The Fun-O-Rama

(Page kept for sentimental reasons. If you don't like it, ignore it.)

Hmmmmmmmmmmm... Well... This MIGHT be a bit overpretentious actually. There isnt any fun here as such. You MAY find delight in reading what it says here, or you may go to one of the references I list here, and see if there is any fun there. I seriously doubt it, but who knows? Did I mention I have had two of my wisdomteeth removed?

Oh well. If you look to the left of the HUUUUUUUGE rollercoaster over there, you will see my Lovely Library. Nothing much to talk about. Some 15 terrabytes of more or less useless information. Suit yourself.

Further east, next to the heap of stuff I repaired and still doesn't work, my personal collection of Memorable Music is situated. Its mainly old Norwegian carpenter-songs anyways, so you WON'T want to check it out. Really.

Ah... And then of course I have built you a Stunning Stage, where you will find your favourite actors, comedians, bicycle-repairmen and others one is apt to look up to. Have a look, and feel free to send me stuff from YOUR favourite!

If you're feeling down, maybe Scott Adams' article may cheer you up a bit, when he explains how we computer geeks will rule the Universe someday.