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Name: Roar André Lauritzsen
Address: Myrdalveien 2C,
NO-1086 Oslo, Norway
Phone: Private: +47 22 10 46 46
Mobile: +47 91 16 21 10
Born: 1969
Marital state: Cohabiting, two children.

Professional experience:

2005..2007: Senior Software Engineer at Fast Search & Transfer. Component-based cluster and search platform using OSGi and SOA, programmed in Java using Eclipse.
2001..2005: Senior Research Engineer at GenKey. Digital identification and authentication using fingerprint analysis and RSA cryptography, programmed in C++ and ARM assembly.
1999..2001: Senior Systems Engineer at Fast Search & Transfer. Video compression algorithms programmed in Java and C++, on Linux, Windows and Symbian platforms. Hardware device drivers for Solaris.
1996..1999: System developer at Metaphor Systems. Weather data analysis and visualization using OpenGL, programmed in C, C++ and MIPS assembly on the Silicon Graphics/IRIX platform.
1994..1996: System developer at MRT micro. Video capture and image processing programmed in C++ and 80x86 assembly.
1993: Compulsory military service at The Royal Norwegian Guards as assistant computer systems operator.
1988..1992: Summer jobs at Rasterex. Development and optimization of image processing algorithms written in C.
1985..1987: Summer jobs at NGI. Scientific applications programmed in Turbo Pascal.


1988..1992: Master of Science at The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Department of Computer and Information Science. Weighted grade average: 1.8, diploma thesis: 1.5
(Grade scale at this university: worst 6.0, best 1.0)
1985..1988: Examen Artium at Vahl Secondary School. Grade average: 5.5
(Grade scale at this school: worst 1.0, best 6.0)

Professional interests:

I have always had a great interest for innovative programming, often in relation to visualization, image processing and different areas of mathematics such as compression, cryptography and information theory. During the course of my education and at work I have had the opportunity to broaden my knowledge in these areas. I am experienced in optimizing critical parts of a system to achieve maximum performance. Other interests lie in the areas of computer parallelism, artificial intelligence and nanotechnology, but I have only to a small degree been able to study and work with these subjects other than on a hobby basis.

Computer skills:

Operating systems: Unix (Linux/FreeBSD/IRIX/Solaris), Windows (3.1/95/98/NT/XP/CE), Symbian, Palm.
Languages: Java (5 SE, ME/MIDP 2.x), C++, C, Perl, Assembly (80x86, x86-64, ARM, MIPS, etc), Lisp, Pascal, Fortran, Ada, Prolog...
Methodologies: Scrum, Extreme Programming, Test Driven Development, Continuous Integration
Tools: Eclipse, Maven, Perforce, gcc/g++, emacs, CVS, Qt, OpenGL, Visual C++.

Foreign languages:

Norwegian: My mother tongue.
English: Read and write very well. Follow conversations with ease and talk well.
German: Can read, but do not write well. Follow conversations with some difficulty and can talk a little.
Japanese: I am learning.  Some Japanese

Leisure activities:

I like reading books, playing computer games and listening to music. I have an AMD Athlon 64 3500+ PC that I use for programming and surfing in Linux and games in Windows. In my spare time I have programmed an open source Java calculator for my mobile phone, and developed a fairly strong othello program. One of my first computers was an Acorn R5000 ARM/25Mhz machine. I am a member of The Norwegian Aikido Federation, The Norwegian Society of Chartered Technical and Scientific Professionals, Programvareverkstedet, Norwegian Humanist Association, The Planetary Society, Mensa and Oslo Science Fiction Society. I have previously been a member of The Norwegian Scout Movement, Gjerdrum Orienteering Club and Oslo Hangglider Club.


Eirik Knutsen, project manager at Fast Search & Transfer, 48011257
Kim Řyhus, colleague at GenKey, 90014425
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