Aina Småvik

Masters degree in Computer Science/Sivilingeniør from NTNU, 2002.
Specialized in Informations systems, Programming and Mobile technology.

Work experience

I have been working as a consultant for some major companies, both international and Norwegian. Most of the time I have been working with developing web clients in a variety of sectors.

In addition to working where I can get paid for it I have spent some time on my own developing Android apps and web pages for organizations where I have been a member, latest for Mensa.

If you have an Android mobile phone and likes skiing around Oslo, you could see if Markaguiden is useful. My first app is not working anymore, but I have kept it available for when I want to brag about making an app with 60.000+ downloads. And the one I made just to make my own life easier, has surprisingly been on at least 1000 people's phone. Update: These apps are not updated anymore, and some are even removed from Google Play because they are too outdated, and since I made them have been replaced by better apps.

My next project will probably be making something I can run on my newest gadget and smartwatch, Pebble. If you have any ideas on a genius app, keep 'em coming. And if you want to pay me for making it too, it is even better. Update, a few years later: Yes, I did make a watchface and an app for Pebble, but Pebble unfortunately, as many other good products, was selled to another company that did not care for it at all, so they are now lost and forgotten. Since then I have among other things spent some time setting up misc gadgets and smart home accessories for my home assistant. I am now looking forward to my next project.


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