Travelsickness Bags

Sadly neglected, airsickness bags and sickness bags in general don't get the attention they deserve, except in those short, intense moments when they are very much needed and appreciated. In a world where people collect all kinds of things to preserve them for our children to see, I have chosen to concentrate on these gadgets.


Stories from my travels
- Slightly entertaining travel journals from my Bjorn in the USA tour and my trip Around the world.

The Joy of Vomit (Not for the tender-hearted)

Spew Stories , where the readers share situations they've been in with us, related to the topic of these pages: Barfbags.

Spewmore (Jokes to be told after dinner)

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Also, Yahoo has finally come to their sensens and moved this from their Useless Pages to a proper Air Sickness Bag Collection section.

I haven't really gotten any front pages dedicated to me yet, but Politiken Computer in Denmark did at least mention this page in an article about total waste of time. The Sydney Morning Herald on May 7 1996 also has an interesting article about collectors. Oh, and CBC in Canada interviewed me for Basic Black, which is a program where they present weird people or something, so I'm not sure if I'm too flattered by that, really. One of the nicer reviews I've gotten comes from The Sacramento Bee. They actually made this site sound interesting.
I've also been interviewed by Transit on P3 Norway, and we also tested a couple of the bags. Same channel, different year and program: Pullover, January 2003. Once more, a short piece for the "soft news" section on NRK, September 13. 2004, audio, front page and actual article. In Norwegian, sorry. In Norwegian as well; a piece in Dagsavisen, facsimile here.

The number of strange people on the Net is

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