Defining points in world history

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The references are in the form of (book) (page number):
 SRI            Shadowrun I rulebook
 SRII           Shadowrun II rulebook
 SB             Shadowbeat Sourcebook
 ST             ShadowTech Sourcebook
 SEA            Seattle Sourcebook
 CS             Corporate Shadowfiles
 TT             Tir Tairngire Sourcebook
 TN             Tir na nOg Sourcebook
 NA             Neo-Anarchist's Guide to North America
 FoF            Fields of Fire
 PL             Paradise Lost
 JAL            Changes specific to Jens-Arthur Leirbakk's campaign
 other          Other references
Date            Happenings                                      Reference
--------------- ----------------------------------------------- -------------
3454BC Jul 22   Crater Lake (Oregon, North America) formed.     TT 22
3114BC Aug 11   Believed start of Mayan Calendar.               other
1922            Civil War in Ireland/Eire.                      TN 27
1979 Dec 11     Liam O'Connor born (Spike Baby)                 TN 32
1985            Genome Initiative begins.                       ST 67
1990's          Space City (Hawaii) grows                       PL 67
1996            Summer Olympics in Atlanta.                     NA 38
1996            Wave of deregulation in USA.                    NA 79
1997            The British reintroduced policies of internment TN 28
                without trial for IRA members and other 
1998            By now, US defense establishment cut by 40%     NA 78
                Defense contracts dry up. Social services 
                trimmed or elimiated. Unemployment reaches 50% 
                in some regions.
1998            Teamsters' New York local go on strike.         CS 17
1999            Hundreds killed in New York City food riots.    SRII 20
1999 Feb 21-22  Mobs attack Seretech vehicles.                  CS 17
1999            Seretech Decision.                              CS 17
2000 Jan 1      Quebec declared Independance from Canada.       NA 64
2001            Shiawase Decision establishes extraterritoria-  SRII 22, CS 18
                -lity to multinational corporations.
2002-2008       The Resource Rush.                              SRII 22
2003            Anglo-Japanese suborbital Ghost unveiled, 
                breaking international travel speed records.
2003            Panthers declaired extinct by World Wildlife    TT 21
                Protection Fund.
2004            Libya attacks Israel with chemical weapons.     SRII 22
                Israel retaliates with nuclear weapons.
2004            Nuclear meltdown in Kent, Great Britain.
2005 Aug 12     Major earthquake in New York City; United       SRII 22, NA 119
                Nations moves to Geneva.
2008            Ultra-fast digital packing algorithm allows     SB 20
2008            Mir space station destroyed.                    CS 88
2008            Texas creates Urban Militia units with military NA 81
2009            Re-Education And Relocation Act passed.         NA 79
2009            Anti-Indian riots in California.                NA 13
2009 May 16     SAIM occupation of the United States Shiloh     SRII 22, PL 67
                Launch Facility ends with the launch of Lone 
                Eagle nuclear missile toward Russian Republic.
2009            US Military moves several importaint aerospace  PL 68
                research projects to Hawaii.
2009            Grey Wolves declaired extinct by World Wildlife TT 21
                Protection Fund.
2010            VITAS plague breaks out in New Delhi, spreading SRII 23, SRI 13,
                worldwide, killing a significant proportion of  NA 13, TN 28
                the worlds population (25% by the end of the 
2010            United States government passes the             SRII 22
                Re-Education and Re-Location Act.
2011            Year of Chaos.                                  SRII 23
2011            Mexican government collapses.                   SRII 23
2011            Emergence of Unexplained Genetic Expression     SRII 23
2011            Nuclear meltdowns in Scotland and Britain.      TN 28
2011            Formorans first sighted in Eire.                TN 28
2011            `Plantation Shifts' in Eire.                    TN 28
2011            Rapid growth of forested areas in Eire.         TN 28
2011-2013       ALOHA claims responsibility for two dozen car-  PL 68
                bomb attacks.
2011 Jan 13     Earthquake rocks Olympic Peninsula.             SEA 14
2011 Feb        IRA launches strikes on British military        TN 29
                targets in Ulster, assisted by magic.
