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Templars From Dark Sun. 

Level Names from 1st ed What do you think? 

Half-Elven Kits Source is Dragon Magazine 214. 

Wardancer My take on the dark-elven counterparts of the Bladesingers. 

Speciality Priest of Orcus  

Speciality Priest of Engineering  

Speciality Priest of Tolkah Radaman ... devoted to removing the warrior classes from the world. 

Quick Reference for Druids For 2nd Ed. 

Quick Reference for Rangers For 2nd Ed. 

Class: The Assassin Ubiquitous assassin. 

Class: The Delver  

Class: The Dwarnoi  

Class: The Healer  

Class: The Holy Fighter  

Class: The Inferno Knight  

Class: The Lawmaker  

Class: The Martial Artist  

Class: The Monk  

Class: The Mystic Knight  

Class: The Necroloid  

Class: The Ninja The Ubiquitous Ninja. 

Class: The Reaver  

Class: The Samurai  

Class: The Seducer  

Class: The Shapeshifter  

Class: The Tactician  

Class: The Temperant  

Class: The Werewolf Class? I thought that would be a monster... Oh well. 

Class: The Adept  

Prestige Class: Zerth Cenobite Excerpt from Dragon 281