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Feng Shui!
This page last modified by Jens-Arthur Leirbakk

Well, then, I just had to create a section for Feng Shui, the excellent RPG system from Daedalus Entertainment - and, lately, Atlas Games. I just had to. Because I haven't played it much, the pages are a bit slim, but I hope to make up for it by collecting many good links for Feng Shui.

You see, Feng Shui! (I just love that exclamation mark) is yet another one of the roleplaying games that I tried a couple of times, and then didn't play any more. It wasn't for lack of fun - the system itself is very simple (as befits a Hong Kong action movie RPG system), but it all sort of boiled away. I even sold my core rules book at one point (and boy!, do I regret it).

That being said, I must admit that playing Feng Shui! is perhaps one of the more physically taxing games I've ever played. If you usually play a place where shouting is frowned upon, then I suggest some other roleplaying system than Feng Shui!.

To properly play Feng Shui!, I personally feel that you have to shout, jump up and down, and generally make a fool out of yourself. At least in an "ordinary" Feng Shui! scenario. Obviously, you may disagree with me. But that was what got the ball running when Doc Dee and Runny N were running around in HK, fighting oppression of Afro-Americans (and other, less-intelligible things) at every opportunity.