2011 Apr 14     SAS base in Belfast destroyed, assisted by      TN 30
2011 Dec 24     Great Dragon Ryumyo appears in Japan, signaling SRII 23
                the start of the Mayan Sixth World. 
2011 Dec 24     Ley Lines activate in Great Britain. 
2011 Dec 24     Daniel Coleman Howling Coyote leads Native      SRII 23
                Americans out of Abilene Re-Education Center.
2013            Combat Biking appears.                          SB 65
2013 May        Aldershot elemental strike.                     TN 30
2014            Creation of the United Free Republic of         SRII 24
2014            Howling Coyote announces claim to North         SRII 23
                America, claims responsibility for Redondo Peak 
                eruption. U.S. Military beset by tornadoes.
2014            Formation of the NAN and STC.                   SRII 24
2014            White control in South Africa dissolved.        SRII 24
2014            Martial Law declaired in Hawai'i to put down    PL 68
                ALOHA-sponsored insurrection.
2014 Jun 16     British House of Commons passes Act of          TN 30
2014            Treaty of Galway signed by Eire and Britain.    TN 30
                United Free Republic of Ireland created.
2015            Hong Kong secedes from China.
2015            Space Station Freedom's orbit begins to decay   CS 89
2015            Salish forces capture Trident Submarine base at SEA 14
                Bangor; and Puget Sound Naval Shipyard at
2015            IRA opens negotiations with Dublin government.  TN 30
                Liam O'Connor appears.
2016            Space Shuttle program degenerates.              CS 89
2016            Ares purchases and restores Space Station.      CS 89
                Freedom. Ares begins construction of _Apollo_.
2016            General Secretary Nikolai Chelenko (Russia),    SRII 24
                President Jesse Garrety (United States),
                Prime Minister Lena Rodale (Great Britain), 
                and Minister Chiam Schon (Israel) assassinated. 
2016            U.S. ratifies the Resolution Act of 2016,       SRII 24
                sanctioning total extermination of Native 
                American tribes.
2016 Dec 12     Jesse Garrety Assasinated.                      NA 78
2017 Aug 17     Great Ghost Dance causes simultaneous eruptions SRII 24, PL 69
                in the Western U.S. at 10:32 am.
2017 Aug 22     Hawai'i becomes a sovereignty.                  PL 69
2017 Dec 11     Quebec invites Maritime provinces to join       NA 65
2018            Molyneaux Scam in Ireland                       TN 31
2018            Liam O'Connor engineered scams to weaken        TN 32
                the Catholic Church in Ireland.
2018 Apr        Treaty of Denver signed. Acknowledgement of     SRII 24
                NAN sovereignty. 
                Quebec abstained.                               NA 65
2018            Dr. Hosato Hikita of ESP Systems unveils ASIST  SRII 25, NA 104
2018            U.S. Spaceplane _America_ disintegrates in      SRII 25
                orbit, falling on Longreach, Australia.
2018            Ways and Paths emerge                           TN 66
2019            More than 200,000 refugees decend upon Seattle. SEA 15
                Bellevue, Renton and Kent become part of 
                Greater Seattle.
2019            Newfoundland is annexed by Maine.               NA 65
2019 Sep 6      Everett and Tacoma merge with Seattle.          SEA 16
2020            _Apollo_ becomes Ares' principle space platform CS 89
                _Freedom_ becomes Zurich-Orbital.               
2020 Nov 16     Washington State dissolved; Seattle Metroplex   SEA 16
                officially recognised.
2021 Apr 30     Goblinization begins.                           SRII 25, SEA 16
2021            Walter Bright Water becomes representative to   TT 26
                Salish-Shidhe Council.
2022            VITAS again spreads worldwide. Racial riots     SRII 25
2022            "Kavanaghgate" affair in Ireland.               TN 31
2022            Formation of independent Quebec, the Caribbean  SRII 25
                League and other nations.
