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Ah, the good old daystm. I cut my teeth on RoleMaster 1st edition, I did. I know that system like the back of my hand, as the saying goes. Now, I've never actually said "hi!" to the back of my hand, but you know how it is, I guess. And if you don't - well, improvise.

Conspicuously absent, however, are any interesting files in this section. And that's quite easy to explain. Remember that I said I cut my teeth on this system? (Sure you do, I only mentioned it in the previous paragraph.) That is more years ago than I prefer to count. But that also means that all of the notes I have are hand-written - and they're not even very complete. Mind, though, that I did find some of my old notes (especially the lamented 20th level Chaos Lord that I made, just to have him killed by one lucky shot from some bastard PC), so I might add something to this section. For now, it is quite bare.

I have played RoleMaster 1st edition and 2nd edition, but I'm not really all that familiar with the Standard System (RMSS). It's odd, though, what with all the skills that the RMSS offers, that there's no simplified system available. I find the number of skills in RMSS exhilarating, though a bit daunting - and I'm an old hand at RoleMaster! But I don't like the MERP approach either. Oh well. Can't have both, I reckon.

One of my fondest memories of RoleMaster, is the time my character killed a Dragon Turtle with one Shock Bolt! Boy, was that a lucky roll... or the time we, a group of 4th level characters, managed to kill a Shadow Assassin - and the only weapon we had that was capable of harming the bastard was a +15 mace which we weren't proficient with! Heh. Nasty business, that. But I don't think we had any casualties on that, actually. That came later on...