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Shadowfurry Bioware making you into a cat-person or a dog-person. 

... And More Bioware And even more bioware. 

Even More Bioware Some more bioware. 

Duramesh Cyberware - variant of orthoskin and/or dermal sheathing. 

Long Cyberwarelisting part 1 List from official sources. 

Long Cyberwarelisting part 2 2nd part of long list from official sources. 

Headware Memory Treatise on headware memory. 

Medical Cyberware Cyberware fulfilling a medical purpose. 

UCDC Acronym for Universal Cybereye Display Unit. 

Sensors Sensory augmentation for that special tactical computer. 

Cybereye Modification to the cyberware given in the SRII, SSC, ST and SB books. 

Lithderm Skin cyberware - similar to duramesh. 

Nanoware Nanotechnology for Shadowrun. By [Edward Poe].