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Download file: brickstr.zip (74K)
Last build: 12.03.2000 (bugfix)
Current version: v1.0 (all features not added yet)
Platform: Windows 95/98
Special requirements: Must add ANSI.SYS to C:\CONFIG.SYS, needs 5 MB RAM of its own to run.
Language: English
Copyright: February/March 2000 Megastyle Productions


This is a helper program for the game Bricks by Andreas Rottler (a variant of Klotski). It contains a playable mini-Bricks represented in text mode. This program stores every move and every screen position in a memory buffer, for later retrieval and analysis. There are several commands to jump to different positions. If you find a better route to an existing screen, all move numbers will adjust accordingly. For each screen position, each stored move is shown at the right, along with the number of moves of the best solution of that particular branch. All brick elements from Bricks I, II and III are added. Lastly, using this program is not cheating. This is not an automatic solver. All the program does is to create a tree of all the moves the player executes, and create new links each time the same screen position is entered via another route. Read more in the file BRICKSTR.TXT after downloading. NEW: A program called BRGRAPH included in the package. It's purpose is to display graphically a level from the Bricks Thread-O-Matic program. The graphic image can then be copied (using DOS window), pasted into another program and saved.


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Download file: mapmaker.zip (112K)
Current version: v2.2
Platform: DOS (also runs in all versions of Windows)
Special requirements: Uses CHIPS.DAT from the game
Language: English
Copyright: 1998 Megastyle Productions


This is the infamous MapMaker developed for the Windows version of Chip's Challenge. This program reads the CHIPS.DAT file containing all the level data, and creates a base map (in the .bmp format) of any selected level. Optionally, all secrets will be revealed on the base map. Secrets include invisible walls, fake walls and things hidden under blocks. Enemy routes (for pink balls and fireballs) are also drawn. These base maps were used by the legendary msn Charter Chipsters to draw their own solution maps.


* Possible to create base maps of any Chip's Challenge level, including levels made using a level editor
* Two modes, create base map or prepare solution map, with "seconds left" entry filled in


A MapMaker 2 for Chip's Challenge 2 won't happen, because the game has a save-to-bmp function!

Download file: timechip.zip (9K)
Platform: DOS (also runs in all versions of Windows)
Special requirements: Chip's Challenge for Windows
Copyright: May 1998 Megastyle Productions

This program grants 999 seconds on all untimed levels in Chip's Challenge, to enable scores on these levels to be compared between players. It creates a modified set of files with a new executable called TCHIP.EXE.

More programs to be added later...

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