2022            Construction starts on Aztechnology Complex,    SEA 56
2022 Aug        Gov. of Seattle orders Metahumans released.     SEA 16
2022            Public control over broadcasting crumbles.      SB 25
2022            Urban Brawl appears.                            SB 68
2023            Corporate Court installed at _Zurich-Orbital_.  CS 89
2023 Feb        Seattle Police Force goes on strike. SPD        SEA 16
                dismissed. Lone Star given security contract.
2024            Introduction of commercial simsense.            SRII 26
2024            Renraku's DigitalXScan holo protocol accepted.  SB 20
2025            "Walsh's Hookers" scandal in Ireland            TN 31
2025            UCLA offers first undergraduate program in      SRII 26
                occult sciences.
2026            First generation cyberterminals developed.      SRII 26
2027            First operational fusion reactor goes online.   SRII 26
2028            Magical Studies at University of Chicago begin. NA 106
2029            Salish-Shidhe Council adopts tenet of welcoming TT 26
                metahumans. Sinsearach tribe formed.
2029            Second generation cyberterminals                SRII 26
2029 Feb 8      Crash of '29 - Computer virus crashes worldwide SRII 27, SEA 16
                computer network. Echo Mirage activated.        NA 80
2029 Apr 9      Virus infects US Air-traffic control. Cripples  NA 80
                air-travel for a week. Collapse of state-based
2029 Aug        Coordinated Echo Mirage attack on computer      SRII 27
                virus begins.
2030 Oct 15     United States dissolved. Union Day.             NA 78,80
2030            Remains of USA merge with Canada, formation of
2030            Calls in California for secession.              NA 13
2030            Announcement of Walter Bright Water's death.    TT 26
2030            Construction completed of Aztechnology Complex, SEA 56
2030            Shoshone and Modoc tribes join Salish and       TT 26
                Makah tribes. Oregon is left to metahumans.
2030            Aithne Oakforest, Sean Laverty and Lugh         TT  27
                Surehand appear.
2030-2042       EuroWars:                                       SRII 28
                Members of CIS breakaway. Awakened dominate
                Western Siberian Lowland, Yukat ASSR, and lands
                west of lowlands.
2031            Last remains of Computer Virus removed.         SRII 27
2031            Russian Republic steamrolls across Belorussia,  SRII 28, NA 81
                and invades resource-rich Europe. UCAS forces 
                recalled from NATO.
2031            Salish-Shidhe's southern cities reoccupied.     TT 27
2032            Russian forces in Poland launch renewed attack  SRII 28
                on Berlin. Britain sends in troops to protect
                her interests.
2032            Southern US senators threaten to secede.        NA 30
2032 Mar 21     `Concrete Dreams' change course of music.       SB 7
2033            Awakened forces invade Brazil, creating         SRII 28
                Amazonia. Aztlan secedes from NAN.
2033 Jan 23     38 Nightwraith fighter-bombers attack both      SRII 28
                sides of the EuroWars, effectively ending it.
2033-2034       Portland Peace Force grows rapidly.             TT 103
2034            Zurich-Orbital Gemeinschaft Bank opens on _ZO_  CS 89
2034            Ten UCAS states secede to form the CAS.         SRII 28, NA 30
                                                                NA 80
2034 May        Matrix Systems releases first commercial        SRII 28
2034 Dec 11     Coup in Ireland.                                TN 32, TN 33
2035            UCAS has no military presense outside North     NA 81
2035            Atlanta made capital of CAS. Aztlan begins      NA 30
                military takeover of southern Texas.
2035 Mar        Texas secedes from CAS and attacks Aztlan.      NA 15, NA 30
2035 May 1      Lugh Surehand announced formation of Tir.       TT 29, TT 103
                Tairngire. Salish-Shidhe forces repelled.
2035 Jun 8      `Insurance War' in Atlanta                      NA 38
2035 Jul        Texas rejoins CAS.
2035 Aug        Three more Princes on Tir Tairngire council:    TT 36
                Jonathon Reed, Maria Cinebal, Dar Varien.
2036            Fuchi markets third-generation cyberterminal.   SRII 28
2036            Alamos 20,000 claims first New Terrorism act:   SRII 29
                firebombing of Ohio community.
