome. Coming to Jingwu Mun because he must learn to control his temper, he is a fairly dedicated - if untraditional - student.

Current status: Training at Jingwu Mun