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My Story

I grew up in Jessheim, Norway, but moved north to Trondheim to study physics and mathematics at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU/NTH) in 1995. As a part of this education, a attended one year (1998/1999) at California Institute of Technology. This was the highlight of my educational career, much because of Relativistic Quantum Mechanics (taught by Mark Wise) and Relativity (taught by Kip Thorne).

Since January 2000 my PC has been powered by Linux. This has been decisive for my interest in computers and programming.

I got my sivil ingeniør degree in 2001, worked for EDB from August of 2001 to August 2007, and have since worked for Google.

I am married to Randi, and together we have two sons, Lars born 10th of November 2000, and David born on 25th of September 2003. See the pictures of my family from 1997.

Favorite Hobbies

  • Programming Bash, Python and C in the Linux environment.
  • Improving hand evaluation in bridge through statistical analysis, see the Winning Trick Count.
  • Playing Football, although I have not had much time to play lately.
  • Designing an improved keyboard layout, which has resulted in the Arensito layout.


  • (In norwegian:) Jeg kjøpte en Ford Mondea 2.0 GLX stasjonsvogn i 2000, som hadde gått 38 000 km for 135 000 kr. See hvordan du kan spare penger.
  • If you are interested in Cg programming, try out my brother's homepage.
  • Check the site statistics of my pages.
  • Hydrogen has been disconnected since 2006-02-12 13:20:02.

Site Map

/ Homepage
/bilkjop/ (In Norwegian:) Bruktbilkjøp
/bridge/ The Winning Trick Count -- Hand evaluation in bridge
/c/ Thoughts on the C programming language
/keyboard/ The arensito keyboard layout homepage
/keyboard/arensito_devel/ Explains the development of the arensito keyboard layout
/keyboard/compare/ Comparing arensito to qwerty and Dvorak
/keyboard/optimal/ New initiative to make a new optimal keyboard layout (unfinished)
/pictures/ Pictures of me and my family
/sitestat/ Site statistics
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Home Hand Evaluation in Bridge C Programming Keyboard Layout
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