2036            Portions of New Mexico and Oklahoma join the    NA 30
2036            Southern states of the UCAS threaten to secede, NA 13
                then did so 10 days after MacAlister's `Eat My 
                Shorts' speech.
2036            Treaty of Richmond signed between UCAS and CAS. NA 13,80,86
2036            Tir Tairngire mounts an armed incursion into    TT 30, FoF 19
                California. Tir border extended to Yreka. 
                Battle of Redding.
2036            Tir Council acknowledges Portland is hub of     TT 32
                trade. Construction starts on Portland wall.
2036            Four more Tir Tairngire Princes named.          TT 38
2036 May 1      First Tir Tairngire Rite of Progression.        TT 62
203(6?7)        Tsishian secession.                             SRII 29
2037            California Free State formed.                   SRII 29,
                                                                NA 13-14
2037            CFS mobilizes against Tir Tairngire's land      NA 14-15
                claim down to Redding. Aztlan moves into San 
2037            Fuchi brings out RealSense system.              SB 75
2037            Portland Wall completed.                        TT 32, TT 110
2037 Feb 7      Japanese forces arrived in San Francisco.       SRII 29, NA 15
2038            British government discovered to be involved in 
                gene-manipulation on citizens.
2039            Chemical spill in Teeside Industrial District
                in England kills 70,000.
2039 Feb 7      Night of Rage.                                  SRII 29, NA 81
2039 Feb 10     IBM Towers in Chicago destroyed. Shattergraves  NA 105
2038            Hawaii secedes from UCAS and becomes a monarcy. NA 80
2039            NAN imposes heavy trade sanctions on CAS to     NA 30
                speed up metahuman equality.
2040            Construction starts on Renraku Arcology,        SEA 47
2040            CAS presidential elections. Joseph Alexander is NA 30
                elected president. 
2041            Brink of Corp War                               CS 80
2041            EuroAir flight 329 downed by terrorist dragon   SRII 29
2041            Policlubs emerge in Europe.                     SRII 29
2041            Exodus of Dwarves from Seattle Underground.     SEA 13
2041            Tir Tairngire passes Art Education Act.         TT 73
2042            Eurowars End
2042            Munich Amendments to the geneva Conventions     FoF 19
2043            Tir Tairngire `Star Chamber' created.           TT 43
2043            Second Tir Tairngire Rite of Progression.       TT 62
2043            Liam O'Connor disappears from public life.      TN 34
2044            Aztlan nationalized all foriegn-owned           SRII 29
                businesses. In confusion, Aztlan annexes most 
                of Mexico.
2044            `Concrete Dreams' played last concert at Club   SB 7
2044            Olympic Games revived.                          SB 63
2044            CAS elections: Alexander re-ellected.           NA 30
2044            Aztlan annexes remainder of Mexico.             NA 30
2045            CAS President Alexander dies in office.         NA 30
2046            Policlubs emerge in North America.              SRII 29
2046            MegaMedia unveils Honey Brighton's simsense     SB 74
                `Free Fall'.
2046            By 2046 three Corps announce they have a        ST
                complete genemap.
2047            120,000 die in Tynesprawl, England from para- 
2048            Aztlan and several megacorps sign Veracruz      SRII 29
2048            CAS Elections: Edna Wallace elected President.  NA 31
2050            Development of 7th generation Cyberdeck         SRII 29
                (keyboard sized).
2050            Universal Brotherhood enjoys international      SRII 29
2050            Third Tir Tairngire Rite of Progression.        TT 62
2050            Protests in Atlanta about Metahuman rights.     NA 31
2051            Universal Brotherhood tried to open in Salem.   TT 142
2052            Tir Tairngire negotiates with Seattle for use   TT 32
                of ports. Large percentage of international
                trade shifted to Seattle.
2054 Feb        Tir Tairngire information uploaded to Denver.   TT 8
2056            Planned Summer Olympics in Tokyo.               SB
2056 Sep        The "Ghoultown" incident transforms much of     JAL
                the Everett district of Seattle into a walled-
                in concentration camp filled with ghouls.
2057            Planned 4th Tir Tairngire Rite of Progression.  TT 62

Taken from the pages of Jens-Arthur Leirbakk