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Batman the Roleplaying Game

This page last modified by Jens-Arthur Leirbakk

Never heard of it, you say? Well, I have it, so it does exist, that's for sure.

Thing is, the Batman RPG is a subset of the DC Heroes system. Everything revolves around Action Points (APs), and the trick of the system is APs are logarithmic. What does it mean?

Well, roughly it means that if you have 4 APs and the other guy has 5, then the other guy is better than you not by +1, but by a factor of two. Okay, so it isn't quite that nasty, but you get the point. The points scale is somewhat better graded than that, but if I recall correctly it doubles every three points or something like that.

Though I do have the roleplaying game, I haven't ever played it - and it's not likely that I will, either. What is fun, though, is to look through the book. It is quaintly printed - it isn't black-and-white, and it isn't full-color - the only other color rather than black used, are various shades of blue. Very Batman-ish, in my opinion.

Perhaps I will create a few characters in the system some time. Perhaps I'll even run a campaign in the system sooner or later. However, for now I'm content with just having this page, telling you about the Batman roleplaying game. That's why there are no links to anything in particular here - yet.