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What I call "comics" is lighter ("less serious") literature than "graphic novels".
(But it is not necessarily of poorer quality!)

The funniest comic strip: Other funny comics:
The funniest comic strip of all times, at least for anyone who has ever worked as an engineer or as a consultant for a big corporation, is Scott Adams' Dilbert.

There is simply no competition!

Dilbert is the best!

He's my hero!

In Norwegian:
(These are not original Norwegian strips, just translations) In Esperanto: In English:


In 1996

it was a hundred years since the first comic strip appeared as a periodic publication. It was called the Yellow Kid, and consisted of a little boy with a yellow shirt which functioned as his speech bubble.

(Although the Yellow Kid was not really a "strip", since it usually contained one picture only, the same is true for many more recent comics, like those of Gary Larson.)

The year after Yellow Kid appeared, in 1897, the Katzenjammer Kids (based on the German Max und Moritz) shaped the art into what we today think of as comics, with several pictures making up a story, little lines in the pictures indicating movement, and many other such features that we all understand so readily today.

The most popular comic strip in Norway (and several other countries, e.g. Finland) is Donald Duck. But I like the humor in the oldest Donald strips better than in newer ones. Here are a couple of Silly Symphony oldies:

I also like comics by Dany very much. He doesn't make up the stories himself, but he draws them wonderfully, and they are usually very amusing (here in Danish):



I also like some cartoons (vitsetegninger).

Some examples:

For some more examples of comics, see The Comic Zone.


Funny smut

Another genre of funny comics is the raunchy kind:
Ranging from Jessica Rabbit without a bra to the Tijuana Bibles, if you take a well-known toon and put it in a pornographic setting, the result can often be very funny.

Some examples:

It isn't always necessary to include a toon or any person at all to make a dirty cartoon... Bruce Bolinger manages quite well without that!

This brings us to my favorite type of comics: the sexually explicit ones!

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