[Picture of juggling balls]

Sports and games that I like:

I am not much of a sportsman, but I do have a favorite sport: Juggling.
I try to juggle a few hours every week. It is great fun, and you make measurable progress every time! By now I can juggle 3 balls (or tangerines) fairly well. My goal for 1998 is to be able to juggle 4 balls. At present I have no intention to learn to juggle with clubs, however. That looks too difficult for me.

[Picture of me with my snowboard]
My second favorite sport is snowboarding, which I have been doing every winter for the last ten years. I enjoy it thoroughly (but I am not into doing all kinds of jumping tricks; I usually just schuss :-)
I have a very nice Duotone snowboard which I bought at BASE in Bergen.

I also enjoy playing squash once in a while, but that's about it for sports.

I am, however, quite a games freak. I play games whenever and wherever I can:

Board games
Computer games
Role playing games
Word games

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