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OK, I got to 'fess up. I used 'society' as a sort of catch-all. If I didn't think something fit neatly into some other category, I threw it into 'society'. So sue me .
Covenant of Surren's Rune Background file on yet another campaign that never quite took off. Not quite finished. 

Diviner Guild A suggestion about a Diviner's Guild - including a [price list]

Birthright Official Playtest Notes! ... they're hilarous  

Munchkin Benchmarks Munchkin benchmarking... 

The Munchkin Handbook To compare the RPers, the hack-n-slashers, the loonies and the munchkins. 

Oriental Flavor Small list of various aspects of Oriental supernatural creatures... 

How Does Infravision Work? Piece mostly relevant to 2nd Ed AD&D. 

Places of Interest in Greyhawk Places of magic and mystery in the oldest (A)D&D world published. 

The Pen-Ultimate Stoneskin Guide ... as well as [the ultimate stoneskin guide]

The Booke of the Lesser Deade Something made as a handout in a campaign. It's a two-parter, with part 2 [here]