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Sample Nemeses
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Two NPCs here now. One is an undisciplined barbarian quicker than he has any right to be. The other one is a githyanki, armed with a minor artifact of their race and a chip on her shoulder the size of a great red wyrm.

They are both quite well armed for their level. The GP values given in both the DMG and the Epic level handbook does not jive well with how I believe they should be armed. Bear in mind that these two NPCs are part of a five-person team that are the 'final' encounter in a scenario I'm running. Or trying to run - life seems to have conspired with itself to make it difficult.

Further more, there's a rules note that might be of interest when it comes to Suo Nabaal. She's wearing a gem wrapping that covers several item slots. If it is possible to wear part of the gem wrapping without wearing the entire thing, then the prices given are correct. If it is not possible to do so, then the entire item should have a 10%-20% discount, maybe as high as a 30% discount, as it will be much less useful if that should be the case. Andy Collins of the WotC brought this point about item creation up in the first place concerning a new type of magical item he made, the bracer-ring.

[Nassiokh], shield dwarf quickened barbarian

    CR 22, level 21 barbarian.

[Suo Nabaal], githyanki fighter / divine champion

    CR 20, level 15 fighter, level 5 divine champion - character level 20.

[The Skull Reaver], the swordwraith captain of the Molten Horde

    CR 25, level 22 fighter.

[Katingo the Versatile | The Undisciplined], tasting classes like a butterfly tastes flowers

    CR 22, character level 22.

[The Molten Horde], swarm of undead swordwraiths

    CR 18, 12 level 12 fighter.

[The Guardians of the Way], twin adamantine constructs of destruction

    CR 23, 2 Huge constructs.

[Hammao Yakoshi], ogre mage spiked chain specialist

    CR 21, Epic level 22, 5 levels Giant, Barbarian 1, Fighter 2, Exotic Weapon Master 5, Rogue 1, Master of Chains 3, Samurai 1.