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    February 24th, 2003:

    Well, there have been a few changes on the pages the last few months. However, the more significant one is the addition of a few non-player characters in the Pinnacle campaign subsection over in the D&D 3E section.

    Boy, you know you need to think seriously about doing your site as an ASP or PHP or what have you when you write sentences like that.

    In other news, I've decided to reduce the scope of my website - or at least change its organization. Frankly, it has become too big, and some material is at the very best obsolete. And perhaps even useless.

    I will eventually divide the material available into two main categories - material that I've created, and material I've found on the web. And then I'll try to develop my own material better.

    The Buck Rogers section is in particular where I feel I can do better. As well as Street Fighter and Pinnacle, but those are not quite on the priority list. Except for me finishing more non-player characters for Pinnacle. Or 'cannon fodder', which might be as apt a label as any other.