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In case you wondered, part of the background on the Shadowrun game is that the game's current time is the 'sixth world' or 'sixth age', according to the Mayan calendar. In every even-numbered cycle, there is Magic. In every odd-numbered cycle, there is not. Thus the Awakening of 2011 marked the rise of the sixth world - an age with magic.

However, technology is also quite advanced in the sixth world, leading to a sometimes confusing society. The files found here are thoughts around the subject of how people might think, react - and live - in the sixth world. Furthermore, quite a few unique corporations are likely to arise in roughly the next half century - and perhaps a couple of them are included here.

 Cyborgs in 2050 Offering an alternate view of rigging and 'borging, this article describes Hardshell people. 

 Shadowrun Timeline A dated file, this timeline does not include, for instance, the Renraku Arcology incident. 

 Nova Gaia An 'eco-terrorist' group dedicated to protect the natural environment - with an unusual leader 

 Temple of Positive Pain Not your average run-of-the-mill health fanatics, their gyms are their temples... 

 Humanity Test Why not see how stone-faced your stone-faced killer is? Take the Humanity Test! 

 Germany Info Don't own the Germany Sourcebook? Want a second opinion on how Germany is in the sixth world? 

 Bad Japanese Want to be able to use harsh language in the lingua franca of the sixth world?