Hârn is the name of a large island (about the size of the British Isles), which is the most developed part of Columbia Games' RPG campaign world. "Hârn" is also used to refer to the entire collection of islands of which Hârn proper is the largest, and sometimes to the entire world of which Hârn is a part (also called "HârnWorld", although its "proper" name is Kethira).

A rather blurred version of the map of Hârn.

Hârn is my personal favorite of all the published RPG worlds I have encountered over the years, and it is the only medieval-esque fantasy world I want to use in a game these days. In general, Hârn is clearly influenced by medieval European history as well as by classic fantasy (Tolkien leaps to mind) -- mining some of the best original sources available. Hârn is, however, its own kind of place with its own kind of feel; the published source material has real depth, and of course it inspires users to add more depth of their own -- just take a look at a few of the other

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