Hârnic Religions

I have found it desirable to generate some more detail on the religious situation on Hârn and its surroundings. Taken literally, the polytheistic situation as presented in the published source material never seemed entirely satisfactory to me -- the gods as written are interesting, sure enough, but I sort of missed the kind of religious establishment which seems to belong in a medieval society. Also, there is the matter of good and evil; I do not think that a religion which views itself as "evil" is going to become a very popular one, and a religion that only (or even primarily) concerns itself with war and destruction is unlikely to become a culture-bearing institution (or even to survive as a major force for very long).

This is not an attempt to subvert the spirit of Hârn, far from it; nor have I actually contradicted very much of the published material. However, I have decided to take the position that the descriptions that have been given of the various gods are actually biased by having been written by someone with a vested interest in one of the religions in question (namely Triadism).

Triadism, the dominant religion of the northern feudal kingdoms.

Agrikanism, the dominant religion of the south.

Morgathism, the main death cult.

Haleanism, a hedonist religion!

Navehanism, an assassin's faith.

Ilviranism, the Jarin Old Faith.

Sarajinism, the Ivinian religion.

Religious History, a somewhat lengthy synopsis of the religious history of northwest Lythia, focusing on Triadism and Agrikanism. This is mostly my own embellishment of Lythian history, sort of filling in the gaps present in the published material.

Hârn Religion Team contains much worthwhile information by various parties.

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