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Well, I just don't know. I haven't actually played underground yet, but I have made a character using the given character creation system.

Although I didn't get the entire system in the first read, I do think that the character generation system is easy - and good - and capable of creating interesting characters that aren't completely unplayable either. However, it was quite obvious (to me, at least) that the character generation system supported one specific strategy - namely, getting the skill of the surgeons as high as possible, because your powers would then be installed with a bonus compared to what you paid for them.

Bit rambling, that, but I think I got my point across.

Furthermore, I only saw the original game book. There were several supplements made, but I have never seen them. I believe the quality was quite good, but I'm not sure.

At the same time I created my character, I made a character sheet for use in making other underground characters (handy, that). So there. Hope I'll have the opportunity to actually play underground some day.
And don't tread on me!

King Feral

A scout/infiltrator, King Feral is an archetypical invisible soldier. There are only two disadvantages - one, he must eat human flesh to fuel his powers, and two - he likes to kill his food himself.

Character sheet

I hope you read HTML okay, because it might not be very pretty if you look at the source of this character sheet. However, it should be plenty enough to get you started