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    So you've reached the all-important download section. Good for you. I've decided to remove some of the items that are on this page - character sheets for various roleplaying games better belongs in their respective sections, and there's no real need for me to provide fonts any longer.

    I've received a lot of feedback regarding the Buck Rogers games, however, so they're still here. I really, really, really like the Buck Rogers way of seeing things - that is, I like the TSR take on the setting. The classical work... well, I just don't know.

    Perhaps there'll be more in this section with time. For now, a theme song and the two released Buck Rogers games and their corresponding log files should be enough for anyone. Namely you.

    [1MB] Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday | Log files | 63 | 73
    [1MB] Buck Rogers: Matrix Cubed | Log files | Bugfix
    [3MB] Buck Rogers: the Theme Song - Suspended