Curriculum Vitae

Bjørn Christian Tørrissen

Personal information

Work record

  • 1998 - Present : IT developer/strategist, Storebrand , Oslo, Norway. Working on extranet, Internet and intranet projects, mainly from a front-end and user experience perspective. Familiar with Lotus Notes/Domino releases 4 through 8, LDAP directories, Web security technologies, front-end development, social media/marketing, performance/stress testing, project management, and more.

    CLP (Certified Lotus Professional) on the Domino platform.

  • 2007 - Present : Freelance photographer, work published in publications by Scientific American, Harvard Medicine, John Wiley & Sons, Springer Verlag, and many others.

    10th place in the Wikimedia Picture of the Year 2010 awards.

Academic record

Formal education

  • 1992 - 1998: Sivilingeniør/Master of Science
    Norwegian Institute of Technology, a part of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Faculty of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, Department of Computer Science and Telematics (IDT).
    Thesis published Feb 9. 1998.
    Focus on system development/systems engineering, Internet applications, user interfaces and intelligent agents. In addition to pure computer science classes, I have added to my schedule classes in fields like psychology and cultural understanding.

  • 1997 : Two exams in humanities as part of my year off from the technical studies.
    • Examen Philosophicum, the history of philosophy, logic and psychological anthropology
    • Fi101 - Modern philosophy and methods from philosophy

  • 1988 - 1991: Brønnøysund Videregående Skole, Brønnøysund.
    Branch of Natural science.

Military Service

  • 1991 - 1992: Royal Norwegian Air Force, Andøya in Norway and Creete, Greece.
    Crew member of a Norwegian Adapted Hawk (NOAH) missile crew. Trained to assemble missile, test missile electronics, load missile onto launcher and align launcher with radar.
    Elected representative for soldiers in battery and batallion.

Work Experience

  • 1997: August - November. Teaching assistant for the information systems engineering course at NTNU, Trondheim. Administrating software (Lotus Notes 4.5, GroupSystems, Action Workflow Analyst), making and running exercises for the students as well as lecturing and correcting the students' work.
  • Summer 1997 : June-August. Installation of software and creating exercises for a software engineering course at NTNU.
  • Summer 1996 : June-August. Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, NTNU, Trondheim, Norway.
    System planning, system design and WWW interface design for a project where the goal was to present information from an AS/400 to the users through the Web instead of the less user-friendly AS/400 system. UNIX, Apple MacIntosh and IBM PC platform experience.
  • Summer 1994 : June-September. The county map office in Bodø, Norway.
    Responsibilities included collecting information for a digital map, concentrating on mapping the exact position of buildings and recording data about the buildings.
  • Summer 1993 : June-August, the National Register of Business Enterprises and Annual Company Accounts in Brønnøysund, Norway.
    Performed general office work, mainly registering information from forms into database.
  • 1987 - 1990: Esselte Soliditet, Brønnøysund.
    Part-time throughout the year and fulltime June-August, converting information from forms into company database.


  • January 2008: First book in English published, One for the Road. A slightly modified translation of the Norwegian edition, see below.
  • Autumn 2005: First book published, "I pose og sekk!", in Norwegian. Travel journal and motivational literature for up and coming backpackers. Describes life on the road, or more precisely, on three roads; one leading to Patagonia/Antarctica, one to Southern Africa and one through Siberia. May start working on a translation in English afterwards.
  • August 1997 - February 1998: Research and writing for my diploma thesis. Combining indexing and search methods known from regular libraries with new agent technology to come up with a new kind of search engine. The index shall contain pointers to all existing Web pages and the users will perform requests through a dialogue with an electronic librarian capable of understanding natural language. The paper is available in both HTML and postscript .
  • 1997, Summer: Translating literature study from the spring of 1996 to English. The paper is available in HTML (
  • 1996, Spring: Literature study in the field of Intelligent Agents, looking for ways to let novice users use and easily program agents for various tasks, ranging from information gathering to automating frequent activities.
  • Part of the organizing committee for the IDT field trip of 1995, to the Silicon Valley area in California, USA. In addition to practical planning, I was an instructor and lecturer at a UNIX/Internet Course for students and university employees, to collect money for the field trip.


Selected journeys (more):
  • 2011: April, Morocco and Western Sahara, [Photos]
  • 2010: September - October, El Camino de Santiago, 800km pilgrimage through France and Spain, [Photos]
  • 2009: Turkey, mainly the eastern parts [Photos]
  • 2008/9 : November - January: Western Australia and Tasmania [Photos], [photos] and [photos]
  • 2008: July: Hiked Jotunheimstien in Norway, 320km. [Photos]
  • 2007: May: Central America. [Photos]
  • 2006: December: India, Goa and Karnataka. [Photos]
  • 2006: March - April: Brazil, Lencois and Fernando de Noronha. [Photos]
  • 2005: November - December: Cambodia and Vietnam by land. [Photos]

  • 2005: July - August: Eastern Europe by train. [Photos]

  • 2005: February - March: Brazilian wildlife in the Amazonas and Pantanal. [Photos]

  • 2004: October: Off-season western Europe. [Photos]

  • 2003: July - August: Slow, hop-on/hop-off Transsiberian railway journey [Photos]

  • 2002: August - October: South Africa, Swaziland, Namibia and Botswana, plus the Victoria Falls. [Photos]

  • 2001: October - November: Britain by train, from the Orkneys to Land's End.

  • 2001: January - April: South America (Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Peru) and Antarctica [Journal]

  • 2000: October - December: Backpacking through Thailand.

  • 2000: May - June: By car through the Southwestern USA

  • 1999: November - December: (w)Inter-rail throughout Central Europe.

  • September 1996 - March 1997: Round the world (Southeast Asia, Oceania, USA) [Journal]

  • 1995 : July - September. Independent travel through 23 states in the USA, coast to coast. Included a thorough field trip with visits to several locations in Silicon Valley. [Journal]

General Competence

I claim to possess some knowledge about:
  • JSP
  • CSS
  • SQL
  • XML
  • Perl
  • J2EE
  • AJAX
  • LDAP
  • XSL(T)
  • JavaScript
  • IBM Workplace
  • PDF generation
  • Lotus Notes/Domino
  • Digital photography
  • General HTML/DHTML
  • General Internet Security
  • Use of Internet applications
  • Java Web front-end programming
  • Script programming and general use of Unix
  • Systems Engineering, pre-programming phases
  • Microsoft Windows and applications in general

Other Qualifications

  • First language is Norwegian
  • Possess extreme written communication skills (in a good way)
  • Have a very good understanding of other Scandinavian languages.
  • Fluent in English, both written and spoken
  • Speak and write a reasonably good German, speak a fair Latin American Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese
  • International driver licence for cars
  • PADI Open Water Diver Certificate

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