Olve Maudal - Curriculum Vitae (last updated May 2013)

Direct:    +47 90093309, oma@pvv.org
Work:      +47 67125125, olve.maudal@cisco.com
Home:      +47 67180865, Kløftaveien 27, 1352 Kolsås, Norway
Family:    Married to Katrina Maudal, two kids (Hanna 2002, Thor 2005)
Born:      13th of September 1971, Trondheim, Norway
Interests: Programming, Computers, Science, Books
Languages: Norwegian, English, C, C++
Homepage:  http://www.pvv.org/~oma
Blog:      http://olvemaudal.wordpress.com
Twitter:   http://twitter.com/olvemaudal
Brief Summary

I am a dedicated geek and very proud of being a computer programmer. I have been writing code nearly every day since I got my first real computer, the VIC-20. Implementing software is definitely my favourite activity, but I am also very interested in trying to figure out how and why large groups of programmers can achieve spectacular things when working together in certain ways. This has lead me into studying things like development principles, project management, craftmanship, software architecture, leadership, organization theory, but first of all programming techniques. Knowledge management and inhouse training in software development has been a central role in all positions that I have had so far in my career.

I often give talks and training classes about programming, embedded system development, modern development techniques, software architecture, innovation and product development methodologies. C and C++ has been the main focus for 20 years.

My main interests are programming, mathematics, technology and science. I enjoy x-country skiing and hiking. I do play chess and bridge at a decent level. Oh, and by the way, I can solve a Rubiks cube blindfolded.

Assignment History/Education/Experience