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In the campaign, our Covenant was the Covenant of Taneb's Tooth. Originally the place where some Winter Covenant had previously been, they had disappeared some time ago. We, therefore, got assigned that place as a place where we could set up shop. And so we did.
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The Covenant at a Glance:

Location +1, Magic Aura 0 (2), Fortress +1, Internal Politics 0, Grogs -1 (30), Covenfolk 0 (4 grogs w/skill 3/4), Arcane Library 0, Magical Lab 0, Magical Item/Enchantments, Vis +1 (20 secure, 20 contested), Aegis 0, Mundane Library 0, Standard Equipment 0, Income 0 (20 silver per season for five years), Contacts -1, Status/Reputation 0, Relations -1, Obligations: Once a year must support local Lord with soldiers - report incidents.

Residing magi:

Diego Donde Esta, House Verditius, Sigil: Sword motif
    One of the magi at the Covenant, Diego specializes in the control and transmutation of elemental Earth. His face is hideously scarred after an unfortunate accident in his Master's laboratory, and he has a propensity for bluntness. One of the most technical mages, he is sometimes more or less impossible to understand when he tries to explain what he is doing. He usually wears a thick, brown monk's robe, with a chain mail under and an enchanted long sword at his side.

    His stats are available in the 'characters' section.

Joshua Keats, House Jerbiton, Sigil: (Wings/Feathers/Bird)
    Member of an Irish family sent in exile. Is more than partially fey - he habitually wears thick gloves to avoid even accidental exposure to iron. Is sort of an all-rounder, but fire and nature are two subjects close to his heart.
Keb, House Tremere, Sigil: None - not technically a magus yet
    Keb was one of the several people that near the end of the campaign had sold their soul to one big, nasty gentleman with horns and so on. One of the more outgoing mages, Keb is/was well liked within the Covenant - both by the grogs and the other mages.
Sergi, House Ex Miscellanea, Sigil: Blue glow
    One of the stranger members of the Covenant, Sergi specializes in manipulating the mind and its perceptions. Very adept at such magicks, but poorly equipped for smash-mouth combat, due to him being a dwarf, and something of a cripple due to a lame leg.

The Location:

The Covenant is located on a mountaintop jutting towards the sky. The locals call the mountain Taneb's Tooth. The only (normal) way of entering the Covenant is through a partially damaged bridge. Some pictures that illuminate the situation:
An elegant tableau | A map showing the close vicinity | A map with more perspective

The Structure Itself:

The Covenant is quite limited in its physical growth by the battlements encircling the mountaintop where it is located.


Magical library
Technique Rating Form Rating Form Rating
 Creo9  Animál7  Ignem4
 Intéllego8  Aquam4  Imaginem7
 Muto9  Auram7  Mentem3
 Perdo4  Corpus7  Terram10
 Rego4  Herbam4  Vim7

Formulaic spells available
TypeLevel Name
InVi 10  Sense the Nature of Vis
InVi 15  Scales of the Magical Weight
MuVi 15  Wizard's Communion
ReVi 20  Aegis of the Hearth

Mundane library
TypeRating Name
Occult Lore 6  Libram Occvltiis ad Vincentivs
Area Lore 3  Geographia Transylvania
Legend Lore 6  Legendvm Svpernatvrlicvm et Monstrvm


Azeem, 'Great One'
    Azeem, meaning 'Great One' in Arabic, is a giantish Moor living close to the Covenant. Originally believed to be a mercenary of some sort (educated guess based on what he has said - the large Moor is as stupid as he is strong), he made quite a comfortable living due to his enormous strength and good swordfighting skills.

    Mostly a recluse now, he lives in a small cabin close by the Covenant proper, together with his five sheep. Though he has sheep, he is in reality dependant on the Covenant for food, he usually pops up at meal times to partake of the food. Further, he suffers from the delusion that magi just love him, so he obliges them by dropping by every now and then. Suprisingly, Azeem is an excellent singer as well - his resounding basso voice can be heard occasionally.

    His stats are available in the 'characters' section.

Gregor Oruskov, Turb Captain
    Bossman for the grogs at the Covenant as well as the sparring partner of Diego, one of the residing magi. Charismatic, authorative, as well as skilled with weapons, he is an excellent captain for the grogs at the Covenant.
Dalamar, Knight
    Aiming for some dreamt-of image of a mounted warrior, Dalamar is quite taken with the 'knight' idea. Though historically too early to be a proper knight, Dalamar is nevertheless a skilled warrior, trained to fight from a mounted position. On a horse, you dirty person you. He is, however, quite gullible.


Kratos Ib
    Kratos Ib is the archetypical 'goon', if there ever was one. Crude and brutish, he is nevertheless strong and skilled with weapons. Quite dumb as well, as befits a goon.
Pierre Ratatouille
    Cook of the Covenant. His stats can be found in the 'characters' section. It is an open secret that he's playing for the other team, so to speak, but his excellence with pots and pans keeps him from being run out of the Covenant. His aversion to bad table manners is legendary - several of the grogs have actually become quite proper in their table manners after a few liberal swipes of the fat cook's ladle in the back of their heads. Pierre is quite weak for a pretty (male) face, something that once almost got the entire Covenant wiped out.
Nardus Visantu
    Nardus Visantu is a man of the woods. Something which might be just as well, considering his nasty habit of 'forgetting' to wash himself as often as his peers would like him to. An excellent hunter, he is one of three that keeps the Covenant supplied with meat and small game as their main task.

    He does have an unhealthy attraction to sheep - but noone's ever really caught him doing anything but look longingly at them. Usually found with his hand axe ind his belt and his bow on his back, Nardus embodies the 'Davy Crockett' routine quite well.

    Sometimes, usually when both others and he has drunk perhaps a little too much, he shows a somewhat surprising side of himself - Nardus is an excellent storyteller.

    His stats can be found in the 'characters' section.

    Silvia is an orphan, taken in by the Covenant. She's a kleptomainiac as well as dumb. The magi believe her to be about fifteen years of age, and despite her other problems she may have - she is quite beautiful.
    Damien is a young man working at the Covenant. His curiosity has a tendency to get him in trouble, more trouble than he can handle - especially since he is a craven coward as well. The worst incident that Damien has lived through, was the incident where a small boy was squashed by the magical well at the Central tower in the Covenant.

    His luckiest break so far was the Tremere mage Dolodus, who gave Silvia and Damien quite a lot of money for completing some trivial task. His stats are available in the 'characters' section.

Sujago - dead
    One of the older grogs at the Covenant (40 years old), Sujago was killed while the Covenant was involved in the destruction of the Tremere domus magnus. He died when the tower crumbled over him, unable to escape because of the spell cast on him by one of the escaping Tremere magi.