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About me
    This is the (almost) mandatory 'about me' gloat page. Or, rather, it could have been. If I had intended to put any information about myself on it. But I don't.

    You see, I'm kind of paranoid. A friend of mine once said: 'Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean that you're right'. Another friend of mine countered with: 'Even if you're right when you're paranoid, you're still paranoid'. Now, I don't know what I believe any more.

    However, there are a few salient points to this ranting. One - the Internet's a big place, and is (usually) getting bigger by the minute - even though there was (allegedly) a slight decrease in web pages when the dot-com bubble burst from 2001 to 2002 - and this means that all sorts of freaks are out there, looking on web pages. Two - I'm known (by those who know me) to err on the side of caution.

    So what does this all mean? Well, mostly it means that I'm not about to put any information about me on this page whatsoever. No images of me (other than the masked ones on the splash page), no talking about where I live, no hints on my personal life whatsoever. Except for the two facts that one can infer from this page.

    Again, one: that I don't have much of a personal life (I'm writing this in Notepad, for crying out loud, mostly because I find HTML editors tiresome), and two: that a large part of my spare (and not-so spare) time goes to roleplaying games. Oh yeah, and three: my social antennae are so small you'll probably need an electron microscope to find them. I play into the stereotype: I'm overweight, I use glasses, and I usually consider myself intelligent.

    Shouldn't that last one there have been fourth? Oh, well.

    [Send me an email, complaining about the updates]. Or lack thereof.