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This page last modified by Jens-Arthur Leirbakk

The Unlit World.

That's what I've decided to call the new 3E campaign we started. Or rather, the name that I more or less trumped through. It's a shared world - or, at least it is meant to be eventually - and this is the web page where I'll add stuff from the various DMs as soon as it is finished.

The campaign itself is what one might call 'munchkin'. I mean that quite sincerely. I have my share of power gamers, rules lawyers and munchkins. Personally, I'm one of the rules lawyers, though I sometimes slip off into loony land.

Reassuring, yeh? ... or perhaps not. I wouldn't be much reassured, to tell you the truth.

Speaking of feeling unsafe - the NPCs in this section are fairly high-powered. Before dismissing them as munchkin (as if NPCs can be munchkin), do bear in mind that I'm trying to challenge a well-equipped party of levels 12 through 13 right now... and to make things easier for me, I usually prefer one NPC more powerful than the group than a group of NPCs less powerful than the group at any rate. But I'm rambling. Wouldn't be the first time.

The last news is that I've stopped GMing this particular campaign. That's what the 'closed' sign on the logo means. It doesn't mean that I won't update this page - it just means that I'll just 'finish' this page (I never stop tweaking things), and then open a new section under the (A)D&D logo.