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Roleplaying Links of the Zarn!
This page was last modified by Jens-Arthur Leirbakk

Any page with any respect has a links page. I've got two! Truth is - as far as anything is truth anymore (truth is such a big, small word - but here's a free tip... Never believe anyone that spells truth with a capital 'T'), that I felt that I had to have somewhere to put all my RPG links.

It's sorted with regards to what system the various links are relevant for. Some, like the HeroMaker link is excellent no matter what game you play. Others are very, very system specific .

HeroMachine! If you've ever tried to make a foldup, here's the best thing around...
Critical Miss! This is the magazine for dysfunctional roleplayers...

Buck Rogers:
Other Suns rules and supplements It's close enough to BR that it's adaptable.
Web Page of John G Henry
Official Buck Rogers page Yeah, well, it's at least usable images there.
... and so it came to pass
Rosson Man's pages I personally enjoy this site. It contains new stuff, and is well designed.
Jovian Chronicles It isn't quite BR, but it should be interesting anyways.
Buck Rogers XXVc
AOL Message Board The HTML code looks kinda funky, but perhaps it works
Another Buck Rogers page
Gordon Horne's Traveller Deckplans
Sloan Class Fleet Escort It's a vertical stacked ship. Good graphics.

EnWorld d20 news I like it. I actually check it on a daily basis.
Monte Cook's Site Monte Cook's the Monte Cook referred to on the cover of a few TSR products.
Sean K. Reynold's Site What goes for Monte Cook goes for Sean K. Reynolds as well.
Skeleton Key Games For the free downloads of terrain PDFs.
Green Ronin Their 'Freeport' setting rocks - even though I only have the free PDFs!

Dumpshock I like it. I actually check it on a semi-daily basis.

TSR's Official Homepage I like it. Especially all the PDF downloads. I've got all the free ones

Papyrus for A&E
Trades and Sales for Gamers and Other
Neuro Immune Dysfunction Syndromes [Papyrus91] asked me to put this link on my page. So I did.