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Star Wars. I've always been fond of Star Wars. From way back when I first got a whiff of what was to be one of my small obsessions.

Truth be told, I didn't like it much when I first got wind of the Star Wars d20 system. What could they add to the system that West End Games hadn't already done in their excellent - and extensive! - sourcebooks? In my opinion at that time, the best system (and most heroic system!) to do Star Wars in, would be to roll an awful lot of d6 dice - the d6 system.

I still don't like the d20 system, though I haven't really gotten into how they do things yet. I think that's just my innate orneriness. That, and that I've still got a lot of d6-based stuff that I haven't had the chance to play through - and considering the amout of stuff I have, that I'll perhaps never get the chance to play through.

My first experience with the SWRPG (d6) was, naturally, the 1st edition. A friend of mine had bought it through some strange channel or other, and had even gotten the Star Wars Sourcebook, with plenty of stuff that hadn't been in the movies. This was very, very intense for me at that time. There was more to Star Wars than A New Hope?

Soon, I joined his playing group with my first character. Nandar Omi Xarcas. I still got his character sheet in my folder, complete with the drawing of the trademark coin of the Millennium Warriors on the reverse side. He was 'borged, he was positively lethal with Blasters, and could do anything with computers.

Credits, yeah. Some - well, a lot of, actually - of the stuff here I found on the big bad 'net. Where I could, I credited correctly. Where I couldn't, I didn't credit at all. That doesn't mean that I'm trying to claim it as my own - it means merely that I don't know where I got it. Okay?

So, without further introduction, I invite you to peruse my meager collection of SW stuff. And, obviously,

May The Force Be With You