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I didn't really expect to make a page for Vampire: The Masquerade. No, really. It's true. I actually anticipated that we'd play Buck Rogers, Ars Magica or even Mage: The Ascension way before we'd play Vampire.

It's kinda fun, though, because I don't have any previous experience with the Storyteller Vampire. I did make a character in GURPS Vampire once (although I didn't know that it would be Vampire - I actually thought it'd be GURPS Mage. Goes to show what I knew - or thought I knew).

My character - or should that be vampire? - is an undercover Assamite that calls himself (itself?) Jai Elam. More about him in the [Characters] section.

Musings about the campaign can be found in the [Campaign] section. It's nowhere near a session diary, and more very subjective musings about the campaign, both from my and from my character's perspective.

Perspective. As Obi-Wan said it: "You will find that a great many things depend on your point of view." Or words to that effect.