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Buck Rogers in the XXVc Century. Wow, that's a mouthful. Try saying that ten times - fast. Personally, I've always just liked to refer to this game system as Buck Rogers, Buck, or BR.

But I digress. Buck Rogers is yet another poorly supported TSR game. Not that TSR has a habit of not supporting their games - but rather that they have quite a few games to cover. Too many to do so satisfactorily.

Buck's been out of print since the early nineties. Based on the AD&D way of doing things, it is actually quite a good system.

In combat, it's the good ol' d20 at work again. THAC0, AC, and modifiers. Same goes for saving throws, though the categories are somewhat different, and they're not determined by class, but solely by level. Very smooth sailing with few exceptions to the rules-of-thumb. The skill system is heavily influenced by Call of Cthulhu, being a d100 based system where you multiply your score in a particular skill by the difficulty of the attempted action to find your chance to succeed at a particular task.

It plays very well. Incidentally, the computer games (the two released for the PC, at least) - as well as the theme song for the TV show - can be found in the 'resources' section of the main index. I didn't have any other good place to put it.