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Mage: the Ascension
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Mage: The Ascension

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Yet another Storyteller system by White Wolf, I never did properly roleplay a character in it. Sure, I created a character (and, as I had recently played Street Fighter, I just had to create a member of the Akashic Brotherhood - mine is a one-track mind of the highest order), but I never sort of understood the entire problem.

Of course, that's probably because we never fully got the campaign off its feet. One of my friends bought the 2nd edition fairly recently, but I must admit I am totally in the blue on what changes were made between the 1st and 2nd editions. Haven't the foggiest.

Actually, the Storyteller system is fairly admirable in its flexibility. If you like the core mechanic, obviously. You have a skill and governing stat (usually), roll a number of d10 versus some target number that your Storyteller sets, and counts the number of successes you get. Simple and sweet. And very similar to the idea behind the d6 mechanic used in Shadowrun, obviously. I still can't believe that FASA went belly-up. I'll tell you one thing - it wasn't because I didn't buy enough merchandise, that's for sure. But I'll rant on about that in the Shadowrun pages - perhaps.

Right. Mage. I think I have the character sheet in my binder somewhere. Perhaps I'll add him to this section before long. For now, I'll just keep this page here as a reminder to myself that I've played yet another Storyteller system. Heh. Quite a few of them around - and most of them set in the World of Darkness... Spooky.

Wonder what kind of Vampire I'd be... not to mention Changeling, or Wraith.... do they have martial artists in Wraith? Hmm...