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You know, I've plenty of web pages for roleplaying games I haven't played. I did play Warhammer. Once. It sucked.

It wasn't really the system's fault, I think. At the time I had become fairly proficient in German, and thus the "German" names of Warhammer were merely silly, and not fun. We had a fairly unexperienced GM, and I didn't make head nor tail of the careers system. And, to compound the problem, I entered in the middle of the campaign - if it could be called a campaign the first place.

No wonder it sucked. Actually, from the crit table that Warhammer used, there was a couple of interesting things I picked up fairly quickly. One: d100 didn't necessarily mean slow (remember, I was used to the RoleMaster way of doing things at that time), and two: armor your left foot like hell in Warhammer!

You see, as far as I remember the system, Warhammer goes something like this: You have a skill in the weapon you use. Roll less than or equal on a d100. To determine the location hit, transpose the dice (i.e., the 'ones' die becomes the 'tens' die, and vice versa), and look it up on a table. With the range of skill levels that were common in the game, and considering how we usually rolled, it was usually the left leg that got it. Strange, but true.

I didn't ask to sit in on another game with that particular group. They weren't my regular crew anyways - and we quickly got back to Star Wars or whatever it was that we played. Warhammer was mostly forgettable at least. However, I do understand that there are a few very decent scenarios available. But I'm afraid the system didn't impress me much - but that was probably the GM's fault as much as the system's.