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I didn't play GURPS more than once or twice, as far as I can remember. However, that which I can remember, is that it was much, much easier to create GURPS characters than it was to create Champions characters. On the other hand, it was much easier to run into problems with simulating certain powers that you wanted your character to have, but that the system didn't support.

All in all, I sorta liked GURPS. What I like the most about GURPS, though, is the immense number of GURPS books there is. Want to play a knight in China? There's always GURPS China. Want to run around in a heavily-armed and armored pickup? There's always GURPS Car Wars or GURPS Autoduel. And so on, and so on.

This is perhaps the system's greatest shortfall, as well. In order to play a certain setting, you usually have to have the relevant sourcebook - and there is no 'default' setting in the GURPS Basic Rules set either. Minor setback, that, but a setback nonetheless. Still, a couple of my friends swear by GURPS (as opposed to swearing at), and they can't both be wrong.

Obviously, I've added a few things to this. Not only my very own character - the good Doktor Kapitan Karl Weber von Holzburg, but also a little piece called 'The Way of Fist and Fang', which discusses a few things about vampires and chi masters. Interesting to read, perhaps.

In creating the good doctor, I tried to make a character with a deeply scarred bast, but which still managed - somehow - to become a decent person. Furthermore, as I don't think much of fanatics of any stripe, I decided to make him someone that was almost brainwashed into becoming a Nazi - but turned from that path at the last possible instant. I don't know if I succeeded, but I do hope that I may use him again some time in the future. It was fun being him , especially since he engaged i hand to hand combat with a vampire - and survived. With a fractured femur, I'll allow that, but the vampire ran away some time later.

Oh yeah, the good doctor doesn't know that he's a magician - a healer - yet. He just goes on instinct, and sometimes people get better much quicker than they should have - and would have, if he hadn't subconsciously cast a healing spell.